Posted by: ckckred | August 4, 2016

Cinematic’s 5th Anniversary

lobby party

5 years ago, I founded Cinematic briefly after discovering WordPress from someone at a computer-programming course I was attending then. I had always been interested in film and was compelled to start writing about the latest in the movie world. Though in its initial few months it was more or less a project that only a couple of my friends visited now and again, eventually Cinematic started garnering a greater following amongst the blogger community, allowing the site to blossom what it is today.

Admittedly the site has changed drastically since its beginning. The reviews within the first year or so tended to be quickly written and I wrote more short blurbs about news updates. But I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished here on Cinematic, and I would like to thank all my readers who have continuously shown their support here throughout all these years, whether you’ve been around since the beginning or are just visiting the blog for the first time. Here’s to five more years.


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Congrats, ckckred. 🙂

  3. Big congrats! One of my long time favorite blogs. Five more years indeed!

    • Thanks Keith! I always enjoy going on your blog as well.

  4. Congrats!!

  5. Well done Charles. 5 years is one heck of an accomplishment. Takes a lot of determination to keep going and I am glad you have.

    • Thanks Tom!

  6. Huge congratulations dude, you have some epic staying power.

    • Thanks!

      • And I wish you many more years of greatness.

  7. Congratulations!

    • Thanks Stu!

  8. Five years, well done! Huge congrats!

    • Thanks Anna!

  9. Quite the accomplishment, Charles. It’s not easy to keep putting the work in but I’m glad you’re still around. Many good bloggers have fallen over the years. You’ve stood the test of time. Bravo sir.

    • Thanks Mark! I’ve always enjoyed reading your stuff as well.

  10. Congratulations, Charles. I appreciate your intellect and enjoy your reviews.

  11. Congrats man! I enjoy your thoughtful and incisive writing on film. Hope you continue writing for many more years!

    • Thanks man!

  12. Congrats dude! 🙂 My blog just hit to two year mark. I think, I can’t be arsed keeping track of it!

    • Thanks man! I know I’ve only been following your blog for a couple of months now, but you’ve done some great work over there.

      • Really appreciate the kind words mate. Since I found yours I’ve thought the same thing, I have it bookmarked with all my favourites 🙂

        Plus you are into metal, so that makes you doubly awesome in my book! 😀

        Man when my band gets our songs finished and with vocals, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts. I might actually make a soundcloud account and put up the best take of each song, even tho atm they are instrumental. We have six tracks so far, the last one is one I wrote while I was tripping balls, it is called ‘Fuck The Noise’ ;D Problem is I wrote the lyrics before we got the song down so now I need to edit them and get them to fit.

      • Thanks man, t’s always great to talk to another metalhead. Send me a link of your EP when it’s ready.

      • Will do man 😀 Its basically a cauldron of all the late 80’s underground metal, with some black metal and doom metal thrown in, as well as some hardcore punk too. We need a vocalist tho, we have six songs but no vocals.

      • Hey Jordan, random question but what did you think of the new Metallica single?

      • Haven’t heard it, didn’t know there was one TBH. I stopped following Metallica when they released St. Anger hehe 😛

        Was it any good? The new Slayer singles have been very average…. Hanneman and Lombardo missing is soooooo obvious

      • It was a lot better than I thought to be honest. Sonically it was a vast improvement over Death Magnetic and I was surprised how tight the drums were. Hetfield’s growl is still missing, but the track was actually decent.

        I was pretty disappointed with Repentless as a whole. On the tour when they played songs off the album I saw a ton of people heading to the bar to refill their beers. But to be honest, I thought both Christ Illusion and World Painted Blood were just okay but nowhere near the level as their 80s material. But I do love God Hates Us All and will defend that album to death.

      • Repentless, so they did an album? Man, I am SO out of the loop. I really liked Christ Illusion and WPB, not as good as the 80’s no but still fuckin’ solid. Especially WPB, Lombardo was awesome on that one.

        And I love GHUA too man, so much rage in that one. I love it. Bostaph is good but i’l always prefer Lombardo. You know what, I’m gonna play that album now 😀 What’s your favourite album/song? My song is dittohead, love it

        Haha, maybe Metallica resorted to a drum machine if the drums sound solid 😛 Lars has always been average at best IMHO, it irritates me as a drummer that he plays stuff I could play, not to talk myself up, but he plays simple shit and makes millions. I need to look into session drumming now that I think about it.

      • Lombardo’s drums were definitely the high point for both CI and WPB, but overall the songs were mostly just okay. GHUA though absolutely slays.

        I’d probably choose the standard answer of Reign in Blood as my favorite Slayer album, but I’d say South of Heaven is their best song. The opening is just so perfect and evil it’s impossible not to like.

        Yeah, Lars is okay at best. His studio tracks aren’t that bad but live he’s a very inconsistent player. Though he is a pretty solid businessman, which for better or worse is why ‘Tallica got so big in the first place.

      • Indeed, he is a businessman through and through. Probably part of the reason why I hate him hahaha

        My favourite song and album is Hell Awaits. I love how that intro keep building and building, each few bars a new element is added… its the best intro to a track/album ever. And the rest of that album fuckin’ slays. I reckon its kinda underrated, lost behind Reign in Blood and South of Heaven – which is indeed a freaking awesome song. Track 10 off that album is great too, forget the name. It has the similar evil vibe at the start

      • Hell Awaits is an awesome album for sure. It definitely gets left behind by most after Reign, Heaven, and Seasons of the Abyss, but it’s got a killer song line-up and some of the band’s best writing.

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