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The Ten Best Office Episodes

In tribute to the series, I name my ten favorite episodes

In tribute to the series, I name my ten favorite episodes

As the series ends this Thursday, I will now choose my ten favorite episodes from The Office.  Back in the mid to late 2000s, The Office was the best half hour on television.  While the show declined in quality within the last few years, it still holds its title as one of the greatest sitcoms ever made.

10. “Dwight’s Speech” (Season 2, Episode 17)


A great and very funny episode that involves Dwight attempting to make a speech in front of a group of salesmen.  Jim pranks Dwight into using an altered version of a Mussolini speech, which works surprisingly well.

9. “Weight Loss” (Season 5, Episode 1)


One of the best one hour long episodes of the series has Michael attempting to put the Scranton branch in a weight loss competition.  As well as exploring Michael and Holly’s relationship, this episode has Jim proposing to Pam.

8. “Safety Training” (Season 3, Episode 20)


One of the series’ funniest episodes, “Safety Training” has Michael try to demonstrate the dangers of the Office by faking suicide.  The premise may sound very dark, but “Safety Training” has some of the biggest laughs in the series.

7. “Diversity Day” (Season 1, Episode 2)


The first truly great episode of The Office came from the series’ bumpy first season, which indicates the peak the show would later climb.  After doing a Chris Rock impression, Michael attempts to teach the office about diversity by labeling others with cultural stereotypes.

6. “The Fire” (Season 2, Episode 17)


Another great Office episode, “The Fire” explores Michael and Dwight’s uneasy relationship as a fire alarm goes off in the building.  It also has a great ending.

5. “A Benihana Christmas” (Season 3, Episode 10)


The series hit a personal high with “A Benihana Christmas.”  After getting dumped by Carol for phoyoshopping his face on her ex-husband’s, Michael attempts to find love to a Benihana restaurant.  Jim also pranks Dwight in making him believe he’s an agent in the CIA.  Did I mention it’s a Holiday episode as well and directed by Harold Ramis?

4. “Goodbye, Toby” (Season 4, Episode 18)


The Michael-Toby relationship has provided The Office with its darkest humor and this episode explores the extent of Michael’s hatred to the human resources drone.  The episode also provides an introduction to Holly.

3. “Gay Witch Hunt” (Season 3, Episode 1)


Greg Daniels won a well-deserved Emmy for writing for this episode.  After discovering Oscar is gay, Michael attempts to apologize for making earlier slurs, leading to one of the show’s funniest moments.

2. “”Goodbye, Michael” (Season 7, Episode 22)


The only post-season five episode on this list is also one of the show’s best.  “Goodbye, Michael” is sad, tearful, and funny and provides the departure of Michael Scott.  I’m still gutted that Steve Carell hasn’t won an Emmy for his role.

1. “Stress Relief” (Season 5, Episode 14)


When I was attempting to make this list, I knew from the beginning “Stress Relief” would be my number one choice.  Premiering after the Super Bowl, “Stress Relief” has Michael try to relief the office’s anxiety after Stanley suffers a heart attack.  Every bit of the episode from its opening scene is hilarious.



  1. Gay Witch Hint was hilarious. Michael outs the poor guy in front of the office! Classic episode amongst classic episodes. Nice list man.

    • Thanks! It’s a great episode for sure. One of my favorites of the series.

  2. This is where I hide behind the cooler, peep my head out, then admit I’ve never seen an episode of “The Office”. Shame on me.

    • Oh, you’re in for a treat. The series is available on Netflix, though skip to the second season, where the show becomes really great.

  3. The episode last week was easily my favourite since Michael left. Hopefully he appears in the final, but it will be sad to see it end.

    Luckily the original David Brent is back after 10 years in a series of Youtube stuff so its all good 🙂

    • I saw it last week and would agree. I heard Carell was at the taping of the last episode, but the crew hasn’t said whether he was in it or not. I can always count on David Brent for a laugh. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Haha I love those! Darryl was so hilarious in Safety Training – “I’m legitimately scared for my workers” 😛

    • Love that episode so much, particularly when Dwight drops a watermelon on a trampoline and it lands on Stanley’s car.

  5. Great list. Has a lot of my favorites. I also liked “The Return” (where Andy loses his cool and punches a hole in the wall) and “Booze Cruise” (where Michael performs an amazing and very short-lived dance).

    So many more episodes where Michael stole the show from everyone else. The show was great as long as Michael was present. Since then, it has taken a nose dive in quality.

    I hear Steve makes a cameo in the final episode.


    • Thanks! Booze Cruise and The Return almost made my list. I hope Carell has a cameo in the final episode.

  6. Nice picks, definitely some classic moments there, and I was just youtubing the “Dwight, you ignorant slut!” bit from Safety Training the other day. XD

    The last couple seasons may not have been the greatest, but it’s still gonna be sad to see this show go.

    • Thanks! Yeah, the show’s fallen for quite a while, but it’s sad to know it’ll be leaving the air.

  7. Cool idea. I haven’t seen The Office in a while but I always have fond memories of “Basketball” and “Dinner Party”.

    • Thanks! Basketball and The Dinner Party are great episodes.

  8. I’ve seen every episodes (s 1-6) about four times (on TV when I’m going to sleep). I don’t think it’s the greatest comedy, especially compared to others like Arrested Development, but I will be sad to see it go.

    I’ll probably end up watching all of the episodes again in a week or two.

    • I’ve probably seen season 3 at least five times. I’d put The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Fawlty Towers, and Arrested Development ahead of it, but it remains one of my favorite TV series. And while the show has been weak for the past few seasons, I’m sad to see it go as well and hope Greg Daniels will deliver a great finale. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Where’s the Dinner Party?

    • Dinner Party was a contender for the list. It was one of the few I feel bad for excluding.

  10. Oh good, I was worried you weren’t going to have Gay Witch Hunt on the list for a while there.

    • That’s a great episode no doubt. I worked on a few drafts before and on one put it at the top spot. Thanks for commenting.

  11. “The Fire Guy.”

    Cool post! Too many great episodes to name, but I have fond memories of The Dundies, Booze Cruise and Casino Night. I guess it’s a season 2 Jim & Pam thing…

    • Thanks! I had a tough time choosing the list as their were plenty of great episodes.

  12. Great list! It’s been a while since I saw the earlier episodes so I can’t pinpoint my favorites, but you’ve made me want to go through and watch all of them again. Such a fun show.

    • Thanks! There were a few I sadly left off like DInner Party. The show has plenty of great episodes,

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