Posted by: ckckred | August 4, 2013

What Do You Like About My Blog?

Today is a very special day for myself.  Two years ago on August 4th, 2011, I founded Cinematic Film Blog (originally known as ckckred, after my username).  I initially started my site to express my interest in film.  If you look at some of my earlier posts (please don’t), they were short blurbs and news bites and practically no one visited my site.  Eventually I fiddled with the format and got a better hang of blogging.

I’d like to thank all my readers and everyone who helped me support Cinematic.  So for this week’s question, I thought I’d ask what do you like about my blog?  I’m looking for some feedback to help me strengthen Cinematic.  Do you enjoy my reviews and features such as “A Reconsideration,” “Trailer Analysis,” and “Great TV Series”?  Is there anything you want me to start doing?  Please comment below and offer me any suggestions (don’t be afraid to be negative, I’m okay receiving criticism).



  1. I would say I like the variety of genres you cover on your blog is really interesting. Also, your blog has a very sophisticated look.

    • Thanks for the compliments!

  2. I’d review more animated films. All I could find was Yellow Submarine.

    I’m sort of going through that intro phase as well. A handful of followers, some likes on posts and a few commenters, but all after four months of joining. We all improve over time, it’s just a waiting game and getting involved in film on and offline. Keep it up!

    • Thanks! It took me a while to get the hang of wordpress. I recommend trying to comment and follow multiple blogs.

  3. Congrats. You are a fine writer and I enjoy the subjects and interaction your blog provides. So glad we came across each other in the ether, my friend.

  4. I like your posts about reader’s favorite actors/movies etc..

    The fact that both of us enjoy Martin Scorsese’s movies also helps.


    • Thanks! Martin Scorsese’s undoubtedly one of cinema’s best directors.

  5. Hey! Congratulations on your anniversary, CK. Not easy to keep a blog going for that long! 😯 Keep up the good work!

  6. Congrats! I enjoy your diverse interests and your intelligent perspectives. That and you are one of the few who reciprocates and visits and comments on my blog. Your site is a regular for me. Cheers, Cindy

  7. Congrats buddy! The fact you include TV stuff is a plus I feel as it gives you more scope. I don’t write about TV myself although I have been mighty tempted. Overall it’s a high quality blog that doesn’t need any fixes that I can see.

  8. It’s been said I think, but I like the “clean” and “business-like” look of your blog. Shows you take it seriously and attempt to organize it well and I appreciate that. Makes me feel like I’m reading something smart, which makes me feel smarter. So… your blog makes me feel smart, lol.

  9. Love your site. What do I like about it? You don’t budge on your opinion just to sway towards a popular view. If you don’t like something you tell it how it is and I respect that. Only thing I would change would be knowing your first name. lol

    • Thanks! My first name is Charles.

      • Ah!!!! My grandfathers name. 🙂

  10. Congratulations! That’s a great effort. Personally I like the reviews more than anything else – that’s the same with every site I visit. I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy! That said, I think the “reconsideration” posts are a great idea and I like them too.

  11. Congratulations! Sorry I am a few days late.

    I enjoy your page and your articles. One of the things that I like about your page is that your posts are just the right length and incredibly accurate/to the point. The length of any one post does not impact the quality of the content. When you open up discussion on a particular director, scene or film, I learn a lot and really like those most!

    again, congrats and here’s to more!

  12. Congrats on hitting two years! You’re a great writer, and I really like how you cover both new and old films. Keep up the good work!

  13. I’m just here for the open bar.

  14. I like your question posts that promote comments being left and discussions being made–much like this one.

  15. Nice one mate, congrats! I like how often you post. There’s always a good stream of stuff but never a bombardment. Good work!

  16. I like your reviews and the fact that they are not too long. As for things you could improve you might want to think about a redesign. The current one is very clear, but it is starting to date a bit (just my feeling)

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoy my reviews. I’ve been meaning to give my blog a redesign for a while but am a little hung up on which new theme to choose.

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