Posted by: ckckred | July 7, 2013

What’s Your Favorite Tom Cruise Movie?


On July 3rd, Tom Cruise turned 51.  While it’s easy to make fun of Cruise (I have probably partaken in that exercise a couple of times), I think he is a very underrated actor.  Let me justify that statement by limiting his roles in dramas.  Cruise has done some great movies often overlooked by mass audiences.

My favorite movie of his is Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia.  His performance in the movie as Frank T. J. Mackey is one of the most committed I’ve seen.  Mackey is a loud, profane sex guru and a deeply complex character.  Cruise was nominated for an Oscar, but lost to Michael Caine for his performance in the forgettable  The Cider House Rules.  Second would go to Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, which was third on my underrated films list yesterday.

But what’s your favorite?




  1. Eyes Wide Shut for sure. I also liked him in Rain Man and A Few Good Men.

  2. Eyes Wide Shut. I think Magnolia has his better performance, but Eyes Wide Shut for me is the better film. Plus you have the hilarity of Tom Cruise not getting laid ha ha 🙂

    • Nice picks! Eyes Wide Shut is a great film.

  3. Eyes Wide Shut is my favourite movie with him in, but I think his best performance is is Minority Report.

    • Nice picks! Glad to see Minority Report get a shout out and Eyes Wide Shut’s a masterpiece.

  4. Born on the 4th of July…I was so impressed with his performance. Raw, powerful, and really made an impression with me. It really catapulted him into a stardom. Since then, Last Samurai was a good one for me.

    • Nice pick! Born on the 4th of July is a great one. If he wasn’t up against Daniel Day Lewis for Best Actor, he probably would have won the Oscar.

      • Yes, I agree. I remember him in Taps flipping out at the end and was struck by his passion. He makes it all look so easy; that’s why he’s great. Yeah, the Tom Cruise run and his barking voice is melodramatic, but he handles depth of emotions, too. Minority Report…I should have mentioned that one. Even in ‘Far and Away’ he was endearing. I love his energy.

  5. I’m with you — Magnolia is my favorite. Eyes Wide Shut is up there, too, though I haven’t seen that in ages.

    • Nice picks! I only saw Eyes Wide Shut recently and watched it again. I loved it even more after a second viewing.

  6. MI4

  7. I have a soft spot for his performance in Risky Business. And the film is one of the best of the 80s. But what he does in Eyes Wide Shut is on a whole different level.

    • Nice picks! Eyes Wide Shut is a great movie, very underrated.

  8. I would have to say Minority Report is my favorite Cruise and Speilberg film.

  9. It may be a tiny bit, but his outrageous Les Grossman was hysterical!! It is probably the last thing anyone would think of when talking Tom Cruise, but this small part was so different from anything he’s ever done. That’s a risky proposition for some, but he killed it.

    • sry, that’s Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder, just to clarify

      • Glad to see Tropic Thunder get a shout out. His role in that movie is hysterical.

  10. A few Good men and MI4

  11. Gotta be Eyes Wide Shut & Magnolia for me. Both brilliant films and proof that Cruise really is a talented actor, not just blockbuster fodder he’s largely know for.

    • Great picks! Can’t disagree with either.

  12. I liked his earlier work…Risky Business will always be my favorite. I also liked him in the Mission Impossible films as well. He really doesn’t show off his acting abilities but they are a lot of fun.

    • Nice picks! Risky Business is a great film.

  13. “Collateral” followed by “Risky Business”

    • Nice picks! I love Collateral.

      • I always felt “Collateral” suffered from bad timing. It came out after three not so good and/or successful Tom Cruise films, and it came out after the whole Oprah/Sumner Redstone fiascos. I think the audience was sick of him and they stayed away.

  14. Maybe A Few Good Men? Probably that one.
    It bugs me that people get on his case about jumping on a couch. Honestly, that is minor compared to what some other actors and actresses have done, yet he has never been able to shake off that stigma. Its kind of weird.

    • Nice pick. Yeah, Cruise does get too bad of a rep for jumping on the couch. It’s honestly not that big of a deal and it bugs me a little that people hold that against him.

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