Posted by: ckckred | February 16, 2014

Who is Your Favorite Director?


For me, it would be Stanley Kubrick.  I’ve seen almost all of his films (with the exceptions being Lolita and Fear and Desire) and other than Killer’s Kiss I don’t think he’s ever had a misstep.  Kubrick’s movies are so thought-provoking and intelligent that even if you dislike his work there’s no denying his talent.

But what about yourself?



  1. John Ford

    • Nice pick! Ford has many excellent movies under his belt.

  2. My favorite? Hmmm. Might well be the Coen brothers. They’ve never made a flick I dislike (though I haven’t seen five of them). The other contender: Akira Kurosawa.

    • I haven’t seen a Coen brothers movie I disliked as well, also two of my favorites.

  3. ehhh… nice choice with Kubrick he would certainly be up there, maybe Lynch or Wes Anderson.

    • Lynch is a great choice. He’s certainly one of my favorites.

  4. Flaws and all, it’s Alfred Hitchcock for me.

    • Can’t go wrong with Hitchcock.

  5. Tough one…big fan of Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese comes a close second. I also like the movies of Korean director Park Chan-Wook and also David Fincher. Hard to pick one.

    • Martin Scorsese would be in my top 3. Fincher’s also a great pick.

  6. Kubrick and Lynch. I always learn something new each time I watch any of their movies.

  7. Hmmm. Tough question. I’ll just throw out some names of my very favorites. John Huston, Christopher Nolan, The Coen brothers, François Truffaut, Wes Anderson, Gosh there are so many.

    • You’ve named a couple of my favorites there. I don’t think I’ve actually seen anything by Huston, something I really need to change.

  8. Tough question. Toss up between PT Anderson, Scorsese, Hitchcock and Paul WS Anderson. That last one isn’t my favourite.

    • Haha, seeing Paul WS Anderson next to Scorsese scared me for a second.

      Excellent picks, all three of my favorites. Can’t wait for Inherent Vice.

  9. Alfred Hitchcock

    • He’s undeniably a master.

  10. I have to go with Quentin Tarantino. I know it’s pretty cliché to say ‘Pulp Fiction’ is your favorite film, but I truly think it is the perfect movie. ‘Inglorious Basterds’ has some of the most beautiful shots, and wonderfully created tension. ‘Kill Bill’ blew my mind at the theatre. ‘Reservoir Dogs’ is so wonderfully scripted. ‘Jackie Brown’ showed Tarantino’s ability to deliver from source material that was not his own. ‘Death Proof’ wasn’t perfect, but I believe he accomplished what he set out to do, and that final chase scene is incredible. ‘Django Unchained’ is the weak link for me, but still better than the majority of stuff coming out of Hollywood.

    • Love Tarantino. Some people give him flack for using style over substance but his approach always mesmerizes me. Pulp Fiction is a perfect movie for myself.

  11. Tough one. Spielberg probably… Lumet, Wilder, Hitchcock, Zemeckis, Kubrick, Dante, Landis, Scorsese, Leigh, Nolan all contenders.

  12. Mine’s an unpopular one, but I’d honestly probably still go with Zack Snyder. Even with his Man of Steel misstep, I’ve dug the hell out of his signature style in all his other films, and always anticipate what he comes up with next. I just really hope he doesn’t get too saddled down with this whole DC Universe deal, though…

    • I have to admit I’m not a fan of Snyder’s (though I’ve only seen 300, Watchmen, and Man of Steel), though I do like that he devotes himself to his material. Thanks for the comment.

  13. Oh man, that is a crazy tough question. For classics, I love Hitchcock, Wilder and Kubrick. For modern, it’s a tossup between Aronofsky and PTA for me.

    • Great pick with Wilder, he’s a fantastic for sure. And you can’t go wrong with Paul Thomas Anderson.

  14. I like The Coen Brothers, Sidney Lumet and Jim Jarmusch.


    • I’m a big fan of the Coens and Lumet, they always do good work.

  15. Kubrick is a badass. Made some of the best films ever.

    For me, Terrence Malick as far as directors currently working and Fritz Lang for people since passed. Those two amongst plenty of others are my favourites.

    • Malick and Lang are two great directors who have made plenty of my favorites.

  16. Christopher Nolan. Hands down.

    • Nice pick!

  17. Kubrick is a great choice for a favorite director. He is one of my 5 favorite directors also.

    • He’s done some amazing work for sure, which is why I almost always label him as my favorite. I’ve kept putting off seeing Fear and Desire, though I own the Kino blu-ray.

  18. BTW, I have seen all of his films (including ‘Fear and Desire’). His debut is rather shaky, but extremely interesting. It certainly has Kubrick’s fingerprints on it.

  19. Love Kubrick, Love Hitchcock, Love Spielberg. But I’ve got one no one has mentioned yet that I have consistently enjoyed and admired, Eastwood. Forty years of excellence and he keeps finding great material and making it work. He has a great eye for composition and a quiet style that serves the story. There are imperfect works but when he connects it is a thing of beauty.

    • I’ve always liked Eastwood’s work. He’s a remarkably consistent director.

  20. Godard would be my choice.

    In fact, I probably only like half of his movies, but all of them interest me, whilst seems to be what matters most nowadays when I’m watching a film.

    Others include Jacques Tati, Paul Thomas Anderson, Jia Zhangke and Howard Hawks

    • I’ve only seen a couple of Godard movies but I’ve liked all of what I have seen. I just caught the Criterion release of Weekend and preordered Breathless.

  21. I’m having trouble picking an out-and-out favourite, so I’m going to have to discount all of them and plump for Michael Bay.

    • Michael Bay certainly is among the highest class, along with Roland Emmerich, Brett Ratner, and Paul WS Anderson 😉

  22. Also Kubrick 🙂


    • Can’t go wrong with Kubrick.

  23. I have to go with David Lean, Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese ohh and Ford Copola

    • Nice picks. All of them are among my favorites.

  24. What you’ve never seen Lolita? Go see it cause that’s a great movie, but so also is Killer’s Kiss in my opinion. As for my favorite director, well like many others who voiced their opinion its undoubtedly Hitch; but I also admire Billy Wilder, William Wyler (very underated), John Huston, and Howard Hawks. And that’s because I’m a Golden Age director’s fan all the way – even Kubrick’s too new for me!

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