Posted by: ckckred | December 28, 2014

What Was Your Favorite Non-2014 Movie You’ve Seen This Year?

The end of 2014 is approaching and rather than inquiring on what was your favorite movie of the year, I want to ask what was the best film you saw over the past twelve months that didn’t come from 2014?


The best new-to-me movie that I saw was Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, though I also loved Orson Welles’ The Trial as well.  But what about yourself?



  1. I finally got around to watching Sneakers, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    • One of those movies I haven’t seen in ages but which I really like. The part about how to get past a secure door is a classic one!

      • Thanks for the comment, I reviewed it on my blog if you’re interested.

  2. The Abyss. I hadn’t seen it since it came out in the theater. I am amazed how well it holds up. Cameron has made some stellar films….

  3. I watched The Shining for the first time back in February, so that’d have to be my pick. If I’m allowed a second I also saw Amour around the same time, and that was really good.

    • Nice, The Shining’s one of my favorite movies and Amour was one of the best new films I’ve seen in recent years.

  4. Finally caught up with Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer (2010).

  5. This is a tough question. I think it may be “Cleo from 5 to 7” from director Agnes Varda. Loved that film.

  6. I currently can’t access my overview of everything I’ve seen this past year, but one which I definitely remember is Playtime, which I watched for the first time. Thought that it was a really interesting movie in which so much happened that it was almost impossible to see all the details during one watch.

    • Playtime’s a film I’ve been meaning to watch for a long time. I’ll have to go out to buy it soon,

  7. Mine was Schindler’s List. Amazing film that had an incredibly powerful effect on me. Definitely the best, though The Conversation is a close second and not as hard to watch.
    Glad you saw Persona, it’s one of my favorite films!

    • Persona really blew me away and I can’t wait to see it again. The Conversation is a classic for sure.

  8. It’s really tough to pick only one film, I’ve seen so many great ones. Here are my top three: Woman in the Dunes by Teshigahara, Werckmeister Harmonies by Bela Tarr and Landskape in the Mist by Angelopoulos. They were all fantastic.

  9. Great post! I always do a top 10 list of films I Caught Up With during the year. I think the best off the top of my head has to be catching up with the Before trilogy, incredible films that I cannot believe I hadn’t seen until this year.

  10. For me, without a doubt, Last Year at Marienbad. Breathtaking, revelatory filmmaking.

  11. Wake In Fright. I can definitely see why Scorsese went nuts about it during its Cannes Film Festival screening.

  12. Oh plenty! I did a Blindspot series that consist of all classic films I’ve missed out on, and my fave is The Apartment.

  13. fucking love persona it’s one of my favorite films and just watch it over and over

  14. Interesting question. I watched the entire Disney Canon in 2014 because I was laid up in bed with a torn MCL There were so many great one’s but as far as the films I hadn’t seen before there weren’t many. Most I had seen but it had been years so rewatching a movie like Lilo and Stitch felt like seeing something new and I really bonded with it.

    But I had never seen the ending to the original Winnie the Pooh movie. I had seen the 3 shorts but somehow missed the little message combining the three into a feature film. It is perfect in my opinion. “Pooh promise me you’ll never forget me ever” “Oh I won’t Christopher. I promise”.

    Of a completely new to me movie most I hadn’t watched for a reason and they weren’t very good but one that was a pleasant surprise and I liked was Meet the Robinsons. It’s got lots of problems but a certain energy, color, and nice message that I enjoyed. I’d say its a hidden Disney gem.

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