Posted by: ckckred | April 30, 2017

April 2017 Round-Up


Although I unfortunately found little time to write anything for this site recently, I did manage to see a good amount of movies over April, including a few 2016 releases I’ve been meaning to catch up on as well as several classic pictures I had somehow missed beforehand.

Breakdown (Mostow, 1997)

Daisies (Chytilova, 1966)

Monsieur Lazhar (Falardeau, 2011)

Death by Hanging (Oshima, 1968)

Blood Simple (Coens, 1984)

Woman in the Dunes (Teshigahara, 1964)

A Hard Day’s Night (Lester, 1964)

A Gentle Woman (Bresson, 1969)

Trespass (Hill, 1992)

The Long Good Friday (Mackenzie, 1980)

Mamma Roma (Pasolini, 1962)

Paterson (Jarmusch, 2016)

Moonlight (Jenkins, 2016)

Wake in Fright (Kotcheff, 1971)

Shadows (Cassavettes, 1959)

The Connection (Clarke, 1962)

Pickpocket (Bresson, 1959)*

Repo Man (Cox, 1984)

Julieta (Almodóvar, 2016)

Three Crowns of the Sailor (Ruiz, 1983)

Vidas Secas (Pereira dos Santos, 1963)

The Ladies of the Bois de Boulogne (Bresson, 1945)

Xala (Sembene, 1975)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Lynch, 1992)*

Inland Empire (Lynch, 2006)*

I enjoyed most of the films I caught this month, particularly Daisies, A Gentle Woman, and The Connection. I managed to finally catch Paterson and Moonlight, both of which I enjoyed immensely and would have made my top 10 of 2016 had I seen them earlier. I also liked Blood Simple, which acts almost as a precursor to Fargo, as well as Shadows and Death by Hanging.

As for Fire Walk With Me, I attended a special 35mm revival screening and am hoping on writing a piece about it in the near future. I can say this much though, I still consider it to be one of Lynch’s most suspenseful and thrilling works, and although it has received a reappraisal in recent years it is still very underrated.

*: Denotes a film I had previously seen.


  1. Hey Hey! Good to see a new post here man, been missing ya.

    • Thanks Tom. I’ve been a bit busy the last couple of months, even though I did manage to see a lot of films. Hoping to catch even more in May…

  2. You’ve watched quite a lot it seems.

    • Thanks, have you seen any of the films I’ve listed?

      • Ive seen The Long Good Friday, but it was a while back. Thanks for the other recommendations. If you ever need any, check my blog. I like talking with you.

  3. Been wanting to see Daises for a while now, Sight and Sound did a piece on it years ago, using that exact same picture you’ve put at the top

    Some nice flicks there mate. Tho I still can’t get the hype surrounding Moonlight and especially Paterson, which EVERY critic seems to have put in their top five

    • Definitely check out Daisies. I walked into that with very little background about the film but left it stunned, it’s a great satirical piece.

      Although I’m a bit conflicted on its final shot but I did enjoy Moonlight. While I liked La La Land, I’m glad Moonlight won the Oscar over it.

      Patterson though I really enjoyed; I think I would have put it amongst my top 5 of 2016 ;-). A friend of mind described it as forced meditation (in a good way), and it left me feeling very relaxed.

      • Yeah see, with Paterson, I wasn’t fussed by the pace. Hell, I love Tarkovsky. But it just felt that nothing happened at all, which I guess was the point, but I just couldn’t get into it. I also found the humour to be very repetitive, funny for a bit but then it dragged on for me. Only saw it once tho, worth a re-watch I think as Driver is great.

      • I can totally see that but the repetition really worked for me. Similarly, I just finished watching Jeanne Dielmann today and I thought it worked in the same way; focusing on routine actions and moments into suddenly culminating into a dramatic turn of events.

        Driver was particularly great. He really is one of the best and most charismatic actors working today.

      • He was good in Silence too, but obviously had a very secondary role.

        Never heard of that one you mentioned, is that an oldie?

      • Definitely check out Jeanne Dielman if you have the chance. It’s a 1975 Belgian film about three days in the life of a single mother. It’s a very long film (about about 3 1/2 hours) but the last 15 minutes take a surprising turn…

      • Oooooh I likes the sound of that!! I’ll have to be naughty and download that I imagine, bugger looking for a copy somewhere for a long film I might not like. But I’ve seen…. One Belgian film I reckon, would be nice to see another. I love 70’s flicks too, another to add to the list!!

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