Posted by: ckckred | September 8, 2013

How Would You Describe Your Film Preference?

Everyone has a distinctive taste when it comes to film.  Some people love historical epics while others love action films.  So for this week’s question I thought I’d ask how would you describe your taste in film?

While I watch many genres, I would say I’m someone who enjoys character-driven films.  If a movie has a strong, well-rounded protagonist, then I’m sure to enjoy it.  I also am a fan of surrealistic and experimental cinema.

But how would you describe your taste?



  1. I struggle with historical dramas, like Gone With the Wind and Ben-Hur, probably because I already know the outcome and it’s a matter of filling in the spaces over a long running time. With current action films, I get lost in the editing and at that point I can’t tell what’s going on and at the end assume that something important happened. Large casts also bother me where at times I wish they wore name tags. Westerns are also hard to sit through; I think it’s because I can see the vast nothingness outside my window at any time.

    What I do like are the experimental and surrealistic films, most of the time. I’m a Lynchian (wild) at heart. I do like silent movies as well; it’s much more show than tell, something that seems reversed in today’s movies. I also dig documentaries. I do like Kubrick, though I haven’t seen his entire filmography. I’m the guy who marches to the beat of a different drummer.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ve never gotten into historical epics either. I’ve always found films like Birth of a Nation and Ben-Hur very bloated.

      Glad to see a fellow Kubrick and Lynch fan.

  2. I would say I like character driven movies and spy movies full of twists.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you agree with me about character driven films.

  3. I prefer to describe my preferences by what I won’t watch. I hate romantic comedies. Everything else is okay. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I agree, I like most genres but I can never stand romantic comedies.

  4. I’ll second what Monkey says. I can’t abide romantic comedies but everything else it cool in my book. I’m particularly drawn to a good crime movie, though.

    • Thanks for the comment. I can’t stand romantic comedies as well. I love crime films too, that may be my favorite genre.

  5. Science Fiction will always be top dog for me 😀

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ve always been a big fan of sci-fi.

  6. I like different types of films depending on where I am, and how focussed I am on watching. For example, I like “serious movies” such as dramas in movie theaters (where I give the movie my undivided attention), romantic comedies on airplanes or at home (where I’m often easily distracted and I find I don’t miss much if I tune out for a bit). I don’t like scary films at night when I’m home alone!

  7. I’m probably much more into world cinema than anything else. So says my DVD shelves. Finding myself enjoying documentaries more, and I’m trying to see what’s on at the cinema (though not all; that would be masochistic). Grew up on horror, so have a soft spot for that. Would rather than have 90 minutes of characters doing nothing than 90 minutes of non-characters doing everything.

    • Thanks for the comment. I always tend to enjoy world cinema and documentaries as well.

  8. Give me great dialogue and a simple plot.

    • Great dialogue and a simple plot is all what’s necessary for making a strong film. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Looking at my collection, I do have a wide selection of science fiction films. Even though I believe that great films can come from any genre, that’s the one I’m pulled to most.

    • Thanks for the comment. Sci-fi’s a genre I enjoy as well.

  10. I like summer blockbusters haha. Especially action and sci-fi movies for me!

    • Nice answer! I don’t see many blockbusters these days, but I do enjoy sci-fi films.

  11. People need to die in horrific ways and I’m happy 😉

    • Haha, great answer!

  12. I like movie with 3 dimensional characters (not stereotypes/cardboard cutouts). Well written scripts, dialogues and music are always a plus.


    • Thanks for the comment. I agree on all acounts.

  13. My taste is very broad and I watch pretty much everything except for horror (although I give it a chance once in a while). I watch more documentaries than most other bloggers seem to though and I am a big action movie who can enjoy the most silly ones and give them positive reviews for them.

    • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I typically try to watch most genres as well, though I’m not a musical or rom com person.

  14. I’ve been trying to give a go to as many big summer blockbusters as I can in my blog, and I’ve enjoyed some of them, but I must confess my taste still tends towards films with, as you suggest, strong characters. I don’t tend to like films with glib violence or unmotivated nastiness, and as a genre I’ve never really gotten into horror. I do really like slow films and more experimental ones, so I often find myself drawn to European arthouse cinema 😉

    • Thanks for the comment. I feel the best films are the ones that are character driven. I’m a fan of European art-house as well.

  15. I like a variety of genres so long as it’s got an intriguing story. The cast also play a big part for me whether I want to check something out or not. One thing for sure, I don’t care for horror or slasher flicks, or those with too much profanities.

    • Thanks for the comment. I typically like most genres as well, though like you am not fond of slasher films, mostly because I find many of them pointless.

  16. Romantic comedies and brainless entertainment (ex. Resident Evil series) are my normal go-to happy movies when I need to destress. But when all is well, I love watching thrillers, preferably psychological but I do love action thrillers as well. I’m a huge fan of foreign cinema and animation. I think the one I struggle the most with and slowly build more tolerance for is horror. Horror movies, I love zombie flicks and predators. Ghosts and spirits horror is cool, just those really horrify me as its part of my tradition to believe in it. I am open-minded with most movie genres, but I hate dumb comedy.

    • Thanks for the comment. I am a big fan of foreign films and psychological thrillers as well.

  17. I’m always drawn to tough, gritty films, or those that feel mostly realistic. I can do without most of the blockbusters and superhero films.

    • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I really like those kind of movies as well. I like them much more than most blockbusters these days.

  18. Traditional adventure films, an injustice righted by a hero needing to prove themselves or overcome an insurmountable obstacle. Or a ridiculous Nic Cage film . Film noir is another trap I can’t resist, oh and romantic comedy.

    • Thanks for the comment. Film noir’s one of my favorite genres and I have to admit some of Nic Cage’s bad performances are pretty fun to watch.

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