Posted by: ckckred | June 22, 2014

What Is Your Favorite Sports Movie?

The Fifa World Cup started a few weeks ago and while I have as much interest in soccer as any other American, I’ve been following the scores and watching a few of the games.  This provided the inspiration for today’s question: what’s your favorite sports movie?


The answer for me is obvious: Raging Bull.  I don’t have anything original to say about Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece and it’s a flawless piece of cinema.  Hoop Dreams would be a close second for me: an equally stunning picture that’s really emotionally powerful.

But what would you choose?


  1. Interesting and very relevant to the current world’s events post. Raging Bull is a truly great choice. I think boxing (well maybe together with baseball) has to be the most successful sport in terms of film portrayal, and it never stops to amaze me how tennis is not (apart from a few exceptions). My favourite has to be Chariots of Fire.

    • Raging Bull’s undoubtedly the peak of sports movies; one of my all time favorites for sure.

  2. I don’t usually watch too many sport film now so I’d have to go with something that I watch as a kid. Originally I was thinking “space jam” because that was just crazy even though I don’t watch basketball. But something that I can just watch over and over is “coach carter.” Sure it’s not very original and a lot of it is cliche, but it was the first real sport film that I saw so it was all new to me. Plus the basketball scene are pretty awesome.

    • I haven’t seen Space Jam in years, I hardly remember anything about it.

  3. Hmmm, good question, I really enjoy Mike Basset England Manager, it’s a hilarious parody of English World Cup football.

    • Thanks. I haven’t heard of Basset England Manager, I’ll have to check that out.

  4. I don’t really have one. Not really my types of films 😦

    I did this list a couple of years ago in response to a similar question on another blog. I think I’d add “Goon” to the list also.

    • I like your list, Richard. I need to add Goon to my screening stack. Have you seen the documentary ‘The Last Gladiators’? I recommend it. Thanks.

  6. Here’s my list, with Hoosiers on top.

  7. One of my absolute favourites is the somehow little seen This Sporting Life, starring Richard Harris as a rugby player. It shares quite a few similarities with Raging Bull to be honest… shot in black and white, the tale of a man on a path of self destruction, and the rugby scenes are amazing, very brutal.

    • I haven’t heard of that unfortunately, but it sounds pretty interesting. I’ll have to check that out.

  8. Pride of the Yankees….Gary Cooper was awesome in the goodbye speech.

  9. Hmmm I don’t watch too many sports movies but I remember liking Fields of Dreams and also Bend It Like Beckham which is more of a sports rom-com. I also like Rudy when I saw in high school.

    • Field of Dreams was pretty good. I haven’t seen Rudy for a long time but I remember enjoying it. A friend of mine told me he thought the entire movie was a bit pointless since Rudy only was in one play for a match Notre Dame was already set to win.

  10. The Champions AKA Might Ducks 1

  11. Slap shot is awesome but I would put in Moneyball, that one surprised me, not a baseball fan but it hooked me.. Rocky and Raging Bull is on my top as well…

    • Moneyball’s the best sports movie in recent years. I’m really looking forward to Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher.

  12. Good question. I think my favourites are all boxing-related. You’ve already mentioned Raging Bull and I also really like Rocky and When We Were Kings. In recent years the only one that stands out is Moneyball. Hoop Dreams and Hoosiers also great. The odd thing is I don’t really follow baseball, basketball or boxing at all.

    • Thanks! Nice to see When We Were Kings get mentioned, there’s another documentary I do love.

  13. Raging Bull is the daddy, but I also like North Dallas Forty and The Set-Up.

    • Raging Bull’s undeniably the champion. Haven’t seen the other two unfortunately.

  14. Raging Bull aside, I’d say a toss up between The Natural, Friday Night Lights and The Hustler.

    • Good to see FNL get a shout out, though I think the TV series is even better.

  15. You can’t go wrong with Raging Bull, definitely top of the list! Escape to Victory is a great film though.

    • Raging Bull is undoubtedly the best, there’s no other film like it.

  16. I’d prefer not to repeat everyone else’s outstanding choices. (They would be mine too) I’ll highlight a couple great movies that no one mentioned: Breaking Away and The Fighter.

    • Nice to see The Fighter mentioned, that’s my favorite David O. Russell picture.

  17. I would probably go with Rocky.

  18. I think I’ll have to agree with you here, Charles. Raging Bull most definitely. Hard to come up with such a deep and outstandingly made sports movie. And as always, Robert De Niro really put his heart, soul, mind, and body into this performance. Love it.

    • De Niro has a great filmography of performances but Raging Bull features his best work. The sequel is going to be utter garbage but I’ll still probably check it out.

  19. I mean, Raging Bull is my choice of course. I will throw a little love towards The Hurricane though. Denzel is amazing, and the film inspired half of my username. Tragic boxing story, should be seen by everyone 🙂

    • Nice to see you back in the blogosphere, how are things going? Can’t go wrong with Raging Bull, a perfect movie for sure.

      • I’m all good my friend, done 1 new post and might even stretch to doing more. Who knows 😉

  20. I think I’ve gotta go with Hoop Dreams. I’m also a big fan of Moneyball and Bull Durham.

    • Hoop Dreams is my favorite documentary and it’s one of my all-time favorites. I also do love Moneyball, I’m very much looking forward to Foxcatcher later this year.

  21. NOt a huge fan of sports movies (usually skip them), so I guess I’ll have to join you on Raging Bull. Awesome movie which is very well shot. Also got to show some love for Rocky though 😉

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