Posted by: ckckred | January 10, 2014

What is Your Favorite Spike Jonze Film?


Due to a lack of time to write up new material I’ll be doing two question posts this week, with one today and the other appearing on its regularly scheduled spot on Sunday.  Since Her is moving into more theaters around the country this weekend (which I hope to catch soon), I thought I’d ask what’s your favorite film by Spike Jonze?

In the past decade and a half he’s been a major filmmaker, Jonze has proven himself to be along among the most creatively ambitious people in today’s movie world.  He has made only three other pictures but all stress complete originality (despite that Where The Wild Things Are is based on Maurice Sendak’s children’s book).  My favorite of which is his debut picture and first collaboration with Charlie Kaufman Being John Malkovich.  It takes a concept (a portal into John Malkovich’s brain that allows you to see what it’s like in the famed thespian’s shoes) that could be used for a dopey comedy and makes into an intelligent and crafty character study of human depression and love through the eyes of a sad puppeteer.

But what about yourself?


  1. I contributed money to that 1 second film project he is holding in the picture. Never found out what happened with that!

    To be a philistine, anything Jackass related is my favourite Spike stuff haha!

    • I forgot about that project, hope it goes through.

      I’ve never seen any of that Jackass stuff, but it goes to show how diverse a field Jonze has.

  2. Without a doubt it is Her for me. Although the concept sounds like something everyone would laugh at he manages to make it something real and believable where you do not even question it.

    • Nice pick! Hoping to see that tomorrow.

  3. Adaptation all the way! The combination of Charlie Kaufman (by far my favorite screen writer) and Jonze is astounding. Now, I believe that Adaptation is his best, however, I have yet to see Her and I have a feeling that that will be a strong contender.

    • Adaptation is a great movie and I’m a huge fan of Charlie Kaufman as well.

  4. The Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” video. And Where the Wild Things Are is one of my least favorite things put to celluloid ever.

    • I liked Where The Wild Things Are 😦

  5. I haven’t seen Her yet, so my opinion could change. But for now my favorite is Being John Malkovich. That flick is awesome.

    • I agree, an amazing movie that has a perfect balance between gloom and hilarity.

  6. I can’t really comment yet. I’m actually on my way to watch Her right now. I wasn’t a big fan of Wild Things.

    • How was Her? I’m going to see it tomorrow and I’m very excited.

  7. Adaptation for now, but if Her stands the test of time nearly as well, I’ll be switching my answer :).

    • Nice pick! Adaptation is a great film, probably the last good movie Nic Cage has been in. And I can’t wait to see her.

  8. ‘Being John Malkovich’ was one of the funniest, smartest scripts and all around great films I can think of.

    • I’m a huge fan of Malkovich as well, a perfect movie.

  9. Being John Malkovich is the one that has stayed with me the most, but I love ’em all. Really looking forward to Her.

    • Being John Malkovich is the one I think I could watch the most but I love all the movies he’s made. I’m going to watch Her tomorrow and I can’t wait.

  10. Up until a month ago I would’ve said Being John Malkovich. But it’s unquestionably “Her” now.

    “Her” is an extraordinary film.

  11. I haven’t seen Her yet, it doesn’t come out in the UK for another month. Bad times!
    I’ll go with Being John Malkovich, for now.

    • Nice pick! BJM is a great film and my favorite as well.

  12. I think being John Malkovich still stands out for me. He’s such a unique filmmaker that he’s bound to divide audiences. I haven’t seen Mud yet though.

    • Jonze is a very talented director and I’d agree that Malkovich is his best.

  13. I’d probably go with Adaptation. Such an interesting movie (though really, all of his movies are), and a surprisingly moving one at that. Not to mention two Nic Cages!! XD

    • Nice pick! Probably Cage’s last good role.

      • Heh, we’ll have to disagree there, though I’m a big fan of his schtick. That said, he was really good in last year’s The Frozen Ground, which is his first movie in years where he actually plays iy straight, and is definitely a good film otherwise that’s certainly worth cecking out. 🙂

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