Posted by: ckckred | June 17, 2013

This Is The End

A very funny look at the rapture

A very funny look at the rapture

I wasn’t too sure what I was thinking when I wandered into This Is The End on Friday night.  I typically don’t go for raunchy R-rated comedies these days (though there many I enjoy), nor am I a big fan of actor Seth Rogen.  I was in fact expecting something not much better than Grown Ups.

But after seeing the movie, I will admit that my prediction was completely wrong.  I laughed a lot during This Is The End, a hilarious look at the apocalypse through the eyes of a group of comedians playing themselves.  It’s crude, vulgar, and violent, sometimes all at the same time, but it’s also pretty funny.

The film begins with Seth Rogen picking up his old friend Jay Baruchel in Las Angeles.  Soon, both head over to James Franco’s house, who’s holding a massive party in his mansion.  But things start going array when the rapture occurs and all sinners must remain on Earth and endure hellfire and the wrath of Satan.  After a huge sinkhole kills most of the celebrities at the party, Jay, Seth, and James attempt to survive in the mansion along with Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, and Danny McBride.

The rest of the film is devoted to the comedians trying to endure the apocalypse.  In a way, it’s like Night of the Living Dead, except with celebrities.  I expected This Is The End to be a lazy excuse for a bunch of friends to hang out together, but that isn’t true at all.  All of the actors are willing to do anything to get a laugh and like on Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm play parodies of themselves.  James Franco acts like an artistic snob who continuously sucks up to Seth and Danny McBride takes the part that Danny McBride plays in all of his movies.  Even the short cameos by other celebrities are self-mocking.  In his small role, Michael Cera plays a coked-up womanizer, something I would have never expected.  Not to mention there’re plenty of references to the actors’ past work, including Freaks and Geeks, Pineapple Express, Spider-Man 3, and Moneyball.

This Is The End isn’t a flawless comedy to say.  The beginning is inconsistent and the movie really doesn’t know how to end.  But it’s very effective, often very hilarious, and thus far the year’s best comedy.



  1. I saw the trailer and thought it looked as if the film could go either way. But I really want to see it – so I’m glad that you liked it. Nice write-up!

    • Thanks! I actually had similar thoughts as well and I usually don’t go for these kind of movies but I really enjoyed it.

  2. Nice review! I like Seth Rogan a lot and think he’s quite funny as the bumbling average Joe. I want to see this and glad you liked it.

    • Thanks! I usually don’t go for Rogen’s stuff, but I thought this was really funny and easily the best comedy of the year.

  3. Sweet, hoping to catch this on Wednesday!

    • Thanks for the comment. Best of comedy of 2013 so far. I was laughing for most of the movie.

  4. Strong work as usual. Been looking forward to this one.

    • Thanks! Hope you enjoy it, best comedy thus far this year.

  5. I was so expecting this to be a complete stinker but it’s getting quite good reviews. I may well check it out. Nice write up mate.

    • Thanks! I actually thought it’d be pretty bad, but it’s really funny. One of the better comedies in recent years.

  6. Haven’t seen this yet, thanks for confirming it’s actually worth a watch. Although I probably would have anyway, I’m a massive James Franco fan.

    • Thanks for the comment, I hope you enjoy it. I haven’t laughed so hard in a recent movie for quite a while.

  7. Loved this movie because it never stopped with the laughs, even when it got a tad serious by the end. A tad. Good review.

    • Thanks! Funniest movie of 2012 so far by a large margin.

  8. I watched this yesterday and laughed and laughed and laughed. Like you I’m not the biggest fan of R-Rated comedies or Seth Rogen, but he and Evan Goldberg hit it out of the park.

    Good review.

    • Thanks! Funniest comedy for quite a while.

  9. Totally agree. Easily the year’s funniest movie. I have a hard time envisioning any movie taking the crown, either! 😀

    • Thanks for the comment. If there’s a funnier movie this year, then it’s going to be a great year for comedies.

  10. Glad to know you enjoyed it as well, this thing was just painfully funny in places. And I’d also go ahead and agree with you about the ending — it does meander and drag a little before the hilarious final scene (which I was totally not expecting). I can only hope Heaven is as fun as this made it look. Nice review.

    • Thanks! The ending is a bit weak, at least before the hilarious final scene, but I really enjoyed the movie. I can’t image anything funnier coming out later this year.

  11. Hey, I don’t go for raunchy R-rated comedies either and I’m also not a fan of Seth Rogen. In fact I’m not familiar w/ any of the actors’ work here so the references might be lost on me. I think this is one I might just skip. Good that you enjoyed it more than you thought though.

    • Thanks! I’m not big on those kind of movies either but I haven’t laughed so hard in a recent movie for quite a while. I think it might actually be best seeing in a theater since the crowd I was with was laughing at every single joke.

  12. Great look at this one, man. I also saw it over the weekend and had a blast with it. Loved the self-deprecating humor.

    • Thanks! Yeah, it was hilarious and I might actually try to see it the second time. I loved the parody James Franco played of himself.

  13. LOVED IT!! I laughed from beginning to end! Saw it 2x already and may be back for more…best comedy, so far, for 2013!

    Great write-up! Later! 😀

    • Thanks! I feel like watching it a second time already.

  14. Night of the Living Dead, except with celebrities. Ha ha. Perfect description!

    • Thanks! I haven’t laughed this hard at a recent comedy for quite a while. In fact, I may see it again.

  15. hahah perfect way to describe it with the Night of the Living Dead but with celebrities! I loved the whole reference to Rosemary’s Baby & The Exorcist had me in tears

    • Thanks! The exorcism scene had me rolling over. So funny.

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