Posted by: ckckred | June 30, 2017

The Best of 2017 (Thus Far)


2017 thus far has proven to be a climatic year (though I said the same exact thing last year), yet we’ve received a good share of great media within the past six months. Admittedly I haven’t seen as many films from this year as I have wanted, which is why I didn’t compose a list for movies (though if I were to pick what had been my favorite picture of 2017 so far, it would be Terrence Malick’s Song to Song). To make up for that, I’ve doubled the number of TV programs and albums and surprisingly had a difficult time narrowing down the finalists. So here is some of my favorite entertainment of 2017; hopefully the next six months will be just as good.

Best TV Shows

Archer: Dreamland (FXX, Season 8)

Baskets (FX, Season 2)

Better Call Saul (AMC, Season 3)

Fargo (FX, Season 3)

Legion (FX, Season 1)

The Americans (FX, Season 6)

Review (Comedy Central, Season 3)

Silicon Valley (HBO, Season 4)

Twin Peaks (Showtime, Season 3)

Veep (HBO, Season 6)

Best Albums

Crossover Ministry (Iron Reagan)

Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora (Darkest Hour)

Heartless (Pallbearer)

in•ter a•li•a (At the Drive-In)

Lifeless God (Phobia)

Nightmare Logic (Power Trip)

Shox of Violence (Midnight)

Slime and Punishment (Municipal Waste)

Trumpeting Ecstasy (Full of Hell)

War Moans (Mutoid Man)


  1. I think Leftovers is the best tv show so far this year. Also, Planet Earth II.

    • I really should finish The Leftovers. I couldn’t get much into the first season, but have repeatedly heard great things about later episodes.

  2. With on you Twin Peaks, man. I’m loving it.

    • The new season really is quite something. I’m still trying to write a piece that can really capture its essence. What did you think of the latest episode? It took me a while to get into, but I think it may be Lynch’s most surreal work (excluding his shorts).

      • The latest episode is probably the daring piece of television that there’s ever been. I took a while to get a handle on it as well but I thought it was wonderful and still leaves many questions needing answered. Is the little girl possibly Sarah Palmer or maybe even The Log Lady? Who knows at this point but it’s goddamn genius stuff.

      • I was thinking that it was Sarah too, with the boy being Leland, but it could be something entirely else. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other TV series this experimental or surreal.

      • Totally with you, man. There are so many theories flying around. The boy and girl could be Leland and Sarah or another good theory being that it could be The Log Lady and Carl Rodd. Apparently this ties in with The Secret History of Twin Peaks which I haven’t read yet.

      • Definitely check out the Secret History when you can. I read that last year but I want to pick it up again; as I remember it provided a lot of context to the aftermath of the initial finale.

  3. Loving Mutoid Man!! Again you have provided me with a bunch of great new albums to check out!

    BTW have you heard of the upcoming Dead Cross album? Lombardo’s hardcore band…. with Mike Patton on vocals!! The songs they have released so far sound manic!!

    I’m guessing it came out after you posted this, but have you heard Melvins new double album? Some trippy stuff man!

    • The new Mutoid Man album is indeed great. Alongside the recent releases by Power Trip and Darkest Hour, it’s a contender for being the top album of 2017. I caught them live a while back and they delivered a great set.

      … And I’m very excited about Dead Cross (I’ve got tickets to see them soon). I’m a huge Mike Patton fan and love just about everything he does, from Faith No More to his EP with DEP.

      Have not gotten the chance to listen to the new Melvins material, will have to get on that.

      • New Melvins stuff is… well, typically weird hahaha. You lucky bastard, Dead Cross live would be unreal!

        I love Patton too, everything he does is incredible. One of my favourites is his collaboration with the X-Ecutioners. It sounds MENTAL! Him and Garm from Ulver have the best and most diverse vocals IMO.

      • Really pumped for Dead Cross too… Every single that’s come out thus far has been magnificent, and the pedigree of the talent would make the show worth it.

        Patton may be my favorite frontman. He’s not only a great singer with phenomenal range, but he’s one of the funniest and charismatic guys there is in music. Seeing FNM several years ago may have been the best concert I’ve ever been to.

      • Heard the latest one? Obedience School? Fucking great.

        The whole album is mental man. Just makes me want to jump around and put holes in the walls!!!

