Posted by: ckckred | June 30, 2013

What’s Your Favorite Movie of 2013 Thus Far?

Time sure flies by.  It’s already been six months, and the movie world seems to be churning out as many films as possible.  This brings me to today’s question: what’s your favorite movie of 2013 thus far?

Terrence Malick's To The Wonder is my second favorite movie of 2013 thus far

Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder is my second favorite movie of 2013 thus far

The past two years have been outstanding for film, where audiences received plenty of great movies rich with emotion and feeling.  2013 hasn’t had as many great movies as 2012 or 2011 (though to be fair, most studios aim their best films near the end of the year for Oscar contention), but there has been some very strong movies.  For me, Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight easily leads the pack.  My second favorite is a bit of a controversial choice, since it received mixed reviews, but I am confident that Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder is a great film.  Third would be Jeff Nichol’s Mud.  My fourth favorite was a bit of a surprise for me, as I typically don’t go for raunchy comedies, but This Is The End is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in quite some time.  Fifth would go to Berberian Sound Studio.  I never found myself completely in love with it and I don’t think director Peter Strickland fully grasps his subject matter, but it’s an interesting movie that is wildly fascinating.

But what are your favorites thus far?


  1. I’ve yet to see so many so my comment here isn’t fully informed. I’m dying to see To The Wonder, Before Midnight and Mud and have the funny feeling that they will appeal very much to me.
    Those that I have seen and been very impressed by would be Stoker, The Hunt (Jagten) and The Place Beyond The Pines. Three excellent films.

    • I haven’t seen any of the ones you mentioned, unfortunately, but I really want to catch The Place Beyond The Pines. I missed that in theaters. Before Midnight, To The Wonder, and Mud are all great. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I’ve almost certainly been watching the wrong films for this question. But for me it’d either be the Hunt, or Steven Soderberg’s Side Effects.

    • Nice picks. I haven’t seen either unfortunately.

      • I would really recommend Side Effects. Some brilliant direction, and some nice homage to Hitchcock’s style.

  3. New feature film: 42
    Never seen before older film: The Constant Gardener

    • Nice picks. I haven’t seen 42 but have read some positive reviews about it.

  4. Star Trek is definitely my favorite film of this first half of the year. By a long shot. Obviously not the best, but definitely my favorite. I loved that movie. I saw it three times and can’t wait to see it again when it comes out on DVD.
    Obviously there are going to be more films in the second half that are more oscary and acclaimed, and I’m looking forward to a bunch of them, However, it will be hard for any of them to provide the enjoyment I got out of Star Trek.

    • Nice pick. I forgot about Star Trek, that’s one of my favorites thus far as well. The second half of the year has some good stuff coming from Scorsese, the Coens, and Farhadi, so hopefully the year will improve.

  5. I just saw The Place Beyond the Pines and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m yet to see Before Midnight and Mud, but I think so far Trance (hurrah! Rosario Dawson frontal! :P), Side Effects and Stoker got me good.

    • Nice picks. I unfortunately haven’t seen any of the films you mentioned.

  6. Completely agree on Before Midnight – my favorite film of the year so far. It’s followed by Spring Breakers and The Spectacular Now. It’s been a surprisingly good year so far.

    • Glad you agree on Before Midnight, what a great movie.

  7. So far it’s Stoker for me and all the rest really doesn’t come close even though it wasn’t a flawless movie.

    • Nice pick, I still need to see that one.

  8. Glad you loved Before Midnight and To the Wonder, even though I HATED To the Wonder. Hardly could stay awake!

    My favorite of 2013 might cause some disagreement as well, though: Man of Steel. I’ve seen twelve or thirteen movies from this year, and I must say, I loved that one more than anything else this year.

    • Thanks for commenting. To The Wonder was a great movie in my opinion though certainly not for everyone.

      Nice pick with Man of Steel, though I was very disappointed with the movie.

  9. I’d have to say Mud, The Place Beyond the Pines, and Europa Report. I loved the big-budget blockbusters like Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness, I just don’t hold them in the same regard. I saw To the Wonder in September of 2012 so I can’t really count it for 2013 lol. I love me some horror so V/H/S 2 leads that category. Stoker was brilliant as well and so was Boyle’s Trance. So many outstanding pictures thus far and we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff like Twelve Years A Slave and The Counselor. Oh and Behind the Candelabra was terrific and so was The Hunt, really outstanding flicks…urgh, there are so many lol.

    • Solid picks. I have actually seen very few you’ve mentioned. There’s been plenty of good stuff this year I haven’t watched yet.

  10. Definitely agree this year’s been pretty weak overall so far. hopefully it’ll end on a stronger note, though. As we hit the halfway point of the year, my favorites so far include Iron Man 3, Mud, The Place Beyond the Pines, Warm Bodies, and White House Down.

