Posted by: ckckred | December 3, 2013

Sight and Sound’s Top 10 Movies of 2013


Sight and Sound has spoken again, this time with its annual poll of the year’s ten best movies.  The prestigious magazine whose voters comprise of the most respected critics and directors in the business chose The Act of Killing as the year’s best picture, followed by Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, the only mainstream studio movie on the list.  Other films include Cannes Film Festival winner Blue is the Warmest Color and Shane Carruth’s surreal thriller Upstream Color.  The full list is below.

1. The Act of Killing, Joshua Oppenheimer (Denmark/U.K./Norway/Germany/Finland/Sweden/Netherlands/Poland

2. Gravity, Alfonso Cuaron, (Mexico/U.S.)

3. Blue Is the Warmest Color, Abdellatif Kechiche, (Belgium/Spain/France)

4. The Great Beauty, Paolo Sorrentino, (France/Italy)

5. Frances Ha, Noah Baumbach, (Brazil/U.S.)

6. A Touch of Sin, Jia Zhangke, (China) (tied for 6th)

7. Upstream Color, Shane Carruth, (U.S.) (tied for 6th)

8. The Selfish Giant, Clio Barnard, (U.K.)

9. Norte, the End of History, Lav Diaz, (Philippines) (tied for 9th)

10. Stranger by the Lake, Alain Guiraudie, (France) (tied for 9th)



  1. Some good suggestions for films I need to follow up on, though the ones I’ve seen (#2-5, #7, #9) are all strong and I wouldn’t quibble about their inclusion…

    • Thanks for the comment. On the list I’ve only seen Gravity and Upstream Color and I thought both are great films. Really interested in Blue is the Warmest Color, though that’s in limited release and seeing that it has an NC-17 rating, I don’t think it’s going to spread.

  2. I haven’t seen all of them, but I will change that at some point. I think they’re overvaluing a couple of them (Frances Ha, Blue is the Warmest Color), but I agree they’re good movies. Putting them in a Top 10 doesn’t offend me.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Thanks! I’ve only seen Gravity and Upstream Color on the list, the latter of which wouldn’t make my top 10 thus far this year, but is good nonetheless. I am very interested in seeing Blue is the Warmest Color.

      • I actually have Upstream Color as 10th on my list. For now. Still many movies that could knock it off the list. 😉

        Blue is the Warmest Color is good. I don’t think it deserves some of the accolades it’s getting, but it’s good all the same.

  3. Interesting list. Some I really want to see and others that are utterly predictable. Blue is a movie that has thrived on its publicity. It’s actually showing here now. I just have no desire to see it. Upstream color is very intriguing to me. Mud’s shunning is a big disappointment.

    • Thanks for the comment. Mud is an exclusion that’s surprising as well as 12 Years A Slave (though I suppose the latter might have been a victim of not having a full international release). Definitely check out Upstream Color, a very good surrealistic thriller.

  4. Wow, it seems I have some catching up to do. I have only seen two films from this list — Gravity and Frances Ha — but both of those will likely make my top 10 as well.

    • I’ve only seen Gravity and Upstream Color on the list, both two superb movies. I’m very interested in Frances Ha as well as Blue is the Warmest Color.

  5. I’ve only seen Upstream Color, but I will be watching Frances Ha next week. This is mostly just due to me not making the theaters as much lately. This list has a lot of interesting choices that I hope to catch pretty soon. Gravity is the obvious one, but a bunch are on my watch list. Good stuff.

    • I’ve only seen Gravity and Upstream Color on the list. I highly recommend the former and am glad to see that high up.

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