Posted by: ckckred | November 2, 2017

October 2017 Round-Up


Another month over, another round-up written. This past October I managed to catch up on several new releases (most notably the Palm d’Or winner The Square), multiple documentaries, and a few classics I shamefully haven’t seen before.

Night and Fog (Resnais, 1956)

Happy Death Day (Landon, 2017)

Phantom of the Opera (Julian, 1925)

Gods of the Plague (Fassbinder, 1969)

Portrait of Jason (Clarke, 1967)

The Square (Östlund, 2017)

Tokyo Vampire Hotel (Sono, 2017)

Blade of the Immortal (Mike, 2017)

Farrebique (Rouquier, 1946)

Memories of the Eichmann Trial (Perlov, 1979)

Gimme Shelter (Maysies, Maysies, Zerwin, 1970)*

Pan’s Labyrinth (del Toro, 2006)

* Denotes a rewatch

I liked a majority of the films I saw over the past month, in particular The Square. Östlund’s previous film Force Majeure was a favorite of mine a few years ago, and The Square is even better. Gimme Shelter is one of my favorite documentaries, so watching it again is always a pleasure.  I also found much to appreciate in Night and Fog, Memories of the Eichmann Trial, and Portrait of Jason.



  1. Best name: Vampire Tokyo Hotel! 😁

    Really anxious to see The Square. I too love FM so I can’t wait for his next project. Just reviewed Happy Death Day. Far better than the name would imply.

    • Vampire Tokyo Hotel is dumb but a lot of fun. It really is just several episodes stitched together from a Japanese action series though it has its moments.

      You definitely got to see The Square, Östlund is really quite becoming one of today’s best directors. I haven’t seen a film this funny since Toni Erdmann.

  2. Force Majeure was my #1 of 2014, I was surprised didn’t receive a nom for best foreign language film at the oscars.
    Glad you loved The Square, it’s out in Nov over here in Denmark, so you can read my reaction at the end of the month.

    • If I remember correctly, Force Majeure was pretty high on my top 10 list for 2014. A great film for sure, and if you liked that you’ll love this. Send me the review when you’ve posted it, I’ll be sure to check it out.

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