Posted by: ckckred | September 22, 2013

What Is Your Favorite Wes Anderson Film? (Also, Who Would You Like To See Win At The Emmys?)


Because of my recent Bottle Rocket review, I thought it’d be appropriate to ask what is your favorite Wes Anderson film?  While Anderson’s quirkiness and off-beat humor might be perplexing to some, I’m a huge fan.  Rushmore, his sophomore film, still remains my favorite, though I don’t think he’s made a bad film.


Also, the Emmys are today, so I thought I’d also ask who would you like to see win.  My biggest hope is that Breaking Bad will win Best Drama, though I’m positive it will, so I thought I’d say I’m rooting for Louis C. K. for Best Comedy Actor.  Louie is the best comedy on television and Louis C. K. may as well be the funniest comedian today.  I think Alec Baldwin will win for 30 Rock (though that series’ best days are far behind), but Louis deserves the Emmy more than anyone.

But who do you want to see win?


  1. I’m not a big Emmy’s follower but as for Anderson… I have always stood by The Darjeeling Limited. I think it’s an absolute work of genius. It was once in my personal top ten not that long ago.

    • Thanks for the comment. The Darjeeling Limited is actually the only Anderson film I haven’t seen. I have it in my Netflix queue, so I’ll have to see it soon.

  2. Royal Tenenbaums is and will probably always be the Wes Anderson film that matters most to me. Life Aquatic is up there too. Then probably The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

    I agree about Louis C.K.! I hope he gets the win.

    • Thanks for the comment. Royal Tenenbaums is a great one, probably my second favorite. Life Aquatic is one I think that’s very underrated.

      Glad you agree about Louis C. K.! Funniest man working today.

  3. Either Bottle Rocket or Moonrise Kingdom for me.

    • Solid picks. Both two great movies I have a hard time disagreeing with.

  4. All of them! But if I had to pick, maybe Moonrise Kingdom or The Darjeeling Limited.

    • Thanks for the comment. Moonrise Kingdom’s in my top three Anderson films. Darjeeling’s the only one I haven’t seen.

  5. Interesting question as I just finished a post on Bill Murray to publish tomorrow. I think my fave so far is Moonrise Kingdom but I still need to see Rushmore and Life Aquatic.

    • Thanks! Nice pick with Moonrise. I highly recommend Rushmore and Life Aquatic’s very underrated.

  6. I’ve never been the hugest Wes Anderson fan actually. I like his films, but I just don’t have the all out love for them that so many do. Having said that, I was a really big fan of Moonrise Kingdom. That would be my favourite of his.

    • Thanks for the comment. Anderson’s style can be somewhat off-putting but I’m a huge fan. Nice pick with Moonrise, I think that’s his most accessible.

  7. Still gotta be Rushmore for me. He’s not quite reached those same heights since.

    • Glad you agree. Rushmore certainly is the peak of Anderson’s career.

  8. Never was a fan of his earlier work, but I loved Moonrise Kingdom.

    • Nice pick! I think Moonrise is Anderson’s most accessible.

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