Posted by: ckckred | July 30, 2013

The Sunshine/I Am Part of the WordPress Family Award


If you’ve noticed within the past few weeks I haven’t had much time to write on WordPress, due to my brief scheduling conflicts I was talking about a few weeks earlier.  I apologize for this inconvenience, as I’m trying to keep up writing reviews.

But let me move on to the important stuff.  Alexander over at Cinemaniac Reviews nominated me for both the Sunshine and I Am Part of the WordPress Family Award.  So I have to do a few things to accept this.

1. Include the award logo on this post (see above).

2. Link to the person who nominated you.


3. Answer ten questions about yourself.

So here they are.

1. What’s Your Favorite TV Show?


My all-time favorite would probably be The Sopranos.  I love crime movies like The Godfather and GoodFellas, and The Sopranos is a pitch-perfect show.  The best TV show on right now though is Breaking Bad.

2. What’s Your Favorite Food?


I think I’d probably say spaghetti with bolognese sauce which combines two of my favorite things: pasta and beef.

3. Which Famous Person Would You Like To Be Best Buddies With?


I think Jeff Bridges would be a cool guy to hang out with.  He seems like someone who’d be pretty nice.

4. What’s Your Favorite Fruit?

green-appleI’ve always liked green apples.

5. What’s Your Favorite Color?


Red, which is why it’s part of my username.

6. Who Is Your Favorite Painter?


I think I’d probably saw Leonardo Da Vinci as well.

7. If you can invite five people to a fantasy dinner party, who would they be?


Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Francis Ford Coppola, and Paul Thomas Anderson.

8. What Is The Best Concert You’ve Been To?

I’m not really big into music, and I don’t think I’ve ever been to a big concert.  Can I say a concert I’d like to go to?  If so, I’d love to see the Rolling Stones.

9. What Is Your Favorite Place You’ve Never Been To?


I always wanted to go to Cannes (preferably during the film festival there ;-))

10. What are Your Favorite Scents?

Errr… I love the smell of pizza.  That’s just the first thing that came into my mine.

So now I’ll have to nominate ten other blogs.  Partly due to lack of time as well as not knowing who got nominated or not, if you want to be nominated, just say so in the comments and I’ll give you one.  You can answer these ten questions.


Video as Life

1. What was your first favorite movie?

2. Who do you think is the best actor working today?

3. What is your favorite comedy?

4. Why did you start a blog?

5. What is your most anticipated movie for the rest of the year?

6. What’s your favorite movie of 2013 thus far?

7. What is a film you can see any day and never tire of?

8. What movie disappointed you the most?

9. What film do you find overrated?

10. What film do you find underrated?



  1. Congrats on your award! Even though I’m relatively new to WordPress, I guess it couldn’t hurt to be asked for nomination…

    • Thanks! Sure, I’ll nominate you.

      • So is the nomination for both awards or just one?

      • For both awards.

  2. Great answers man.

  3. Good stuff mate. Who doesn’t love pasta and beef? Apart from vegetarians, obviously.

    • Thanks! Best combination of food there is.

  4. Cool answers. Congrats and well deserved.

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations!

  7. Fun reading your answers, man. I’d LOVE to go to Cannes one day too!

    • Thanks! Going to Cannes would be great.

  8. Excellent work, CK. I wouldn’t mind receiving a nomination, if you wouldn’t so care to do so. Always love reading your work. I’m not sure if i’ve made my page available to you easily, but click away below and follow me along if you don’t’ want to nominate a blog you haven’t yet followed! Lol thanks

  9. […] these things work, like if I need an official decree or something, but from what I’m given here, I might as well go ahead and answer the […]

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