Posted by: ckckred | October 2, 2017

August and September 2017 Round-Up


Since I didn’t post my round-up for last month, I thought it would be best to incorporate the films I viewed in both August and September in a single list. These past two months I caught several new features, some classic pictures, and some other movies I’ve been meaning to see for a while.

An Inconvenient Sequel (Cohen and Shenk, 2017)

Detroit (Bigelow, 2017)

The Dark Tower (Arcel, 2017)

Some Like It Hot (Wilder. 1959)

Lucky Logan (Soderbergh, 2017)

Batman Begins* (Nolan, 2005)

Blind Chance (Kieślowski, 1981)

It (Muschietti, 2017)

Paris, Texas (Wenders, 1984)

A.I. Artificial Intelligence* (Spielberg, 2001)

After Hours (Scorsese, 1985)

Mother! (Aronofsky, 2017)

Three Colors: Red (Kieślowski, 1994)

Weirdos (McDonald, 2017)

Baby Driver* (Wright, 2017)

Of all the films I saw the past two months, Red was my favorite. Kieślowski’s final installment of the Three Colors trilogy (as well as his last picture before his death) is an emotional and evocative masterpiece. The night of Harry Dean Stanton’s passing, I watched Paris, Texas for the first time, which also was quite a poignant feature that exhibits the actor’s many strengths. I too loved Scorsese’s After Hours and Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot.

As for new releases. I enjoyed It and Mother! the most. As a big Stephen King fan, I found much to appreciate about the new adaptation of It (especially in contrast to the 1990 miniseries). The latter has already proven to be one of the most polarizing films of 2017, but I felt that the film’s visuals and the performances by Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem were quite strong. I also liked Lucky Logan, and hopefully it indicates that Soderbergh will continue to make new films.

*Denotes rewatch.


  1. Strong list there Charles. Gotta say, the more I hear about this Three Colours trilogy the more I’m intrigued. Definitely on the list.

    Mother! was a freaking crazy movie!

    • Definitely check out Three Colors when you can, an amazing trilogy for sure. And I was probably one of the few people who really liked Mother.

      • I too enjoyed it. Maybe not something I’m interested in watching again, but it was a great film.

  2. Really pissed I missed the theatrical screening of Logan. Guess I’ll have to monitor the good ol’ torrent sites.

    And yeah, mother! was awesome. Unlike anything I have ever seen, despite the samenless compared to Polaniski’s work. Fuckin amazing

    • I enjoyed Lucky Logan, with my only major complaint is that it blatantly sets itself up for a sequel.

      Mother! was really good, and although I’m disappointed more people haven’t seen it I’m not too surprised (it’s too experimental and out there for most people). But hey, at least Marty Scorsese agrees with us:

      • Woooo yeah Scorcese! hehe, he is always the man. And yeah, one of my favourite parts of this was the sheer unpredictability. Darren has created a film unlike any other.

        Reeeally wanna see Logan Lucky. Sucks to hear it sets itself up for a sequel though, that always gives me then shits. But the cast look interesting for the type of movie it is, I look forward to watching it online

        BTW – A Melvins doco came out recently. Its gold man. Pure gold.

      • Nice, will try to check out the Melvins doc, but I’ve got a lot of work over the next week or so, and I spent the weekend watching new movies, including The Square and Tokyo Vampire Hotel.

      • heh fair enough. Dang I aint even heard of either of those

        I dunno how readily available it is. I downloaded it cos I’m a filthy pirate, but cos its Melvins I’ll buy it when I find an option that isn’t 40$AU

      • The Square won the Cannes Film Festival; trust me, it’s really good and it’s a real contender for being the best film of 2017. Tokyo Vampire Hotel is kind of dumb, but it’s a lot of fun, though it takes forever to end…

        Plus the new South Park game just came out today. Really want to pick it up but at the moment I’m swamped…

      • woah woah

        a new south park game??!

      • Yup, The Fractured But Whole. Heh. Read some very positive reviews already and am excited to play it.

      • Checked it out on steam.

        The trailers look AWESOME. I loved Stick of Truth, played it three times through it was so fun, and FUNNY!!

        But the reviews talking of day of release DLC, micro-transactions, intrusive DRM… perfect way to convince me to download the thing rather than buying it ya know. I do buy most of my games these days but almost everything can be found online if you know where to look.

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