Posted by: ckckred | June 23, 2013

What Is Your Favorite Robert Altman Movie?


I have to admit as long as I have loved movies, I’ve somehow not seen work by many great directors.  Since I’ve now finished the filmography Paul Thomas Anderson, I thought why not start watching more movies by one of his greatest influences, director Robert Altman.

Altman, along with Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese, was one of the most influential voices of the 70s.  I have actually only seen a few Altman movies and loved them all but want a deeper exposure of the director.  In the next few weeks I hope to watch and review some of his movies (Nashville should hopefully be the first), but I’d like to ask what’s your favorite Altman movie? I’d be happy to take any recommendations.




  1. I would probably say Short Cuts or Gosford Park.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ve seen both, and they’re great. I might watch them again if I have a Robert Altman marathon.

  2. Nashville is great and definitely worth watching. For the rest, I like Short Cuts, McCabe & Mrs Miller, The Long Goodbye, and The Player the best, which is to say they are the ones that leap most quickly to mind.

    • Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve seen Short Cuts and part of The Player. I’ll have to check out the rest.

  3. I could watch ‘Gosford Park’ over and over and over.

    • Thanks! It’s a great movie for sure.

  4. I also love Short Cuts and Nashville, but there is a little-known film I have a lot of affection for – A Wedding (1978) – all-star cast includes Mia Farrow, Desi Arnaz, Carol Burnett, Paul Dooley, Geraldine Chaplin, Nina Van pallandt and Lillian Gish.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll have to check it out.

  5. It’s MASH.

    • That’s a great film no doubt. Been too long since I’ve seen it.

  6. Short Cuts, The Player and M*A*S*H

  7. Images is my favourite. The Long Goodbye is his most accessible. Nashville or Thieves Like Us is his best.

    He’s great, although I really disliked Aria and The Player, and I think MASH is average/

    • Nice picks! I’m going to try to see Nashville this week and hopefully follow it with The Long Goodbye.

  8. MASH, definitely my favorite.

  9. Popeye! No I’m joking. I really like Short Cuts, but also saw McCabe and Mrs Miller this year for the first time and thought it was excellent…a brilliant ‘anti-westen’. I’ve never seen Nashville though, which I hope to watch at some point, I’ve heard so many good things about it.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m hoping to see Nashville later this week.

  10. This is a really tough call. I’ll give a slight edge to The Long Goodbye. I love what he does with the detective genre, and Elliott Gould is the perfect choice for it. Coming in right behind it are Nashville, The Player, Gosford Park, and MASH. There are a lot of other good contenders too.

    • Nice picks! I’ll try to watch The Long Goodbye soon.

  11. Sadly, the only Altman film I have seen is Nashville, which I loved. I’m actually reading through the collection of Raymond Carver short stories that inspired Short Cuts right now, so I will be watching that soon.

    • I haven’t seen much by him as well, but I know I’ll see Nashville soon. Short Cuts is an amazing movie.

  12. Popeye, just kidding. Actually, The Player followed by M.A.S.H.

  13. Am I allowed to say Popeye? Or will I get kicked out of the movie blogging community?

    • I actually liked Popeye, but I saw that about twelve years ago and don’t remember anything about it other than Robin Williams was the protagonist. Thanks for commenting.

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