Posted by: ckckred | September 21, 2014

What Movie Would You Like To Have Seen Get Made?

Recently, I read Simon Braund’s The Greatest Movies You’ll Never See, which details some legendary film projects that never hit the big screen, from the likes of Francis Ford Coppola’s Metropolis to Jerry Lewis’ notorious Holocaust comedy The Day the Clown Cried (a cut does exist for the latter, but Lewis refuses to release it, perhaps realizing how poor taste the picture is in).  It’s a well-researched book essential for any filmgoer’s library, but it made me depressed to realize how many amazing movies could have been made.  So for today, I thought I’d ask what movie would you have liked to have seen receive the light of day?


My answer would be Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon.  After doing 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick attentively researched Napoleon and hoped to do an epic on the French emperor, culminating at his defeat at Waterloo.  Unfortunately, Kubrick’s vision was too large and hefty for financial backers to invest in and the project never came through, though Barry Lyndon and Eyes Wide Shut have similarities to the script.  Recently, Steven Spielberg announced he was hoping to make a miniseries off of Kubrick’s screenplay but sadly we will never see the full force of Kubrick’s original vision.



  1. Good question but I wouldn’t know any movies that were cancelled, guess I should be checking out this book

  2. I always wonder what A.I. Artificial Intelligence would have been like if Kubrick had directed as originally planned.

    • I always wonder how AI would look if Kubrick directed it as well. I love that film and will defend it to death but it’d likely be different if it Kubrick had made it.

  3. … and don’t get me started on the Guiillermo Del Toror Hobbits…

  4. Awesome question. I would’ve liked to have seen Clair Noto’s “The Tourist”. An unhappy/frustrated alien hiding in Manhatten. Never fully developed, it was reshaped and turned into a comedy and we got an atrocious version of it in Men in Black. I’m still waiting for Appian Way to do something with Larson’s book, Devil in the White City. Perhaps after Leonardo DiCaprio’s break from acting.

    • I would have liked to seen Noto’s The Tourist as well. The story’s actually pretty similar to Under the Skin now that I’m thinking about it.

  5. I want to see David Lynch’s version of “Star Wars Episode V”. Probably would’ve been a better sci-fi film for him than “Dune”.

    • Honestly I could not see that working. I’m a big fan of Lynch, but if he did do Episode V, it would have likely not turned out well.

  6. Right there with you buddy. Kubrick’s Napoleon would have been fascinating. Would have also liked to have seen Kubrick’s version of A.I.

    • I’m interested in the Napoleon miniseries, though I’m unsure that the screenplay will get full justice without Kubrick’s direction. I would have also liked to have seen Kubrick’s Aryan Papers.

  7. Robert Zemeckis’ remake of Yellow Submarine. I’m sure it would’ve been a disaster but on the off chance that it would be brilliant, I was willing to take the risk

    • It just seemed to be like a bad idea at the beginning and I can’t see anyway of it working. And I really dislike that digital animation Zemeckis employed for The Polar Express.

  8. Del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness. It might still happen, but right now it’s not looking good.

    • I would have liked to have seen that as well.

  9. Hi, this is my first time on your blog.
    This is a great question. makes you wonder.

    There are many films that I would have liked to be made. I’m mostly sorry for Stanley Kubrick’s Aryan Papers not getting made. It probably would have been compared to Schindler’s List constantly. Other answers are his Napoleon project, Clair Noto’s The Tourist, Henri Georges-Clouzot’s Inferno, and whatever David Lynch didn’t get made yet.

    • The Aryan Papers would be interesting to see for sure. I remember Stanley Kubrick said this about Schinder’s List:

      Think that’s about the Holocaust? That was about success, wasn’t it? The Holocaust is about six million people who get killed. `Schindler’s List’ is about 600 who don’t.

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