Posted by: ckckred | October 6, 2014

Twin Peaks Will Return in 2016


Remember in Twin Peaks‘ series finale when Laura Palmer tells Dale Cooper, “I’ll see you again in 25 years?”  Turns out that’s actually happening.  As David Lynch and Mark Frost teased last week, Twin Peaks will return to television in two years on Showtime for a nine-episode limited series.

I already talked a bit about the possibilities of the series’ continuation, but while this news is exciting, it’s also a bit distressing.  The good news is that Lynch is directing all of the new episodes, which will hopefully relive the triumphant Lynch/Frost first season.  And having Twin Peaks air on Showtime means that Lynch and co. can have more creative freedom than on network television, before ABC intervened into the creative process.  But should Twin Peaks really continue?  What’s amazing about the series is that it broke just about all the rules and limitations of television back in the early 90s, featuring controversial topics like rape and incest.  Twin Peaks led the way for shows like The Sopranos and The Wire to take up taboo subjects and change television from being film’s wishy washy younger brother to its greatest rival.  But in today’s TV landscape, when series like Game of Thrones feature a beheading each episode, can Twin Peaks adjust to a rapidly changing industry?  I wish Lynch and Frost the best of luck and will undoubtedly watch the new season, but I’m uneasy how it will turn out.


  1. I’m just glad that David Lynch has returned to some kind of visual media after INLAND EMPIRE eight years ago.

    • I as well. I’m up for anything new Lynch has on his hands.

  2. “What’s amazing about the series is that it broke just about all the rules and limitations of television back in the early 90s, featuring controversial topics like rape and incest. ”
    Yes, the content of the show was shocking and groundbreaking, but what is even more shocking and groundbreaking and still is today, is Lynch’s unique visual style, the off putting tone, and the combination of just about every genre you can think of. I know from watching the third episode in TV class last year that people still think Twin Peaks is out there. One my friends started watching it but never finished it because it was too weird. People are still thrown off by this show, over 20 years later. Unless Lynch and Frost totally botch it, which I have a pretty great amount of faith that they won’t, I assume the third season will be just as challenging to viewers. Lynch’s movies certainly haven’t gotten safer over the years. Hell, people still are put off by Eraserhead (which I also know from watching in a class full of freaked out kids). I have complete confidence that Twin Peaks will remain relevant when it comes back. Of course, taking it off a network and putting it on pay cable is only going to help. FWWM was way darker than the show, and that tone fit the story Lynch was trying to tell, but it also makes it clear that if you take Twin Peaks off a network, things are going to get more extreme.

    • I’m sure Lynch and Frost will do well, though I’m wondering if the new season would be like the original series or the much darker Fire Walk With Me. I’m guessing since it’s on Showtime, Lynch will definitely dig into the latter option, but I hope he’ll try to keep it like the original series. I hope much of the original cast returns, especially Kyle MacLachlan.

  3. I completely understand your unease about this news. My excitement is also twinned with reservations. But television is having a great renaissance at the moment and slow burning series (without tons of flashy violence) are doing very well. Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire excel at character development and they’re incredibly popular. Then there’s True Detective which had so much mystery, and yet never became very fast paced. And Fargo too. When you factor in Lynch’s flair for atmospheric and distinctive visuals, I have hope that he can pull this off in the current climate. Fingers crossed 🙂

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