Posted by: ckckred | March 25, 2015

The 10 Best TV Shows of 2014

Top 10

Yes, I’m aware this post is coming out a few months late, but I never really got the chance to write up about my 10 favorite TV shows of last year.  In a post-Breaking Bad landscape, 2014 was a solid year for television, with plenty of great new series as well as veterans showing their strength.  Stay tuned for a post about 2014’s best movies as well as a write-up of the return of The X-Files.


10. Key and Peele (Comedy Central)


9. Game of Thrones (HBO)


8. Silicon Valley (HBO)


7. Veep (HBO)

6. Louie (FX)

HBO's "True Detective" Season 1 / Director: Cary Fukunaga

5. True Detective (HBO)


4. Mad Men (AMC)


3. The Americans (FX)


2. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Billy Bob Thornton in Fargo

1. Fargo (FX)


  1. Better late than never! I agree with many entries on the list, although not necessarily in the order you’ve put them. Fargo was probably the most pleasant surprise of the year; a truly excellent anthology.

    • Thanks man. I expected that Fargo would be an absolute disaster, but it was as just as strong as the film. It was an easy choice for me as the best TV series of 2014.

  2. Cool. Only one of those shows I watch is Mad Men. Ever watched any of the Goldbergs? That’s my current favorite.

    • The first half of Mad Men’s season 7 was excellent. The first few episodes were a bit inconsistent, but the rest of the season was practically flawless. I haven’t seen the Goldbergs, though I do love Jeff Garlin in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

      • Humor is very subjective but I think it is very funny. I don’t tend to watch the R rated content shows so something like Goldbergs is right up my ally. I also liked the 24 season in 2014.

  3. Wish I had more time to watch TV but I did see some episodes of The Americans and it’s absolutely terrific! I did finish season 1 of Broadchurch and was impressed by that as well.

    • The Americans is such an addictive series. The third season may be even better than the second.

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