Posted by: ckckred | December 28, 2015

R. I. P. Lemmy Kilmister


Is there anybody that embodies the spirit of metal more than Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister?  Even though Lemmy has always argued that Motorhead was a rock and roll band, he was a man who lived, breathed, and simply was metal, through his astounding and revolutionary bass playing to his sex and drugs lifestyle.  Lemmy was much more than a rock star, he was was an idol and living legend for me and millions of other people across the world, bringing punk into the world of metal and giving birth to thrash and every other extreme genre.

The first Motorhead song I ever heard, like for so many others, was “Ace of Spades.”  Upon that initial listen, I thought it was the most bad-ass, aggressive songs ever made (I still do), with Lemmy’s gruff singing and rapid, distorted bass playing, bolstered by “Fast” Eddie Clarke’s guitar riffage and “Philthy Animal”‘s pounding drums.  It represented everything I loved about rock and roll and metal in general, with its f**k you and f**k everyone attitude to its unrelenting power and force.  It immediately turned me into a fan, and I soon checked out Overkill and Bomber after listening to Ace of Spades, then continuing to explore the rest of Moorhead’s discography.  Each album left me feeling like I could take on the world and that nothing could stand in my way.

But what’s so amazing about Lemmy is that he always kept to his roots.  Unlike so many other metal stars like Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Mustaine, or Chris Barnes, Lemmy never became a parody of himself, sticking to Moorhead’s guns all the way up to this year’s Bad Magic.  It’s the reason why there is no such thing as a bad Motorhead album, where even the weakest of the band’s output is as cool as hell.

To say that I’m saddened by Lemmy’s death would be an understatement. After celebrating his 70th birthday last week, Lemmy succumbed to cancer on Thursday.  Motorhead meant so much to me, turning me from an AV kid into a headbanger with no remorse.  His music helped me through many of the most stressful periods of my life and was always there to comfort me.  May you rest in peace Lemmy.   If there is an afterlife, I hope they serve Jack Daniels there.




  1. RIP, Lemmy 😦

    • Spent last night listening to half of Iron Fist then all of Bad Magic. Can’t believe he’s gone, Lemmy’s had a lot of health problems recently but I thought within the past few months he was doing better.

      • Yeah, I have to admit that I never fully explored his stuff. I’m a big fan of bands like Black Sabbath so I really should check out more Motörhead, etc.

      • I’m a metalhead and Motorhead was a gateway drug for me into the genre. Few bands deliver it live like Lemmy and co.

  2. […] metal world, 2015 had a lot to live up to and fortunately it didn’t disappoint. While I’m still reeling over the loss of a personal hero of mine, this year gave some albums with such rigor and excitement. So here it is, my ten favorite albums […]

  3. Yeah this was very sad…two days and then *bang*. Not a huge metal fan myself but I like a few Motorhead songs, thought he had a pretty good attitude to life and I really dig a lot of the old Hawkwind stuff. I blasted Silver Machine loud the other day!

    • I’m a huge Motorhead fan (though I’ve never really got into Hawkwind). Spent the last few days listening to a lot of Moorhead’s discography and it shows Lemmy’s staying power as a musician.

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