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Who Is Your Favorite Actor?

Today, I decided to ask who is your favorite actor?  Actors are meant to bring characters alight, and the best make their roles become legends.  Who doesn’t remember Lt. Kilgore leading a helicopter brigade in Apocalypse Now or Tommy De Vito rampaging against Henry Hill in GoodFellas? Without their actors (Robert Duvall and Joe Pesci respectively) those characters might have not as been so iconic.

De Niro as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver

De Niro as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver

My vote would go to Robert De Niro.  I think he’ll be known as the greatest actor of all time in about ten or so years from now and he’s delivered so many great performances over the years (many of them with his long time collaborator director Martin Scorsese).  Marlon Brando comes as a close second for me (coincidently, both played Vito Corleone in The Godfather series).

But who is your pick?



  1. Robert Downey Jr, for many reasons…not just because he’s gorgeous, but that does play a big part xD
    I own most of his filmography and think he’s an amazing actor, he made Tony Stark iconic

    • I like RDJ as well. Nice pick.

  2. Daniel Day Lewis, period!

    • He’s a great actor for sure. His performance in There Will Be Blood is one of the best I’ve seen. Nice pick.

  3. Too many to name but I definitely agree that Robert De Niro is up there with the best. I’d also say Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson. There’s so much choice!

    • Nice picks. Nicholson and Newman have done a lot of great work over the years.

  4. EASY question for me! Humphrey Bogart! He’ll always be my favorite. We have tremendous actors working now but none come close to Bogie for me. Jimmy Stewart is a distant second. Talk about a fantastic actor. I love watching his work.

    Russell Crowe is my favorite living actor. I think Crowe has shown such a solid range throughout his career. He has such a presence even in lesser movies. Daniel Day-Lewis is the ‘best’ living actor but Crowe is my ‘favorite’ living actor.

    • Bogart and Stewart are two of my favorites as well. I’ve always liked Crowe and DDL has never delivered a bad performance. Nice picks.

  5. Good solid answers, if not a bit traditional. For me it’s Jack Nicholson, such character and vigor in all of his performances. Other than that, I’d say Daniel Day-Lewis as the best technical actor.

    • Jack Nicholson’s a great pick. He always adds such a vitality to his characters. DDL has never delivered a bad performance in my opinion. Thanks for commenting.

      • Oh and one I forgot to mention, lesser known actor J.T Walsh. He’s mainly a character actor, and never played lead roles, but he was always so despicable.

  6. De Niro is my favourite.
    Tati is the best.

    • De Niro is an actor who I think will become as praised as Jimmy Stewart. I have sadly seen nothing with Tati in it, which I hope to resolve soon. Thanks for commenting.

  7. It’s Cary Grant for me.

    • Nice pick. Cary Grant is great.

  8. Let’s go with Pacino, just to be different. 😉

    • Nice to see Pacino get a shout out. He’s a great actor, even though he’s fallen on hard times recently.

  9. You know… I don’t think I have one. I just like different performances. I think I look for director’s being attached to films more than actors. But if I had to choose I would probably agree with leopard and say cary grant.

    • Cary Grant’s a great choice. He’s had plenty of fantastic performance.

    • I think I’m the same these days. At one time my favourite actor might have been DeNiro or Pacino. I still like those guys, but good god, they’ve starred in so much shit in the latter half of their careers.

      Good actors need good directors.

      • Yeah, both De Niro and Pacino have starred in some really bad stuff lately. They’ve had some good moments (De Niro had Silver Linings Playbook and Pacino had You Don’t Know Jack), but then they’ve starred in some pretty dreadful movies. I heard that Scorsese’s planning to make a film with the two, so hopefully they’ll recover.

  10. Oh this is a tough one. When I asked this I go with Brando, but there are so many answers. A lot of times the problem I have is that I see one performance I like and then I immediately like that actor. Actors’ filmographies are even harder to check off than directors’!
    I’ll just throw some of my favorites out there that haven’t been mentioned yet: Christoph Waltz, Michael Fassbender, George Clooney, Joaquin Phoenix, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, and Peter O’Toole. I usually say O’Toole is my second favorite only because I haven’t seen as much of him as Brando, and Brando’s performances are more iconic in general.
    Great question, though! There are a lot of great actors out there!

