Posted by: ckckred | January 12, 2014

What Film Would You Like To See Nominated At The Oscars?

Today the HFPA will announce their winners but later this week on Thursday the Academy Awards will declare this year’s Oscar nominees on Thursday.  So it’s a good time to ask what film would you like to see nominated at this year’s Academy Awards?

While I’m sure some movies will undoubtedly be nominated (12 Years A SlaveGravity), I’m scared that the Oscars will ignore Inside Llewyn Davis completely since it received no attention from the guild awards.  If I had my way, Inside Llwyn Davis would be nominated for (in the major categories) for Best Picture, Director, Actor (Oscar Isaac), and Original Screenplay.  I would also love to see Matthew McConaughey be nominated for his role in Mud.  While Mud was not a perfect film, McConaughey’s performance was one of the strongest I’ve seen all year and I’m sure it will be overlooked by the Academy.

But what about yourself?


  1. I love Inside Llewyn Davis, but truthfully, there several excellent to great films this year. Competition will be fierce in all of those categories, so it won’t surprise or disappoint me if it doesn’t get nominated. I think it has a great shot at a screenplay nom.

    I would have loved to see Wadjda get nominated for Best Foreign, but it didn’t even hit the short list. So that’s a non-starter. I guess now I’ll say The Hunt. I hope it manages to branch out of the Foreign Fillm category.

    • The Oscar regulations for Best Foreign Film annoy me, especially since it makes the competition too tight. It also kept The Past out of the competition as Asghar Farhadi won in 2011 for A Separation.

      • Huh? Asghar Farhadi out of competition because he’s already won? Is that really a thing???

      • Sorry, I meant it’s surprising Farhadi was out since he has won before.

  2. File under: it might happen…

    Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor in The Wolf of Wall Street

    File under: but won’t happen…

    I’d like to see Sam Rockwell get his first Oscar nomination with a Best Supporting nod for The Way Way Back.

    • Nice picks! I’d be happy to see DiCaprio would be nominated, though the best performance I’ve seen all year is by Oscar Isaac.

  3. I can honestly see Matthew McConaughey being nominated this year, but more likely for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, which was still a tremendous performance, even if I do prefer Mud as well.

    Personally, I’m still hoping for James Franco to get a supporting nomination for Spring Breakers, and for Leo to finally get his much deserved recognition as well. And though it almost certainly won’t happen, I’d also love for Hugh Jackman to get nominated for his stellar performance in Prisoners.

    • I haven’t seen Dallas Buyers Club yet, but I’d really like to see a nomination for McConaughey. He’s done a phenomenal job acting in the past few years and I think he deserves an award.

  4. I’m dying to see both 12 Years a Slave and Inside Llewyn Davis both of which I hope get nominations as I am a massive fan of both Film’s directors. I hope they don’t disappoint!

    • You will not be disappointed. Both are phenomenal movies.

  5. I don’t really get into the awards season thing, so not sure what films are expected to be up. I would really like to see Fruitvale Station nominated. For best picture and especially Michael B. Jordan for best actor. His is by far the best performance I have seen over the past year.

    • I still need to see Fruitvale Station but I’ve heard very positive things.

  6. Yep Mud, Inside Llewyn Davis, Gravity, all good options for the Best Picture Oscar but I’m hoping 12 Years A Slave will take the top honors.

    • I would love to see 12 Years A Slave win. Though my favorite movie of the year right now is between her and Inside Llewyn Davis, 12 Years A Slave was the bravest picture of 2013 in my opinion.

  7. The Wolf of Wall Street. That movie was just ridiculously impressive!

    The Way Way Back was also a great piece of film!

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