Posted by: ckckred | June 8, 2013

Brazil: A Reconsideration

I give Brazil another chance

I give Brazil another chance

Editor’s Note: For a new feature for my blog, I thought I would re-review movies I initially disliked (or vice-versa) but others did to see if I would reevaluate them.  My first entry is Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.

Original Thoughts:

You can read my original view here, but I’ll echo some of my sentiments.  Brazil is a visually impressive film that gets lost in its special effects.  The storyline is very complex and hard to follow, leaving me confused at what was going on.  Though undoubtedly a well-made picture, Brazil just didn’t work for me.

Why I Decided To Watch It Again:

I read plenty of reviews of Brazil after watching it, many of which discussed about the Orwellian features of the film as well as its satirical humor.  The version released in theaters actually cut out much screen time hurting the story (I saw the film last August and since then the Criterion Collection has released the original cut on DVD).  This alone urged me to see it again.

My Reevaluation:

Did my opinion change about Brazil?  When I saw it again, I felt I was able to grasp the story more, now having a better understanding of it.  I wouldn’t consider Brazil to be in the same rank as 2001: A Space OdysseyA. I.: Artificial Intelligence, or Blade Runner, but it was a far better movie than I made it out to be.  I found it a funny, if bizarre, look at future society and its commentary on society and the government is still relevant today.


Out of Four Stars

Original: **1/2

New: ***1/2



  1. A film that’s right up there with the very best in my opinion. The story behind Gilliam’s fight with the US distributor over their demand for a happy ending is the stuff of Hollywood legend. Nicely done.

    • Thanks! It’s a shame what happened to the US distribution. It really is a great film, even though I had a few problems with it.

  2. I tried watching this but fell asleep. Not certain if it was the film or the fact I started watching at about midnight. Got to give this one another try as I liked Gilliam’s direction in 12 Monkeys and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. O and Time Bandits can’t forget about Time Bandits.

    • It’s definitely a film worth seeing again. The first time I saw it I couldn’t make heads or tails of the film, but after a second viewing I really appreciated it. If you liked Gilliam’s other films, I think you’ll enjoy this as well. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I haven’t seen this movie, but as I’m a fan of Terry Gilliam (at least in Monty Python lol) I should watch it.

    • It’s undoubtedly one to seek out, though watch the Criterion version which is Gilliam’s cut. I found it better after a second viewing and if you like Monty Python, you’ll really enjoy it. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Great idea for a series, ckckred. I’ve enjoyed ‘Brazil’ better in later viewings, but it’s still something I can’t quite get next to.

    • Thanks! Even after a second viewing I felt something was missing from Brazil, but I still really enjoyed it.

  5. Worth watching for some truly memorable performances by Robert DeNiro, Michael Palin, Katherine Helmond, and Bob Hoskins. I can empathize with your original view of it. When I first saw it I found it visually stunning, but not too exciting. Upon subsequent views I’ve noticed more nuances. Perhaps maturity adds to its appeal as well. A nice review.

    • Thanks! It really improves after a second viewing and maybe after a third one I’ll love it. Definitely is a very subtle films full of interesting metaphors.

  6. Awesome! So glad that you liked it more this second time. It’s really a great satire and one of my favorite Gilliam films. 🙂

    • Thanks! I like 12 Monkeys a bit more, but this is still a very good film.

  7. Great idea for a series of posts. Would be very keen to read more of these, especially any films that you initially liked but came to dislike. I agree with you on Brazil. Tis a very interesting film, if not quite at the very very top of the genre.

    • Thanks! Yeah, Brazil is a very good film. I wasn’t completely in love with it and it isn’t at the same level as Blade Runner, but it’s still an exception movie.

  8. I like your new feature – very nice!

    I like this movie quite a bit : )

    • Thanks! I really enjoyed it a second time around.

  9. Love how you reevaluated this! Great feature and something I like to do as well. Sometimes your tastes for film change, or maybe you just weren’t in the right mood when you see a film. It’s something we all should do, second chances.

    • Thanks! I feel giving a movie a second viewing often helps to improve the experience. I have a few other entries planned for the next few weeks.

  10. I like this “second chance” feature. You should do more.

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