Posted by: ckckred | August 10, 2014

What’s Your Opinion on Deleted Scenes?

Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me

The recent release of Twin Peaks on blu-ray has excited die-hard David Lynch fans to not only see the nightmarish and bizarre northwestern town for the first time in high definition but for a new version of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, which includes a number of deleted scenes Lynch left in the cutting room.  While Fire Walk With Me is easily the most decisive film in Lynch’s filmography, a group of viewers (including myself) consider it a neglected and unfairly maligned picture, an ambitious if somewhat unnecessary experiment.  While I haven’t yet purchased the collection (the movie unfortunately is not sold separately from the TV series, making the whole package very expensive), I’m very excited to see what’s available.

This brings me to this week’s question: what do you think of deleted scenes?  Often times I’m excited to see them and typically when I purchase a movie on DVD, I make sure to watch them afterwards.  But while some deleted scenes live up to the hype surrounding them (the extras in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master make it essential to buy), it becomes clear for many films that these scenes were cut for a reason: they’re non-essential or too excessive for the final draft.  So despite my interest in them, deleted scenes are usually never quite as good as the movie’s actual content.  But what about you?


  1. I’ll agree. I rarely look at deleted scenes, and this crosses over into my mixed feelings towards extended cuts of movies (usually just with some deleted footage added). It is normally clear after watching them that they were cut because they either slow the pace of the movie down, or ruin the affect of a scene by it going on too long etc. So no, not really into deleted scenes unless the movie is a particular favourite.

  2. Deleted scenes are a mixed bag in my opinion. Usually they are cut for a reason, i.e pacing, time constraints, etc. However, that doesn’t make them any less important.

  3. I like watching the deleted scenes and alternate endings. They give me understanding about why they were cut, but sometimes you get the occasional gem. They also provide insight into the creative mind of the director, which I find equally valuable.

  4. You’ve pretty much nailed it. Depends completely on the film. Certain deleted scenes add something to the viewing experience, while others are pap.

  5. Great question and my answer is, it depends. Like you said, some are great and if it’s a movie that stars one of my fave actors, I’d enjoy seeing more scenes with said actor even if I agree it should be deleted. But if I’m not too fond of the movie, I usually skip the deleted scenes.

  6. I think most of the time the scenes are left out for a reason and rightly so, in which case I’m not that bothered. I get annoyed when scenes are deleted just so they can make a director’s cut or something.

  7. To be honest I don’t care much for them.

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