Posted by: ckckred | July 27, 2014

What Is Your Favorite Experimental Film?

Man with a Movie Camera

Experimental films is one of my favorite genres (even though when I was younger I considered them a slog to sit through) and after seeing The Trial I’ve gained a new appreciation of the genre.  My favorite would probably have to be Man With a Movie Camera but there are a lot of great ones.  But what would you pick?


  1. Man With a Movie Camera is certainly a masterpiece. I know it’s clichéd but I still have to go with Un Chien Andalou. The imagery is startling, even by today’s standards. Wonderful stuff.

    • Can’t go wrong with Man With a Movie Camera. I haven’t watched Un Chien Andalou but I do love the Buñuel films I’ve seen.

  2. 1967, Snow’s ‘Wavelength’. Great question. 🙂

  3. Dog Star Man!

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