    • Nice picks. Brando’s great and O’Toole’s great himself. In fact, even Brando’s weaker performances are fun to watch.

  11. Edward Motherfucking Norton. Every other choice is impossible to decide between

    • Norton’s pretty great. I still say he was robbed of an Oscar for American History X.

  12. Of all time I’m going to have to settle with Jimmy Stewart hands down!!!! For young actors though I’m loving the direction Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been heading. Haha I just recently watched Jackie Brown with De Niro in it, I’m not sure if you’ve seen it but I love when he loses his temper in that movie.

    • Jimmy Stewart’s one of my favorites as well. De Niro’s role in Jackie Brown is pretty great, one of his most overlooked performances.

  13. Right now, Ryan Gosling is my favorite actor at the moment. Of all-time… that’s tough. Probably Marlon Brando.

    • Brando and Gosling are great choices.

  14. I’m on your side man, Robert DeNiro would have to be my favorite as well. His appearance in Silver Linings was the cherry on top for me.

    • Thanks! De Niro is a great actor and I was hoping he might have won an Oscar for SLP/

  15. I’ll list this by era: 40s Humphrey Bogart, 50s Cary Grant, 60s Paul Newman, 70s Jack Nicholson, 80s Harrison Ford, 90s Tom Hanks, 00s Russell Crowe, and current Benedict Cumberbatch.

    • Nice picks. Cumberbatch is one of the best actors working today for sure.

  16. Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite. He has done out and out bad guys (Django Unchained) to those with shades of grey (Blood Diamond, Catch Me If You Can) to just complicated ones (The Aviator, The Departed).

    In a way, Leo succeeded De Niro as far as Scorsese is concerned.


    • DiCaprio is pretty great and I’ve always admired the range of characters he has done.

  17. Paul Newman. Always entertaining no matter the movie.

    • Paul Newman’s one of my faves as well. He always delivers great performances.

  18. Another boringly agreement answer but has to be De Niro for me 🙂

    • De Niro’s awesome, glad you agree. No one can deliver a performance like he does.

  19. Nice post! I do like DeNiro, but feel he only excels when paired with Scorsese. My favourite current actor would be Michael Fassbender- he is always pitch-perfect. Looking back a few years, I’m a fan of Jacques Tati.

    I must admit though – no women mentioned here? oh, my! 😉 I’ll break the trend and mention Juliette Binoche, who I think is an extremely talented actress.

    • Thanks! De Niro’s done great work outside of Scorsese like The Godfather Part II or more recently in Silver Linings Playbook, but he’s at the top of his game when paired with Scorsese. Fassbender’s an excellent choice, he’s a great actor. As I said before to Thomas, I shamefully have seen nothing by Tati.

      I was planning on a post specifically focused on actresses in a few works, but Binoche’s a great choice.

      • Oh yes – the Godfather is a great role of course 🙂 My mind has been clouded by Meet the Fockers I think 😉 looking forward to your post looking at great actresses!

  20. Man. I love questions like this. There are so many reasons people list for their favorite actors. And everytime I go to answer such a question, it seems my answer changes. haha

    This time around, I think I’m going to answer that my current “temporary” favorite actor is Matthew McConaughey. WHATTT?? I know…hear me out.

    Not the rom-com, “how to lose a guy in 10 days” Matt McC, but the Lincoln Lawyer/Killer Joe/Mud version of him. Anytime I see him in a film like that, he does NOT disappoint.

    and I liked him in Tropic Thunder in his comedic role. Sure, he makes you roll your eyes in his lil rom-coms, but may he keeps your eyes wide open in anticipation in his dramatic roles.

    so, there ya have it. Having recently seen Mud, I’m saying Matthew McConaughey. haha

    (*takes a bow. Commence the tomato throwing)

    • I don’t disagree with Matthew McConaughey, I think he’s a great actor as well. He’s really committed himself to acting and has delivered some very fine performances in the past year. I saw Mud a while ago and loved his role in it. Thanks for commenting.

  21. I would have to say that I am a HUGE Edward Norton fan. He is phenomenal in everything he does.

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