Posted by: ckckred | September 7, 2014

What Movie/TV Character Would You Want To Be?


I know my answer sounds a bit bewildering, but I would really like to be Larry David’s fictional self in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry has the unique ability of calling people out no matter how inappropriate the circumstance or the possible concequence, and since I’m often too polite to criticize someone for cutting the line or parking directly behind me, I’d really like to know how that would feel just lashing out against those who oppose my day-to-day social norms.

But who would you choose?



  1. Superman! Super boring choice 😀

    • Ha, that’s okay. Who wouldn’t want to be Superman?

  2. Great choice. I would choose Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks.

    • That’s an excellent choice right there. There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee and cherry pie:

      • lol, brilliant, I desperately need a coffee now. I don’t think I could love this show anymore than I already do.

  3. Hannibal Lecter. He’s intelligent, well-groomed and a hell of a chef.

    • Ha, that’s a great choice. In the mood for some liver and fava beans?

      • You know, I can’t say that I’ve ever partook of that particular legume.

  4. Jodi Foster in ‘Contact’. It would be cool to travel through a worm hole, be that smart and good looking, and have Matthew McConaughey for a prize at the end of the day.

    • Nice choice!

  5. Great choice!! However, who wouldn’t want to be Bond?

    • Bond’s a great pick. Do you have any specific version you would like to be?

      • Connery springs to mind

  6. Well, since we’re talking about pure fantasy here, I’d love to be Catwoman. I mean to have such ability & wit AND you get to hang out (and make out) with Batman, can’t beat that! Ok, on a more *realistic* level, I’d love to be Lois Lane… for obvious reasons 😉

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