Posted by: ckckred | November 30, 2014

What Do You Think of Trailers?


This week saw the release of the trailers for the two biggest movies of 2015: the reboots to the Star Wars and Jurassic Park franchises.  Both were preceded by a lot of hype (so much so that there was a trailer for Jurassic World‘s trailer), but they represent one of the biggest trends of movies in recent years: placing a big emphasis on teasers.  Trailers have always been a large part of the film business, but in the Internet age they’ve exploded in popularity due to their increased accessibility.  Now days, people are so obsessive that they”ll watch every trailer for a single movie just to see every detail.  So for this week’s question, I thought I’d ask what do you think of trailers?

In the early days of Cinematic, I used to regularly post new trailers and talk about my thoughts on them.  I’ve retired that feature not just because it became too tiresome and repetitive to comment on every single teaser, but I’ve come to realize that trailers as a whole aren’t too special.  Most of the time they operate as a “Greatest Hits” playlist of a film, showing the biggest and best bits of a picture, which is why I try to watch movies now without seeing teasers (though I couldn’t resist watching Inherent Vice‘s trailer).

But what do you think?


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  2. Well, in my opinion there are some trailers that show too much. Because, other than 2:30 trailers, we also have teasers, and international trailers, and Uk trailers and oficial trailers… and later we have clips #1 #2 etc… The power of a trailer is to captivate, leave us wondering and wanting more… I can give you the example of “American Sniper” trailer with Bradley Cooper. The trailer shows you pieces, running fast, but the images chosen combined with the longer scene of him deciding if he should take the shot or not… made me want to see the movie. It could suck or it could be great, but I was convinced by the trailer only.

  3. I’ve always enjoyed trailers. Oddly they have developed into a mini-production themselves. In fact more than once I’ve seen scenes in a trailer that were never in the actual film. Weird.

    Where trailers annoy me is when they misrepresent the film. That seems to happen more and more these days.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen a couple of trailers that show stuff not from the film. Maybe they’re scenes that were in the rough cut?

      I agree it’s irritating when trailers misrepresent a movie. Drive was made out to be a Fast and Furious style car chase by the marketing instead of an art house feature.

  4. I do enjoy watching them but even as a Star Wars fan releasing a teaser a year before the film is out is irritating. I hate the build up of hype we get these days. I do make sure I’m in my seat at the cinema so that I don’t miss them, and look up my fair share of new ones though. The Inherent Vice trailer is pretty damn cool!

    • I saw the Star Wars trailer in theaters yesterday and agree it was very over-hyped. It really just had several shots that indicate very little for a movie coming out next year. Not to mention this seems to be happening all the time.

  5. I think like most, I love them and hate them. I’m excited for Exodous: Gods and Kings, for example, and I’m already bracing myself that the film won’t be as good as the hype.

    • I can’t say I’m looking forward to Exodus: Gods and Kings unfortunately. Ridley Scott’s recent work have been duds, not to mention the year’s other biblical epic, Noah, was a bust.

      • But I so want another Gladiator and Christian Bale could do it as an actor. A case of really hoping Scott redeems himself and creates art instead of special effects.

  6. Too much is generally given away. I can see why they do it, but I think fan fans are reacting against this approach. That said, I’m excited by Star Wars!

    • Yeah, you’ve nailed the exact problem with trailers. I’ve seen plenty of them that pretty much act as a compressed version of the movie.

  7. I love trailers. However, I am of the opinion that there should be one trailer for any movie, period. That one trailer should not feature every captivating scene; it should feature one and only one in order to attract us enough to see the movie.

    • I would agree with that. Studios seem to focused on making at least several trailers instead of just one.

  8. Some trailers do show the whole movie, which can be annoying. But I do still enjoy trailers for the most part (even if some theaters play WAY too many of them before movies nowadays). Like anything, they can just be hit or miss sometimes is all. Like, the trailers for Tangled and Frozen were extremely misleading in such a way that would probably turn one away from the movie. But other times, misleading trailers are actually in on the joke, as was the case with Iron Man 3. But then I got a friend who won’t see Interstellar no matter how much I essentially him too, all because he didn’t like the trailer for it. So, eh, I hate when a trailer actually dissuades people from seeing good movies, but I do still quite enjoy a good trailer when it’s done right, doesn’t give away too much, just enough to entice and really get you hyped. 🙂

  9. I love trailers but I also recognize that they are marketing to us. Here is an article you might find relevant. Trailers on YouTube are a new key to engaging the audience.

  10. Hate them with a passion and I don’t watch any of them. It takes away from the movie going experience. The best stories you hear are those where you don’t know yet what is going to happen. So many trailers like you say show you the best bits, but if you haven’t seen them yet you might be shocked or surprised. Recently on the /Film podcast there was a discussion about this and one of the hosts said that regarding trailers for comedies is that some will say after seeing the movie: All the best jokes were in the trailer. If you havent seen the trailer you can say : All the best jokes were in the movie. And that’s true.

    I’m staying away from watching the Jurassic Park and Star Wars trailers, but as they are being made so important by all the blogs and sites it’s almost impossible not to see some screenshots from them (which really annoys me).

    • I definitely agree. I typically try to follow movies on a reviews-based level rather than trailers or teasers, which thanks to the Internet is difficult to achieve.

  11. I like it when a trailer gives you just a little bit of the story but doesn’t spoil it.

  12. I happen to love trailers! In fact I anticipated them every time I go to the movies. But since I go to a lot of press screenings, there aren’t always trailers shown. I do wish people don’t give away EVERYTHING in the trailers, that’s so annoying when they do that. The Jurassic Park trailer is awesome though!

  13. […] a few weeks ago when I criticized trailers for giving away too much and spoiling the film’s essence?  Well, forget I said all of that […]

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