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When Did You Become Interested In Film?

The other day I looked over some of my old posts, which gave me the inspiration for today’s question: when did you become interested in film.


I’ve always been intrigued by movies as long as I could remember.  My family and I used to watch a film each week together.  When I grew older, my parents became more committed into showing me more serious and classical movies, which got me more serious about cinema.  Since then, I’ve tried expanding my knowledge on films and by blogging have seen plenty of new movies I hadn’t had much knowledge on beforehand.

But what about you?



  1. My brother and I used to watch movies on our computer, my friends usually passed me some good and some bad films. Mostly mainstream. Then when I went to college I started seeking out better films and asked for advice on IMDb. Now I listen to podcasts, blog and decide what film to watch based on the director. It was a slow process, but I really became a huge film nerd 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I definitely had a slow build up to become a film buff.

    • David, I made an “Obscure Recommendations” page on my blog strictly to offer people just like you recommendations; check it out when you have a minute and see what you think.

  2. I always liked movies as a kid but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started taking it seriously. With several lists to work from, including every 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die entry, I have enough to keep me busy. So far this year, I’m averaging two movies a day; just because I’m not in school doesn’t mean I don’t stop doing “homework”. It’s a long, challenging, but incredibly worthwhile experience and I’m proud of it.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ve always wanted to see every film on those kinds of lists.

      • So far, I think I’m at 13% or 14% of all 1001 entries of all time. Then again, I’ll need to recalculate once the new edition is out in October (heads up, Life of Pi is one of them).

  3. While my love of reading came from my mother, it was her sisters that made movies important to me. They were always talking about movies or experiences and it rubbed off on me.

    • Thanks for the comment. My family also really got me interested in movies. My dad and I shared many favorite films.

  4. Interesting post, I think it was various relatives that showed me a wide variety of films when I was younger that got me interested in it.

    • Thanks! Yeah, family played a large role in my intro to film.

  5. After watching ‘Star Wars’ as a teenager in 1976, I was aware how movies affected me. Then when older and in the Navy, I loved going to the cinema any time for any thing. But it was in my late thirties when I became a teacher, I started a club at my high school called “Movie Buffs”. I introduced a new film once a week at 7pm on Thursday nights at the school in a room with wooden chairs and a projector screen. They wanted the artistic films and the classics as well as present-day thrillers. It was awesome.

    • Thanks for the comment. Star Wars was one of the films that really amazed me as a kid and made me love cinema.

    • That sounds awesome, Cindy! 🙂

      • It was. I miss it. I wish we virtual movie buffs could all get together in one room and watch a film together. Do you think we would talk all the way through the film or shut up long enough and explode with our opinions at the end?

      • If the film was good we’d be quiet and watch; if the film sucked it’d be a free-for-all. lol.

  6. I’m just in it for the popcorn and 48oz sodas.

    • Haha, that might have contributed to my love of film as well.

  7. I always enjoyed movies growing up, but it wasn’t until maybe five years ago that I really fell in love with film.

    • Thanks for the comment. I also really got into film a few years ago. Since I started my blog, I’ve tried watching less mainstream movies.

  8. I got into it at an early age with Night of the Living Dead. Monsters fascinated me so much that I watched anything and everything horror related just to see what the monsters would look like.

    • Oh, Night of the Living Dead was one of the movies that really got me interested in cinema. That ending still scares me.

  9. I saw The Blues Brothers in 1980 at the long gone Diana Theatres in Homewood, Illinois, and I was hooked!

    • The Blues Brothers is a great film for sure, it’s one that really got me into movies as well.

      • That’s so cool! I try to watch it at least once a year, and it still holds up for me.

  10. Around eighth grade or so I had a dvd exchange going with my best friend. It wasn’t classics or anything, just mostly fun adventure/action movies. That was definitely the beginning though.
    It was the beginning of 2012 that I really started getting into films. I made a conscious effort to see more classics and then I started a blog and that was basically the end of that! It still amazes me how much stuff I still have to see!

    • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, my friends and I tried sharing and talking about films as well.

  11. probably around 2011 for me, when i started writing/blogging about them. i’ve always loved watching them, but i’ve really stepped up the frequency of viewings since then and started watching movies with a more critical mind.

    • Thanks for the comment. A similar thing happened to me in the past few years as well.

  12. Watching movies used to just be a time to bond with my dad but after the course I took in English for College about movie adaptations of novels, I became really interested in the whole aspect of it. I learned to appreciate film a lot more. In university, I stopped watching movies for a while due to school but then, I got back to it afterwards and especially now with my blog, its really made me learn a lot more about film in general 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, since I’ve started my blog I appreciate movies much more as well.

  13. I’ve always loved watching movies, and I’ve always been critical of films I thought sucked, and as a kid I always had ideas for movies and used to write scripts on notebook paper in basically a stage-play formation, which looked very sloppy, especially since I didn’t space. lol. And I studied how to write screenplays years later in college, but it was just a mere hobby, as music was my focus at the time…

    But then in the beginning of 2007 my whole life changed while watching french horror “High Tension”. While watching this film it grabbed me, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. So, I devoted a few months to seriously studying screenwriting, and wrote a few sloppy scripts that year; then got feedback and started making revisions; then wrote a few other scripts. Now I feel like screenwriting is what I am designed to do, similarly as the way Kobe Bryant is designed to play basketball. 🙂

    • That’s really interesting. My interest in cinema also stemmed from filmmaking. Thanks for commenting.

  14. As my ‘about me’ page states, the moment I walked in on Casino shaped my movie watching life. I became obsessed and here we are 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I still have to see Casino, but Scorsese definitely got me into film. I remember when I first watched GoodFellas I was blown away.

      • Cant believe you still havent seen Casino…….rectify that man!! 🙂

  15. Watched a lot of sci fi films with my dad as a kid 😀

    • My dad also really got me into film. I remember we used to watch either Indiana Jones or Star Wars each week.

      • Oh yeah Indiana Jones was a regular watch 😀

  16. I’ve always loved movies, but I got really interested when I studied them at university. There I learnt about the history of film, how they’re made, etc, and that really got me looking into the nuts and blots of them a lot more.

    • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, when I started studying about film I became more interested as well.

  17. I’ve always loved movies, but I got really interested in them after watching Almost Famous. A perfect movie, and it was then I realised going into film was what I wanted to do.

    • Almost Famous is a great movie, it really got me into film as well.

  18. I always liked watching them although I didn’t watch that many I think when I was a kid. As a teenager do me and my friends would regularly do all-nighters with 5 to 7 movies. I always kept watching, but it really turned into high gear once I started blogging.

    • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, my friends and I watched a lot of films as well and once I started blogging I began seeing even more movies.

  19. As long as I could remember my father used to rent a lot of films when I was a little kid. Then moving onward to middle school one of my best friend brought his small digital camera and we made a lame & silly home video; but as crappy as it may seem, it caught quite of attention. There are many times I think of new scenarios of ‘what if this happens…’. And as I grew I always enjoyed movies, so I took some college courses in Film Production to learn all aspects of production. Above all, I love the underlying meaning of movies, they leave interesting perspectives.

  20. The moment Dorothy stepped into the land of Oz.

  21. Always.

    I think I was fortunate that my first memories of films in the theatre are from 1982–which was a very good year. Before that I have great memories of watching and rewatching “The Wizard of Oz” and “The Ten Commandments” yearly on television.

    To this day, while I am typically laid back about social activities and night functions, going to the movies is what I am neoratic about. I get anxious if I might be late or if I am going to miss a movie on opening weekend.

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