Posted by: ckckred | May 10, 2014

Community has been Canceled


The beloved NBC sitcom Community, whose small but devoted fan base is perhaps the most fervent since Arrested Development‘s, has been canceled.  The news comes quite as a shock.  Despite low ratings, Community performs better than a majority of NBC’s other sitcoms and receives much critical praise.  The show’s fifth season was widely hailed as a comeback after the previous year, which was hurt by the departure of creator Dan Harmon.  While hopefully Community will find a home elsewhere to fulfill its promise of “six seasons and a movie,” be it Netflix or Amazon Prime, the show has certainly proved itself to be a powerhouse comedy.



  1. That’s a shame, although I’ve only seen the first series so have plenty to get through. I guess anything getting as far as five seasons nowadays has to be looked at as a success, though. What do you think?

    • I’m glad Community has managed to stay on so long, so I can’t put too much blame on NBC (after all, if it were on any other network it would have been cancelled a long time ago). The second, third, and fifth seasons are the best with the second being the strongest of the whole series. The fourth is mediocre and forgettable at best unfortunately.

  2. I never watched Community, but the news took me by surprise that’s for sure.

    • I was pretty sure it was going to be renewed since NBC doesn’t have any established comedies other than that and Parks and Rec. Definitely check it out, though it’s best to skip season 4.

  3. Damn.

    • Ditto. One of my favorite shows on television.

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