    • Nice picks! Still need to see The Place Beyond The Pines.

  11. My favorite was a silent film from Spain called Blancanieves, a modern day reimagining (well, 1920’s) of Snow White set in the world of bullfighting. It shouldn’t work, but it’s beautiful; much less self-congratulatory than The Artist.
    I’m with you with Mud and especially This Is the End! That movie was just brilliant! I still have to see To the Wonder, the largest gaping hole in the “important movies I haven’t seen yet” category.

    • Nice picks. I’ve been very interested in seeing Blancanieves since I heard about it a few months ago. Mud was great and This Is The End was far better than I would have thought. I absolutely loved To The Wonder, though I know it put some people off.

  12. Granted I’ve only seen *counts* 5 movies in 2013 and all of them was appealing to me in the first place, its a pretty tough decision. I didn’t see any of the ones that were limited release and I just bought a few with a lot of promise like Stoker and Upside Down. Star Trek Into Darkness was great, Fast 6 was awesome and loved World War Z intensity 🙂

  13. Django Unchained (seen in the cinema in the UK in January). But if you want to go by American release dates I’d have to say Despicable Me 2. Lol! Seriously. I’m hoping to see Before Midnight this week so maybe that will change things…

    • Nie pick! Before Midnight’s my favorite thus far this year so I highly recommend checking it out.

      • Didn’t manage it. 😦 So will have to wait for DVD now as they never show films like this at local cinemas. I hate that!!!

  14. Much Ado About Nothing

    • Nice pick. I haven’t seen that yet but I’ve heard plenty of positive reviews of it.

  15. 2013 has sucked so far, even when taking into account that it’s the ‘worse’ half of the year. . .

    I like Before Midnight, simply because it’s adventurous (a rare thing these days), but as a mediation on relationships, I think To the Wonder was more effective.

    My favourite film, so far, though, was War Witch.

    • Yeah, 2013 has been pretty lousy thus far. Hopefully the second half of the year will be much better.

      Nice picks! Both Before Midnight and To The Wonder are great. I missed a premiere of War Witch, which is something I really regret.

  16. Star Trek: Into Darkness, just because I’m a big trekkie and I felt that Abrams did a good job of respecting my kind while still giving everyone else something to sink their teeth into

    • Nice pick! One of my favorites thus far this year as well.

  17. So far, I’m with you on Before Midnight and To the Wonder, but didn’t really like Mud quite as much as other people. So my third place would be Joss Whedon’s Much Ado about Nothing, followed by two quite different films: Fast & Furious 6, because I love that series, and Something in the Air (Apres mai), because I love French films about 60s/70s-era student revolutionaries…

    • (NB I should also mention that Bernie only came out in the UK earlier this year, so that would go the top for me if I included it…)

    • Nice picks! Before Midnight and To The Wonder are both great. I haven’t seen the others unfortunately. Bernie’s also pretty good, that came in my honorable mentions for 2012.

  18. I think I’d have to go for Before Midnight and Stoker as the best films I’ve seen at the cinema. There are still plenty of films I’m yet to see though, as is always the way!

    • Thanks for the comment. Before Midnight’s great. Looks like I have to see Stoker.

  19. So far I’ve liked To the Wonder, Stoker, Into Darkness and Monsters University. The last film listed was my 2 and a half year old daughters first visit to the movie theater so it was really special.

    • Nice picks! Glad to hear you liked To The Wonder. I think that’s the year’s most underrated movie.

      • Agreed. Not his best by any means. But still powerful!

  20. My favorite currently is Before Midnight as well!

    • Glad we agree on Before Midnight. The year’s been weak so far, but that was a great movie.

  21. Drama: Before Midnight
    Comedy: This Is the End

  22. I really want to see Before Midnight. I would have to say Star Trek thus far. Though I havent seen much yet.

    • Star Trek is a great choice. Before Midnight’s excellent, easily my favorite of the year so far.

  23. Before Midnight, easily. So far it has been a pretty underwhelming year.

    • Glad you agree on Before Midnight. Yeah, the year hasn’t been particularly strong so far. Hopefully the second half will be much better.

  24. There’s a lot of potentially good stuff I haven’t seen yet. This is usually because all the good stuff never seems to hit my local cinema. It’s all blockbuster movies (although nothing against them particularly). The two I’ve probably enjoyed the most are The Place Beyond the Pines, and Evil Dead.

    • Nice picks! I haven’t seen either, but I really want to see The Place Beyond The Pines.

  25. 2013 has been a bit weak so far. However, I’d say my favourite films have been Side Effects and Star Trek Into Darkness.

    • Yeah, 2013 has been pretty disappointing so far. Nice picks, I have only seen the latter and I really enjoyed it.

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