Posted by: ckckred | March 30, 2014

Should Movie Theaters Turn Their Sound Down?

Yesterday I saw Darren Aronosky’s Noah and during the trailers (which included the upcoming Interstellar and Transcendence) I had an enormous earache due to the consistent booming of explosions or the soundtrack that continued throughout the entire picture.  That may well be because I sat in an IMAX theater but it’s hard not to discount in recent years Hollywood has made movies crank up their sound so much so it feels like a legal requirement for many studio films to have a score with such high levels.  Do you think sound today in movies is too loud or do you think it’s necessary?



  1. I don’t think so. But maybe I say that because I rarely run into a case where the music and volume is deafening. I like it loud but not too loud (If that makes any sense).

    • I can see that. The sound only really bothers me when it’s too loud, like when the entire theater is vibrating because of the noise.

  2. YES~! I find more often than not it’s way too loud.

    • Too many movies today are too loud. For about half of Noah I had to keep my hands over my ears because of the noise.

      • I have gone and told them to turn it down and if there’s not a lot of people in the seats, many times they have turned it down for me. However, I live in a rural area and my theater is small. Maybe you are stuck with those monster cineplexes.

  3. I think the balance between voices and the rest of the sounds needs to be improved but I like em loud 😀

    • Nice point. I definitely agree about the balance between the voices and the soundtrack. Often times it’s hard to hear the characters.

  4. When I saw Gravity, the twentysomethings were holding their ears and complaining about the sound, not the older crowd like I would have thought. I’m also not a fan of overusing bass, especially in parts where it’s completely unnecessary to the action at hand. I need to be in control of the volume.

    • Gravity had its volume too loud as well. It seems that most blockbusters today have to be played at such a high volume.

  5. Nah, I’ve never noticed the sound being too loud myself, personally.

    • It’s an issue that’s bad for many of the big blockbuster movies which have more noise but for small pictures it’s not too bad. I had to cover my ears for much of Noah though.

  6. It’s a fair point. Sound is so important to a movie’s impact, but I agree that in certain films it’s way too much.

    • It’s worse for blockbusters than smaller movies since they typically have much more sound. It’s not necessarily bad, but I wish the volume wasn’t too high.

  7. I can’t stand it in London’s biggest cinemas – I stopped going to them five or six years ago because of the noise! My two local cinemas are OK though, just about.

    • Chain theaters definitely do seem to have the highest volume. The local theater I go to has good noise as well that’s not too loud.

  8. If it hurts during the trailers, I get worried for the film because it will be even stronger. I love it loud but there are limits to what a person can live with. Too often nowadays, we reach those limits.

    • I feel that most movies today just are too loud. I don’t mind it too much as long as it’s not continuously noisy.

  9. I love it loud. That’s partly why I go to the movies. For that cinematic experience. It would almost be like asking them to make the screen smaller.

    • I can definitely see that, but sometimes the noise is just too much for me.

  10. Hmmm, I haven’t had this experience but man that’s gotta be annoying when they crank the sound too loud. Yes I think they should do a test of some kind to make sure that it’s not too loud for comfort.

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  12. Never experienced any issues with the sound. Only time I really noticed it was during Gravity, but that was because the transition to silence was so pronounced.

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