      • I had the chance to see FNM once at a music fest. But my back was so buggered I only lasted for about four bands and had to bail I was in so much pain. Enough pain to miss one of my favourite bands ever = / Hopefully they’ll one day come back here, somehow, some day…

      • Oh man, that sucks. FNM is one of my all-time favorites as well and they’re so amazing live. Hopefully they do another tour soon… and maybe a new album, Sol Invictus was an incredible reunion record.

      • Sol Invictus was indeed amazing. And yeah it still guts me to this day, five plus years later, missing that show.

        Just re-read, didn’t realise Waste had a new album. I can’t get into it hey. I used to love them, but since Art of Partying, it all… sounds reeeally similar. I still prefer their 16 minute long debut.

        I’m really really trying to find more of that – modern hardcore, like Dead Cross, the first Waste album… 2 minute songs that just rip your limbs off. The drumming is intense on both those albums too, which helps. Boring drumming bores me pretty quickly, so a lot of hardcore falls down almost immediately =/

      • If you haven’t yet, check out the new Power Trip album, a great piece of modern day crossover.

      • Not bad at all. Not fast enough though! 😛 Tho I have been listening to the Dead Cross album for about a week straight non stop now.

        I like that its just a good song and doesn’t dedicate one minute plus to guitar solos. I think that is what pisses me off most about metal these days. I liked it when it was Dave or Chuck going apeshit but these days, I’m just over it. Gonna see what the album sounds like

        BTW Mutoid Man are just freaking plain awesome!! They look a bit hipster but musically they remind me of a less heavy but just as experimental Melvins. Just saw them cover Tom Jones on a public train with a baby drum kit haha, ain’t youtube great?

      • Power Trip may be my favorite band today. They do a killer live set as well, and Nightmare Logic has been my favorite album of 2017 thus far (though the Dead Cross debut was great too).

        I’m a guitar solo person, but I definitely agree that often times they can be unnecessary or indulgent. Still, for me there’s nothing better than a good solo.

        And Mutoid Man are an awesome band, I really dig a lot of the post-hardcore/alt-metal stuff.

      • Prefacing this with an apology for the length of this reply. I don’t often get to chat with people who are into the same tunes as me. I need to get out more 😉

        I’m digging Power Trip a lot man, very well written thrash and it doesn’t feel 100% recycled like sooooo many of those other bands that popped up after the Waste and Toxic Holocaust. There is a big Vio-Lence influence here I reckon. Lots of tempo changes, powerful drumming, a bit more manic sounding. Vio-Lence always had a bit of hardcore in them too. This is the first modern thrashy band I have liked in a very, very long time mate. Thanks!!

        I used to be a solo person. I still am, I mean, listening to Hendrix solos literally feels like a drug. I also specifically remember bugging out with my friend when we first heard to Holy Wars.

        I dunno, maybe the originality has gone from them, but I can’t think of many (any?) modern bands with lead-work that interests me. Some of that classic stuff still blows me away 15+ years after I first heard them, Megadeth and Jimi especially

      • Hey, there’s no problem with lengthy replies! I didn’t really get into metal until high school (before, I was really into classic rock and classical music), and none of my friends liked metal. Always good to talk to another metalhead.

      • Indeed. Mutoid Man is reeeally growing on me, though the video you posted is kiiinda false advertising. I was hoping for more trippy time signatures and varied tempos but a lot of the album isn’t like that song.

      • Kiss of Death is pretty different from the usual style of Mutoid Man’s songwriting, but the video gives a pretty good feel for their live performances. Steve cracks a lot of jokes and pranks onstage, making the whole night ridiculously enjoyable.

      • Man I wish a fraction of these bands would bother to come to Australia. And then if they can be bothered doing that, actually coming to my shitty city (which most bands just skip =/)

      • I’ve definitely mad a big effort to try to go to as many shows as I can (usually about three a month). Admittedly, here stateside we tend to get most of the high-profile shows, so it’s unfortunate how many other places get stood up.

      • you lucky bastard!!

        I try to go to as many shows as I can too, but they are always local and are often shit. Tho if you know where to go there is often some great underground stuff to be found. Such as the venue where we’ll be playing our drone/noise project on Thursday 😀 If there are more than 30 people there I’ll be shocked

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