Posted by: ckckred | April 15, 2018

Cannes 2018 Alert


Some very exciting news: this year, I’m happy to announce that I will be attending the 71st Cannes Film Festival this May.  As a film buff growing up, I’ve always wanted the opportunity to attend Cannes, and going to the festivities this year is a dream for myself. Earlier this week, Cannes announced their lineup for their 2018 Festival this May, and there are some pretty big heavy hitters, featuring new films by Jean-Luc Godard, Spike Lee, and Lee-Chang Dong competing for the Palme d’Or.  Cate Blanchett will be the Jury President for the Main Competition, while Benicio del Toro, Ursula Meier, and Bertrand Bonello will preside over the Un Certain Regard, Camera d’Or, and Cinéfoundation and Short Film contests respectively.

Some other notable releases include Aghar Farhadi’s Everybody Knows, his Spanish-language debut featuring Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, as well as Jafar Panahi’s Three Faces and Pawel Pawlikowski’s Cold War.  There will also be an unrestored 70mm screening of Stanley Kubrick’s science fiction landmark 2001: A Space Odyssey, presented by Christopher Nolan for the film’s 50th anniversary, and Martin Scorsese is set to receive the Carrosse d’Or.

You can see a full list of the lineup below, though more are likely to enter in the next several weeks before the festival.

Everybody Knows, dir: Asghar Farhadi

Le Livre D’Image, dir: Jean-Luc Godard
Blackkklansman, dir: Spike Lee
Three Faces, dir: Jafar Panahi
Cold War, dir: Pawel Pawlikowski
Leto, dir: Kirill Serebrennikov
Lazzaro Felice, dir: Alice Rohrwacher
Under The Silver Lake, dir: David Robert Mitchell
Capernaum, dir: Nadine Labaki
At War, dir: Stephane Brizé
Asako I&II, dir: Ryusuke Hamaguchi
Sorry Angel, dir: Christophe Honoré
Dogman, dir: Matteo Garrone
Girls Of The Sun, dir: Eva Husson
Yomeddine, dir: A.B Shawky
Burning, dir: Lee-Chang Dong
Shoplifters, dir: Kore-Eda Hirokazu
Ash Is Purest White, dir: Jia Zhang-Ke

Dead Souls, Wang Bing
10 Years In Thailand, dirs: Aditya Assarat, Wisit Sasanatieng, Chulayarnon Sriphol & Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Pope Francis – A Man Of His Word, dir: Wim Wenders
La Traversée, dir: Romain Goupil
To The Four Winds, dir: Michel Toesca
Le Grand Cirque Mystique, dir: Carlos Diegues
The State Against Mandela And The Others, dirs: Nicolas Champeaux & Gilles Porte

Arctic, dir: Joe Penna
The Spy Gone North, dir: Yoon Jong-Bing

Le Grand Bain, dir: Gilles Lellouche
Solo: A Star Wars Story, dir: Ron Howard

Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Bi Gan
Little Tickles, dir: Andréa Bescond & Eric Métayer
Sofia, dir: Meyem Benm’Barek
Border, dir: Ali Abbasi
Sextape, dir: Antoine Desrosières
The Gentle Indifference Of The World, dir: Adilkhan Yerzhanov
El Angel, dir: Luis Ortega
In My Room, dir: Ulrich Kohler
The Harvesters, dir: Etienne Kallos
My Favorite Fabric, dir: Gaya Jiji
Friend, dir: Wanuri Kahiu
Euphoria, dir: Valeria Golino
Angel Face, dir: Vanessa Filho
Girl, dir: Lukas Dhont
Manto, dir: Nandita Das


  1. Wow, i can’t express my jealousy loud enough! How exciting. For me, seeing a new Asghar Farhadi film in theaters would be top draw, especially as you have mentioned it is a film in a different language than all his other fare. Thats hopefully gonna be a rewarding watch. Also, Spike Lee has got to be the least subtle black filmmaker working right now. The fact that he manages to squeeze “kkk” into the title of his new film kind of amuses me.

    • I think Farhadi may be the most interesting filmmaker working today, and I’m thrilled that Everybody Knows is going to be opening the fest.

      Fun fact: several years ago, I ran into Spike Lee in New York.

      • Wow thats cool, you get to talk to him at all?

      • I actually walked by him exiting an elevator. Though I recognized him immediately, I decided not to talk to him seeing as how he seemed to be in a hurry.

        That same year, actually, I did get the chance to briefly talk to Michael Moore on the street. Think I just said hi and asked for a picture.

  2. Great news, bud! Living the dream! 😉

    • Thanks Mark! Really pleased that I’m going to be able to make it, hopefully I’ll get to see a lot of cool films.

  3. I’ve wanted to go but so far haven’t, I hope you have a great trip! Jealous if you get a ticket for Everybody Knows. As you’ve probably heard the lineup is missing a few films by big names, still time for late entries as just 17 in the main Palme d’Or category which usually is close to 20. (If you are interested, a few days ago I posted my thoughts on the Cannes line-up)

  4. Lucky bastard!! I feel so out of the loop, I have heard of maybe three of those directors

    • Ha, thanks! They’ve also just announced that Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote adaptation’s going to be in as well as the new Lars von Trier picture.

      • I have still not seen a Lars film. Not sure where to start…

        Good to hear about Gilliam!!! I’m excited as hell, even the zero theorem was enough for me, something about his style has had me fall in love with all of his films

      • Ha, I loved ZT, such an underrated flick. I’m iffy on Lars, but I’ll definitely try to see his new film.

      • I haven’t seen a film by Lars. I love ZT too, I love everything Gilliam, but i think its underrated too. Must have watched it at least five times, its a headfuck!

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