Posted by: ckckred | October 27, 2013

What Is Your Favorite Horror Movie?

Since Halloween’s only a few days away, I thought I’d ask what’s your favorite horror movie.


My answer is quite obvious: The Shining.  For me, it contains the most dread out of any horror movie I’ve seen, not to mention it’s made by my personal favorite director Stanley Kubrick.  It doesn’t directly terrify, but the morbidity of it scares me for days.  Some of my other favorites include EraserheadNosferatu, and Psycho.

But what”s your favorite?


  1. I’ll go with The Descent, The Haunting and The Wicker Man.

    • Nice picks! Are you talking about the 70s Wicker Man or the Nic Cage remake?

      • The 70’s original.

  2. This is my pick too. Next few on the list include Alien, The Thing and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Contemplating a Double Feature for Halloween that compares the American and European cuts of The Shining at the moment, as I’ve rewatched both this year. Do you have a preference for either cut?

    • Nice picks! I’ve only seen the American version, which I believe is the one that runs across 140 minutes.

  3. I can’t pick just one. I love the original Wicker Man, Eraserhead, and the whole Friday the 13th franchise.

    If you love The Shining, you should watch Room 237!

    • Before Room 237, watch The S From Hell, Rodney Ascher’s previous work, as the style used there explains for the most part how Room 237 is presented.

    • Nice picks! Good to see some love for Eraserhead. I’ve got to watch Room 237, been meaning to see that for a while.

      • Well then, just keep The S From Hell in mind as it does show up in Room 237.

      • I forgot to mention Rosemary’s Baby! Room 237 is so great. It’s a weird watch but a great one for Kubrick fans.

  4. I’ll say The Shining and Eraserhead as well, especially since Eraserhead influenced The Shining to some extent. I’m trying to get people to watch these movies but so far I’ve been unsuccessful, probably because they know me to watch movies like Eraserhead just for fun.

    • Nice picks! Can’t go wrong with either.

  5. The Shining, followed closely by REC

    • Nice picks! Nothing tops The Shining.

  6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a macabre and incredible work of art. While I do like Nosferatu, I need to give a shout out to Carl Dreyer’s Vampyr. The atmosphere in that movie is unlike anything else I have seen. It is hard for me to think of a better vampire movie.

    • Nice picks. Haven’t seen Vampyr, but I like Dreyer’s work. WIll have to check that out.

  7. The Thing comes to mind because i love watching it on Halloween 😀

    • The Thing is a great pick, always terrifies me.

  8. Mine are The Shining, Kairo (Pulse, 2001) and Night of the Living Dead. Great question, as always! 🙂

    • Thanks! Great picks.

  9. I have to go Psycho. After that … I don’t know. Maybe Alien if it counts as a horror flick.

    The point being Psycho is easily at the top of my list. Nothing really comes close.

    • Nice pick! Psycho’s definitely in the top tier of horror films.

  10. The Exorcist!

  11. I like The Evil Dead trilogy, Sinister, Halloween (1978), Mama, The Devil’s Backbone, Nosferatu, The Howling, Wolfen.


    • Nice picks!

  12. Answered this a couple of days ago here. The Exorcist.

    • Nice pick! I haven’t seen The Exorcist. Looks like I’ll have to watch it.

  13. Maybe not my favourite, but Martyrs is the best horror film I’ve ever seen…

    • Nice pick!

  14. I agree with you on The Shining! Brilliantly made, I think my next three would be The Thing, Psycho, and possibly Halloween or Spoorloos (The Vanishing…I guess that’d be like psychological horror)

    • Glad you agree. The Shining easily tops the genre for myself.

  15. Evil Dead II because I’ve seen it the most out of any other horror film and it never gets old.

    • Nice pick!

  16. Awwww The Shining!!! I love that movie so much! Definitely one of my favorite horror films… Others would be The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Psycho, and Black Swan (if that counts. I always think of it as horror cuz it creeped me out so much the first time I watched it.) I have a limited exposure to horror but I’ve watched the exorcist, Rosemary’s baby, and repulsion so far this year and liked them all. Probably would say the shining is favorite too, actually.

    • Nice picks! The Shining’s been my personal favorite for some time, really terrifying.

  17. Hmm, still a fan of Halloween and Scream. I also think The Descent is probably the best modern horror movie to come around in a long while.

    • Nice picks!

  18. The Haunting (1963) is a perfect horror, was scared to bits as a 10 year old kid watching this and it still holds up. Suspiria by Argento is a great as well.

    • Nice pick!

  19. I’d say The Shining, but… I have a real soft spot for a good zombie movie (there are a lot of bad ones, mind), and so I’ll pick Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue. It’s by turns cheesy (mainly because of the seventies fashions and some unintentionally funny acting), but the zombies are genuinely scary. There’s not actually a lot of them, but they seem more intelligent than normal and somehow more dangerous because of it.

    • Nice picks! Zombie movies tend to be one of my favorite horror genres so I’ll have to check Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue out.

      • The Blue Underground blu-ray transfer is fantastic. They’ve done a really amazing job of cleaning it up.

  20. Tough question, but for classics I tend to gravitate toward Halloween. For modern horror, my favorite is The Descent, hands down.

    • Nice picks! Halloween’s a classic for sure.

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