Posted by: ckckred | November 2, 2014

What Do You Think of Roman Polanski?


Yesterday I watched Roman Polanski’s latest movie Venus in Fur (hopefully I’ll have a review come out later this week).  One thing I particularly noticed was how Venus in Fur‘s theme of sadomachochism relates to Polanski’s own self.  So for this week’s question, I thought I’d ask what do you think of Roman Polanski?

Polanski is one of the most controversial directors out there.  In 1977, he was tried in California after raping a thirteen year old girl, but fled to France to avoid sentencing (the charges still stand today and he’s been called into court many times after his escape).  Since then, he’s filmed exclusively in Europe and despite his notoriety still manages to work with A-list actors as well as win an Oscar for Best Director.  While I think Polanski was and still is a great director (Rosemary’s Baby is one of my favorite horror pictures), I’m stunned and angered that he never received the full extent of his crimes because of his status (though he has paid multiple settlements in court).  A few years back, when Polanski was being held under Swedish authorities, a petition signed by over 100 names in the film community (which include Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, and Woody Allen, another filmmaker who has faced sex abuse charges) that argued:

“We demand the immediate release of Roman Polanski…  Film-makers in France, in Europe, in the United States and around the world are dismayed by this decision… It seems inadmissible to them that an international cultural event, paying homage to one of the greatest contemporary film-makers, is used by police to apprehend him.” (source: Indiewire)

As I said beforehand, I too agree Polanski is one of cinema’s finest current directors, but just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean the charges on him should be dismissed.  I apologize if this post is too political for some readers, but this is how I feel.



  1. It’s crazy! I’m sure the victim has been horrified every time a film of his comes out. I think the situation is deplorable and the film industry should have rejected him.

    • It definitely is crazy, especially since Polanski is still able to continuously make movies. I like some of his more recent pictures, but he deserves to go to jail.

      • Yes indeed! Others have been prosecuted. He is mocking his victim to a degree that is unfathomable.

      • If Roman Polanski wasn’t a world-class director, I’m almost certain he would have been imprisoned.

      • Yes indeed!

  2. I’ve always been an admirer of Polanski’s and many of his films are great works of art. However, child absuse or statutory rape should always be punished. No one (however famous should be above the law on this).

    • I completely agree and it frustrates me when people say he can’t go to jail because of his accomplishments in film as an excuse. No one should be above the law.

  3. He should be punished indeed

    • It’s mind-boggling that he’s never gotten the full-time punishment he deserves. If Polanski wasn’t a celebrity, it’d be almost certain that he would have immediately gone to jail.

  4. He’s a piece of shit basically. I don’t watch any of his or Woody Allen’s films anymore. It always boggles my mind that the both of them continue to be supported by so many in the filmmaking establishment.

    • It is bewildering that he’s been able to still make movies. No matter what you think of his movies, Polanski’s a criminal and deserves to be tried as one.

  5. I really think he should be in jail, I mean NOBODY should be above the law. It’s funny how Hollywood is forgiving to someone like him but would scorn Mel Gibson. I’m not saying Mel didn’t make mistakes, he did, but it wasn’t technically a criminal offense, but Polanski did break the law, against a minor no less!

    • Nice point about Mel Gibson. While I loathe Gibson and his actions, what he did dwarfs in comparison to Polanski’s crime, yet he’s way more alienated from the film scene than Polanski.

  6. Only seen a couple of Polanski films but have enjoyed them, he’s undoubtedly a great director. However, he simply isn’t above the law and should be punished, and he’s clearly guilty otherwise he wouldn’t have fled to Europe.

    • I’ve never questioned Polanski’s credentials, but it’s bewildering that he has pretty much escaped imprisonment.

  7. […] talked about Polanski about a month ago where I stated despite my continuous admiration towards the director, I think he has unfairly […]

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