Posted by: ckckred | September 6, 2013

Futurama: Meanwhile


Spoilers follow if you haven’t caught Futurama’s finale.

I vividly remember when I first saw the pilot of Futurama.  As someone completely obsessed with The Simpsons, I was very eager to see Matt Groening’s spin-off series.  But after the first episode, I couldn’t help but feel very disappointed.  It’s not that Futurama wasn’t funny, it’s just that it paled in comparison to The Simpsons.  The Simpsons was the cartoon that proved cartoons can be, well cartoonish, and realistic.  Take, for example, “Rosebud,” which features Mr. Burns attempts to find his lost teddy bear.  The episode not only parodies Citizen Kane, but also provides a feeling of warmth, that even the evil billionaire has a heart.  Futurama was just all jokes and references, but didn’t have the same feel.  It referenced pretty much everything like The Simpsons did, from 2001 to Star Trek, but its characters weren’t as fully fleshed out as Homer or Bart.

Years later, though, both shows reversed roles.  The Simpsons now pretty much is a standard cartoon, writing off most of its emotion, while Futurama has gotten to care and respect its creations more.  Futurama has established itself as a different series than The Simpsons that if they didn’t have the same animation, I wouldn’t associate the two together.  Futurama has relied more on running jokes and its futuristic world for comedy, where The Simpsons is been centered on parodying real town life.

That being said, I never continuously watched Futurama and wouldn’t consider it in the same league as The Simpsons or South Park, but it’s been entertaining throughout its run.  So it’s sad to see the series go, even if it is the second time it got cancelled.  Whether Futurama will reappear again (who knows?  Maybe Netflix will pick it up), it ended on a good note.  “Meanwhile” was a heartwarming episode that evokes the best of the series, revolving around Fry attempting to propose to Leela while accidentally ripping time apart.

The romance between Fry and Leela has become sort of the running plot of the series, making Futurama stable throughout the years, and “Meanwhile” showed what’d we’d expect from the end of Futurama.  After permanently freezing time (to quote Butters, “Simpsons already did it!”) Fry and Leela get married and spend the rest of their lives together and go on a world wide honeymoon.  Rather than ending on a conclusive or ambiguous note, “Meanwhile” ends like you’d expect it’s be returning, with Fry and Leela discovering they could return back to their own time in their own youth.  Whether this means Futurama‘s writers think the show will return or not is beyond mean, though many of its stars are hopeful it will find a new life.  But it’s a fitting note to end.



  1. Nice.

  2. I still prefer season 5’s ending. Good enough though 😀

    • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, season 5 ended better, but this was still a nice finale.

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