Posted by: ckckred | November 10, 2013

What Do You Think Is The Best Movie of the Decade Thus Far?

For today’s question, I reflected upon the last few years of cinema.  While I agree with the general consensus that there’s a lack of artistic stab in today’s work, 2011 and 2012 were both great years for film and even 2013, which seemed mediocre just a few months ago, seems to be shaping up.  So I thought I’d ask what’s your favorite movie of the decade so far, from 2010 to today?


  1. Still so early in the decade and thereby so hard to know.

    But I’ll go with the one I have given the highest grade possible: Wadjd (2013).

    • Nice pick. Unfortunately I haven’t checked out Wadjd yet.

      • Some day. When you do, I’ll look forward to your review. 😉

  2. As of Thursday night, Gravity!

    • Nice pick. I thought Gravity was amazing as well, thus far my favorite of the year.

  3. Just one? Life of Pi.

    • Nice pick! One of the three movies I’ve seen that really uses 3-D well.

  4. Honestly? Probably Dredd.

    • LOL, I just loved your answer! Went to watch it with a few of my girlfriends and all of them hated it because it was “too brutal” apparently, can’t wait to make them watch The Raid and see how that is for brutal 😀 I do agree Dredd was amazing, slowmo and all 🙂

    • Nice pick! Have yet to see that.

  5. 2010 counts, right? If so, that was a killer year what with Inception and Black Swan and Social Network and King’s Speech. Can only think of a few for 2011 (Midnight in Paris, The Help) not much in 2012 (Django Unchained, Skyfall) and 2013 is dismal thus far (Mud).

    • Nice picks! A few weeks ago I would agree with you about 2013 but in the past month I’ve seen a few amazing films (Gravity, 12 Years a Slave, Nebraska) that I’m hopeful the year will turn around.

      • Well, it’s that time of year, isn’t it. While I know 2010 doesn’t count, I think it’s an indicator how poor the subject matter has been in the last few years in comparision. Way too many poor films than memorable ones. There ought to be more than 5 films in a year that are great considering how many are released.

  6. A Separation followed by The Dark Knight Rises. How’s that for range?

    • Ugh! Inception is better than TDKR….scratch that.

    • Solid picks. A Separation’s one of my recent favorites as well, looking forward to The Past.

  7. I can’t really say if there is one “best movie” especially if it has to be “of the decade”, but the last film I watched and thought “wow, this is an amazing film” without thinking of any drawbacks was probably Before Midnight.
    Also, in days when very little can shock me when watching movies, I think The Raid and Filth deserve a mention 😀 Just watched The Raid for the first time last night and I basically spent the entire film shouting “WTF”

    • Nice picks! Before Midnight is an excellent choice.

  8. Tough one, really hard to say. Actually too hard!

    • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it’s tough. There were plenty of great movies the past few years.

  9. Twelve Years a Slave. Best movie I have seen all year, modern or otherwise.

    • Solid pick. Certainly is an amazing movie, easily one of the best in recent years.

  10. I must say, Inception thrills me the most. There are a few damn fine movies that I can think of, but Inception really gets me each and every time.

    • Nice pick! It’s a thrilling film for sure.

      • You know what? Django is right up there for me, too. Drive can take a spot, too. But number one? Inception for sure.

  11. That’s a hard one, man. I’ve yet to see a few this year but Drive, The Master and Shame spring to mind. I couldn’t single out just one, though.

    • Nice picks! It’ll be hard for me to narrow it down as well. I’d say for me it’d be between The Master and The Tree of Life.

      • Oh, yeah! I forgot about the Tree of Life. The list could go on and on 😉

  12. That is difficult, couldn’t pick just one, like Mark above me Drive and The Master are contenders. In terms of action it would be The Raid. Mud and Django need to be up there as well.

    • Nice picks! Seen all but The Raid, which I need to check out.

  13. I might go with The Social Network.

    • Nice pick! Loved that as well, one of the best movies of recent years.

  14. Boy, tough question, fortunately we’re still early in the decade. I agree w/ Eric about 12 Years a Slave though from this year Gravity certainly is one of the contenders.

    • Nice picks! I’d say it’s be between Gravity and 12 Years a Slave as the year’s best.

  15. Wow what a tough question. I’d probably go for either Drive or Shame, both stunning films.

    • Nice picks! Drive is an excellent pick for sure, incredibly entertaining.

  16. Tough one! One of the films that really had a big impact on me was Biutiful (think I mentioned that the other day on another of your posts!) so I will go for that. Could just as easily have gone for True Grit, Drive, Black Swan, Argo and The Artist though!

    • Nice picks! I haven’t seen Biutiful but I’m a huge fan of Javier Bardem.

  17. As if you don’t already know my answer…:)

    • I do. The Master is a great movie and it’s improved each time I see it. Really looking forward to Inherent Vice, PTA’s a genius.

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