Posted by: ckckred | September 25, 2013

The Breaking Bad Watch: Granite State


Spoilers follow

If “Ozymandias” was the climax of Breaking Bad’s fifth season, then “Granite State” felt like an epilogue.  This, of course, isn’t true since we know more is going to happen, but for the most part, “Granite State” further continued Walt’s life further collapse on itself.  It wasn’t quite as perfect as some of the previous weeks’ episodes but emphasizes the top quality of Breaking Bad.

As I mentioned in my previous review, Walt is practically finished.  His cancer is back and worse than ever, slowly killing him.  He has lost almost all of his money to Jack and Todd.  His identity as Heisenberg has been revealed and his own family has rejected him.

Walt’s downfall is due to his dedication to his family.  All of the precautions he’s made couldn’t stop an infuriated Jesse from attempting to burn down his house or Hank and Marie attempting to manipulate Walt Jr.  Scorned and wanted by anyone in Albuquerque, Walt’s forced to take refuge in New Hampshire, where he lives in a small, deserted log cabin with only Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium for entertainment.  He has only a parallel full of $10 million, which is practically useless since he can’t leave his cabin.

Walt can’t win and seem to focus on what he’s loss.  He fails to intimidate Saul and has lost the respect f everyone around him (when he sadly calls Walt Jr. telling him that he will send $100,000 to Skyler, he’s cursed out by his own son).

What save Walt is his pride.  After watching Charlie Rose interview Elliot Schwartz, Walt’s anger and fury returns.  He embraces everything vile he’s done over the years and accepts that he’s broken bad.  There is no more Walter White, just Heisenberg.  And he’s ready to get revenge before he kicks the bucket.

Editor’s Note: This is my second to last recap of Breaking Bad, a sad fact.  It’s truly been great writing about one of television’s greatest shows and I’d like to thank all my readers for letting me spill all about the series.  Once it ends, I will post a top 10 list of the series’ best episodes as well as a lengthy “Great TV series” write-up.


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