Posted by: ckckred | March 23, 2014

What Do You Think Of Wes Anderson?


Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel is now receiving a wider release across the country and overall reviews have been ecstatic.  So for this week’s question, I thought I’d ask what do you think of Wes Anderson?

Anderson is a pretty decisive director.  People either love or hate his work with very little middle ground.  Personally, I’m a big fan of his and love the quirky charm of his movies, from Rushmore to Moonrise Kingdom.  I also have to praise him for his completely original style of direction, a fresh breath of air in the modern day comedy market.  But what about yourself?



  1. I haven’t seen even one of his films, but plan to do something about that soon. He does intrigue me.

    • Definitely check out Wes’ work. I’d recommend starting out with Moonrise or Fantastic Mr. Fox, as they are probably his most accessible. If you like those, then watch Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore.

  2. Is it bad if I’m not the biggest fan of his shtick and style? ;).

    • I can definitely see his style being off-putting (I have a couple of friends who tell me they can’t stand his direction), but I love the uniqueness of it.

  3. I think he’s a scholar and a gentleman; a chap very much aware of his own image and of preserving it as best he can. He’s also a chap with a substantial amount of talent to boot, who makes films like no other and for that he should be cherished.

    • I agree, he’s one of the most original and talented filmmakers working today. I’ve enjoyed every movie I’ve by him.

  4. I think he’s great. I can understand why some aren’t his biggest fan but I think it’s great having a director as quirky as him. As far as I see it, without him the movie world would be a lot more boring.

    • Anderson’s style may be off-putting to some but like you I think he’s a great innovator. It’d definitely be a lonelier movie world without Wes.

  5. I didn’t like his first movies, but ever since Darjeeling my opinion started changing. This weekend I saw Grand Budapest for a second time in the cinema 🙂

    • I think some of his more recent films like Fantastic Mr. Fox and Moonrise Kingdom are more accessible, though I do love his earlier work as well (Rushmore is my favorite of his filmography). Glad to hear you enjoyed Budapest, I hope to see that this weekend.

  6. He’s growing on me. I think his films are a little shallow and obsessed with visuals. Which I don’t think is always a bad thing – I thought that was true of Moonrise Kingdom and I loved that film. I have also loved all of the marketing for The Grand Budapest Hotel so far. Not out here yet, but will be checking it out on open day.

    I didn’t love his early films. But I would like to revisit them. I saw them quite a while ago and I might be a little more in tune with his sensibilities these days.

    • Anderson’s movies are focused a lot on visuals but I think he has a good knack on observing characters (like Max Fischer in Rushmore). I’m very eager to see Budapest.

  7. While I admire his singular vision and the effort he makes in translating that from one film to the next, I haven’t seen The Grand Budapest Hotel yet as I feel a bit bored and numbed by the same recurring ideas, camera angles, actors and set design. The excellent reviews it has received mean I will definitely check it at some point, but I’m not overly optimistic about enjoying it. That said…and in complete contradiction to the above…I have enjoyed all of his films to date when first seeing them!

    • I’m hoping to see Budapest later this week, but I do understand that Anderson does often over-utilize quirkiness in his work. That being said, like yourself, I’ve enjoyed all the Anderson movies I’ve seen and he’s made some of my favorite comedies.

  8. I like his films and style a lot. Although when I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel, I felt he could have toned down the close-ups a little

  9. From what I’ve seen so far, I appreciate his work though not necessarily in love w/ all his movies. I do like The Grand Budapest Hotel a lot, so I guess I count myself a fan 🙂

    • I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel and thought it was superb. Which movies have you seen by him?

  10. It’s real agony for me to sit through a Wes Anderson movie. Just sat through his latest, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and once again found it very boring and uninteresting. I see about 120 movies a year at the theaters but sorry, I can’t handle Wes Anderson’s……just not my thing!

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