Posted by: ckckred | June 9, 2013

Who is Your Favorite Actress?

Julianne Moore's one of my favorite actresses

Julianne Moore’s one of my favorite actresses

To complement my question a few weeks ago about actors, today’s question is about actresses.  So who is your favorite actress.

I’m not sure who I’d pick as my favorite actress of all time.  However, I think Julianne Moore’s the best actress working today and as much as I love Kim Basinger in L. A. Confidential, I think Moore deserved the Oscar more for her role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights.

But who’s your favorite actress?


  1. Sally Field definitely!!

  2. I don’t have a favorite-favorite actress, but I have a few ones that I really like. Marion Cotillard, Isabelle Huppert, Sally Field, Jessica Chastain, Meryl Streep, Judi Dench, and the list goes ON…

    Nice question! 🙂

    • Nice selection of picks. Chastain’s one of the best actresses working today.

  3. Tilda Swinton, Vera Farmiga and Cate Blanchett 🙂

    • Nice picks. I’m a fan of Swinton as well.

  4. I have way too many to list but one that I like and respect a lot is Tilda Swinton. If there was to be a movie made about my life. I would want Miss Swinton to play me. I think she would be the only one to get my looks and manerisms down. This was a Fun post.

    • Thanks! Swinton’s one of my favorite actresses as well.

  5. Old School Lauren Bacall
    80s/90s. Sigourney Weaver / Pfeiffer
    Recently. Julianne Moore / Jessica Chastain

    • Nice picks. Glad to see some love for both Moore and Chastain.

  6. Setsuko Hara (you’ll know her from Tokyo Story as Noriko, the daughter-in-law). She’s great in Ozu’s films.

    It’s either her or Lillian Gish, who starred in a ton of D. W. Griffith films.

    • Hara’s a great pick and she was fantastic in Tokyo Story. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Ingrid Bergman and Katherine Hepburn. I don’t know who I would pick from those still working… Jennifer Lawrence maybe? Probably her or Cary Mulligan, but that’s not a very definite answer.

    • Oh just kidding! I would pick Amy Adams out of actresses working today. She really surprised me with her performance in the Master and has earned my respect ever since.

      • Nice picks. I enjoy Bergman and Hepburn’s work as well. I also really like Amy Adams and feel she deserved an Oscar for her performance in The Master.

  8. Older would be Meryl Streep and younger would be Emma Stone 🙂

  9. JODIE FOSTER. Period. Always Has Been, Always Will Be. 😀

    • Great pick. Jodie Foster always delivers great roles.

  10. Gosh, how can you narrow it to one? Helen Mirren and Naomi Watts.

    • Nice picks, I really enjoy Watts’ work. I’m surprised she was nominated for her performance in Mulholland Drive.

      • If David Lynch were a painter, he’d be Salvador Dali. Lynch is so surreal and beautiful and interesting and horrifying all wrapped up at once. What a way for Naomi to break into pictures. She has a universal quality about her. You’d want her to be your sister, your wife,your daughter, your mother….

      • Yeah, I agree. I’m a big fan of Lynch and Mulholland Drive’s in my own top five. Watts was really amazing.

  11. I don’t even know right now… Jodie Foster is an all time fave, like Brad mentioned. Currently working? Its up for grabs I think.

    • Yeah, I feel I could call a tie between Moore, Jessica Chastain, and Amy Adams for the best actress working today. Jodie Foster’s a great choice and she’s one of my favorites as well.

  12. Oh, yes! Julianne Moore is fantastic, and she was the heart and soul of ‘Boogie Nights’. She’s long overdue by recognition by the Academy, too.

    • Glad to see a fellow Moore fan. Kim Basinger was great in LA Confidential but Moore deserved the Oscar more.

  13. Currently: Melissa George

    Possible Future Contender: Brit Marling

  14. Jena Malone aka BEST IN THE WORLD!!!

  15. It’s a tossup between Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan for me.

    • Nice picks, I think both Williams and Mulligan are great as well.

  16. Hmmm, tough one. Not sure I have a definitive favourite but Marion Cottilard is definitely up there for me.

    • Marion Cottilard’s a great pick, I really enjoy her work.

  17. I like a lot of what Rachel McAdams does, as well as Amy Adams and Hillary Swank. I guess I don’t feel as strongly about one actress over another as I do with actors.

    • Nice picks! I enjoy McAdams, Adams, and Swank as well.

  18. I’m going with Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams.

    • Nice picks! Both are two of my favorite actresses.

  19. For old school class I adore Grace Kelly, my current favourite is Amy Adams and quickly catching up is Brit Marling and Jennifer Lawrence.

    • Nice picks! Amy Adams is one of my current favorites as well.

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