Posted by: ckckred | October 4, 2014

In Rumors as Ambiguous as the Show, Twin Peaks Will Return (or Not)


Fans of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks such as myself might have a reason to be excited.  Recently both Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost have teased the possible continuation of Twin Peaks.  Well, they both just stated the same quote (“that gum you like is going to come back into style,” which led Dale Cooper to finally catch Laura’s killer) on Twitter, far from being one of the most reliable sources.  But still, Lynch and Frost are at least doing something together with Twin Peaks and that’s reason for being happy enough.

I’m unsure whether Lynch is going to do another season or movie or that he’s planning something to coordinate with the recent blu-ray release of the entire series (plus the unfairly maligned Fire Walk With Me).  If I were to guess, we’d likely see a reunion of the cast and crew, with Lynch and co. talking about the show’ legacy about 22 years after we’ve seen the last of the small and supernatural town.

While I would prefer Lynch to do another movie (his last picture, Inland Empire, was one of his most cryptic and best), I’d be happy to see more of Twin Peaks if he does decide to continue the story.  Some fans can argue that the series has already had its run (not to mention the second half of season 2 doesn’t meet the high standards of the previous episodes) and that there’s really new we can learn about the mystery of Laura Palmer.  But David Lynch isn’t known for taking projects he isn’t into (well, besides Dune), so if something does pan out, I’ll be first in line.



  1. it is happening


  2. Me too. I read that on a separate post this morning. Even if Lynch and Frost were thinking of it (which I doubt) I kinda hope they don’t do you know what I mean?

    • I’ll watch anything new Lynch puts out, but I’d much prefer if he works on a new project. I just think the Twin Peaks story has already been properly told and deserves to rest in peace.

  3. I would love it if it was done right. I actually read a really cool article on it a while back, where the show would pick up with good Coop coming out of the lodge 25 yrs later which is actually about the amount of that has passed since the show originally aired. He would then have to deal with evil coop having caused all these terrible things in his absence and of course no one trusts him anymore. But who know what they would actually go with.
    It would just make me happy if David Lynch did something tho, I don’t have very strong opinions on what it might be at this point.

    • That’d be a cool idea for Lynch to explore; I was imagining that he might revisit the Laura Palmer murder in present day. I’m just glad to see Lynch working on something, it’s been too long since he’s done a movie.

  4. […] already talked a bit about the possibilities of the series’ continuation, but while this news is exciting, it’s also a bit distressing.  The good news is that Lynch […]

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