Posted by: ckckred | September 15, 2013

How Do You Watch Your Movies?

sony-bdp-s360-blue-ray-player-2-1With today’s changing market on home film viewing, I thought it’d be appropriate to ask how do you watch your movies?

I am a DVD person (mostly because I like to see I have the covers in my collection), so I typically try to buy films on blu-ray or standard definition if they aren’t available.  I have accounts on both Netflix and Hulu Plus, both of which I can access through my blu-ray player.  I use Netflix for instant streaming for both films and TV shows and also use their mailing service in case I can’t afford a DVD  (I couldn’t find an affordable copy on Nashville for example).  I use Hulu more for watching current TV shows, but their Criterion Collection page offers a great range of films.  Also, when a movies goes V. O. D., I rent it off iTunes.

But how do you watch movies?



  1. I consider myself a legal scavenger. I stick with DVDs, mainly at thrift stores and Half Price Books. If I can’t immediately find a DVD copy of a movie anywhere, I go for the VHS even though the quality is obviously quite different than a DVD. For other films, I turn to YouTube. There, I can see the early works and in some instances, full films from the past thirty years; that’s how I saw half of Lynch’s filmography. Never torrent.

    I haven’t tried VOD yet; I planned on it for Room 237 but now that it has a DVD release for next week, I’ll wait and get a physical copy. I have no use for the digital copies or a taste of the ol’ Ultraviolet; if I wanted to watch a movie on the go, I’d physically bring it with me. I tried basic Hulu for Koyaanisqatsi, which was a grave mistake as it was butchered with ads and ruined the flow. No Netflix as of yet, though that’s my next step.

    • Thanks for the comment. I used to have a local movie store to buy DVDs cheaply, but that went out of business a few months ago. I use V. O. D. when there’s a film out I’d like to see but has too limited release for me to see it in theaters (such as To The Wonder and Berberian Sound Studio). Hulu’s ad service is the reason I don’t watch films off there (though their Criterion films have no commercials). I highly recommend Netflix, that’s the best way to stream films.

  2. My strong preference is to buy DVDs/Blu-rays (I have a “library” set aside for them, which I’ll spend half an hour staring at, unable to pick anything to watch), but I will download every now and again. Mostly this is a matter of supply – in Australia, some films simply don’t get released here (for example, Short Cuts just isn’t on DVD/Blu-Ray, and it’s one of my favourite films) and sometimes cinematic releases either don’t arrive or arrive way too late (Sinister for example, got released a year late here).

    I just got Netflix and I’ll stream films occasionally on there, but I’d prefer to spend the extra cash on the better quality picture and special features and the actual physicality of a DVD/Blu-Ray case unless it’s a really average film (I wish there were more trashy movies on Netflix!).

    • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it’s worth it for me to buy DVDs just to have a library. I have stacks of blu-rays just to look around.

      Netflix is a good source, but I agree with you that DVDs offer better quality, plus I always watch the bonus features.

  3. Watching film via DVD/BD does gather the clear majority of views. However, living where I do, I still get plenty of chances at old and new film at a movie theater (some of which are well know classic movie palaces). The latter is where I heart still resides with. The former placates my cinema craving. Streaming is in third place, but I am increasing its use of late. Great topic, ckckred.

    • Thanks! Blu-rays and DVDs are a great way to go, but I always prefer seeing films in a movie theater as well.

  4. Still the big screen mostly. Although have been watching more stuff via download in the last few months. It’s the future seemingly, time to embrace it.

    • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, recently I’ve started downloading films as well since it’s pretty hard finding some movies affordable on DVD.

  5. I mostly use Netflix, both their DVD and streaming options.

    • Thanks for the comment. Netflix is a great way to watch movies, though I wish they hadn’t raised the prices.

  6. I pretty much exclusively watch my films on my blu-ray player (unless they’re in the cinema).

    I have bought about 400 films in the past year so I still have a lot of them to watch. If there’s a film I really want to see but isn’t available (Bresson’s films, mainly), I’ll try and find it online. Not the same experience though;

    • Nice to see you back! I think I have a few hundred movies, with about half being blu-ray. I agree with you about viewing movies online. Even on sites like Netflix, it’s not the same experience since the quality keeps jumping.

  7. I watch it mostly on streaming, so either Netflix or iTunes. Of course I also have some DVD/Blu-ray collection that I watch from time to time.

    • Thanks for the comment. Netflix and Blu-ray is how I watch most movies these days as well.

  8. Blu-ray for me. Although if its just a movie I want to watch, not rent, we will usually order it through our cable service or i
    ll still rent it from our local video game store which rents movies. As for older movies I get them from the library.

    I had netflix for a month and did not like it. I’m pretty anti-streaming.

    • Thanks for commenting. Blu-ray is the best way to go in my opinion. I like Netflix but much prefer the quality on DVDs.

  9. I enjoy Blu-ray and DVDs. Sometimes I prefer not to upgrade a movie on dvd to blu-ray simply for nostalgia sake and how it was filmed.

    I do watch a lot on Netflix as well.

    • Thanks for the comment. Blu-rays are the best way to go, though I know some transfers are very badly done. I watch plenty of films off Netflix as well.

  10. My collection is mostly DVDs and Blu-rays. However, I do own a few VCDs and VHS that I’m slowly converting to DVD/Blu. About 2 months ago, I started getting into the Netflix thing and so far its been pretty amazing and opens up not only a more affordable option but also a chance to have more variety.

    • Thanks for the comment. Netflix is pretty great of the large range of films they offer.

  11. For me it’s a combination of streaming, DVD’s and movies on my tablet…

    • Thanks for the comment. Streaming and DVDs is how I typically watch movies these days.

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