Posted by: ckckred | August 29, 2013

The Breaking Bad Watch: Confessions


Spoiler’s Alert for those who didn’t catch up with the latest episode of Breaking Bad.

I feel like I’m getting a bit repetitive with my Breaking Bad reviews.  I keep on raving and raving about the series, praising the flawless performances, impeccable acting, great production, etc.  I’ve been saying repeatedly that it is one of television’s all time great dramas, that it is a truly perfect series.

So I don’t want to get a bit ahead of myself, but if Vince Gilligan and crew deliver another episode half as good as “Confessions,” we’re in store for perhaps the best season of television in history.  The episode may as well be the best thing Breaking Bad‘s delivered in its five season run.  Every second of “Confessions” had me hooked to the television on the edge of my seat.

While the episode’s title makes it seem like it would revolve around Jesse’s interrogation, Walt is the central character throughout the entire hour and it’s about his own confession (more on that later).  The transition Walt makes from a nerdy high school chemistry teacher to drug lord is the heart and soul of the series, but even in Walt’s darkest moments, I always found a bit of good of him.  If it was him continuing making meth after his cancer went away to killing Gus and Mike, I felt that Walt still has some innocence left in him.  But during in the middle of “Confessions,” when Walt gave Hank a disc that has a false confession that accuses Hank of being a drug lord who manipulated Walt into making meth, backed up by the fact that Walt paid for Hank’s medical bills.  From that moment on, I thought Walt was a truly evil person.  He has no regard for humanity, he’s ruthless, cunning, and literally despicable.  He’ll do anything for his own greed.

“Confessions” displays Walt’s final transformation so incredibly well.  The episode is full of lengthy conversations that never wear out their tension and so many compelling scenes, as well as a great cliffhanger.  Where Breaking Bad goes next is only known to Gilligan (as well as the people who read the spoilers of the final season, please don’t post what’s going to happen on this page), but where ever the series goes, Walt is surely in store for a great fall.



  1. Even after thinking of countless scenarios as to how Breaking Bad would play out this season, the thought of Jesse going berserk never even crossed my mind. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Thanks for the comment. I wasn’t expected that either, even when Jesse was beating up Saul. I’m really excited to see where the show goes,

  2. This final season is amazing. Even with the flash forwards I’m not entirely certain how things are going to play out. Nice seeing another Breaking Bad blogger!

    • Thanks! I’m guessing the fast forward at the beginning of Blood Money’s a moment from the final episode. I’m think Jesse is going to burn down Walt’s house and his identity will be openly revealed.

  3. […] more than the show has ever before.  Walt has become more ruthless, cunning, and vile.  In “Confessions,” he even creates a fake tape framing all of his crimes on his brother-in-law.  But Vince […]

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