Posted by: ckckred | May 12, 2013

What Movies Are You Looking For This Summer?

Since the summer season is starting soon for movies, I’d thought I’d ask today what movies are you looking forward to?  There have been few notable films thus far this year, but by summer studios start launching their biggest films, plus some interesting indies will be debuting.

How can you see this picture and not be excited?

How can you see this picture and not be excited?

There are a few I want to see.  One of them is Before Midnight.  Though I haven’t seen any of the prequels, the movie has already received unanimous praise.  Pacific Rim looks pretty strong as well and I always enjoy Guillermo Del Toro’s work.  My most anticipated movie though is Only God Forgives, which reunites director Nicolas Refn and Ryan Gosling after Drive.

But what are your picks?



  1. Pretty much everything you’ve listed, plus Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium and Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity.

    • Great picks. I forgot about Gravity, that’s one I’m really looking forward to as well.

  2. Eylsium could be really good. Pacific Rim, of course Only God Forgives, but my biggest hope is Man of Steel…please don’t get it wrong (crosses fingers)

    • Only God Forgives and Pacific Rim look great. I also have high hopes for Man of Steel as well.

  3. Pacific Rim and The World’s End for me. Looks to be a great summer for sci-fi!

    • Both look good and I’ll be checking them out.

  4. Like you, Only God Forgives is the one I’m now looking forward to 🙂

    • I have a feeling it will be as great as Drive. The trailers looked phenomenal and I’m excited to see it.

      • You never know, it just may be!

  5. Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, Despicable Me 2, Only God Forgives, Hangover III, Fast and Furious 6…. are there any that I missed? Thats enough right? LOL 😀

    • There are a lot of great movies this summer, that’s for sure. Great picks.

  6. STAR TREK!! Only five more days….!!!
    Also Man of Steel, Much Ado About Nothing, Elysium, Only God Forgives, and Ain’t Them Bodies Saints. But mostly Star Trek. 🙂

    • Great picks. I’ll be seeing Star Trek next week.

  7. Probably a tie between Man of Steel, Wolverine, and your pick, Only God Forgives.

    • Great picks. Only God Forgives could become the next Drive.

  8. I’m looking forward to Trek, Superman, and Elysium. I think people went a little too crazy over Drive, so I don’t know about this Only God Forgives movie. I suppose I’ll have to see it to know what its like, since reviews wont help. I have a feeling drive fans have bent their minds to love it no matter what.

    • Good picks. I think Only God Forgives will definitely have a large audience of Drive fans.

  9. Elysium, You’re Next and The World’s End

    • Nice picks.

    • Ryan, did you forget “The Purge”? Or just not interested in it? I am looking forward to it! 🙂

      • I dunno man, I’m looking forward to it for sure but early reviews have not been kind so far. You’re Next has been loved by just about everyone since it ran festivals a couple of years ago so I’m definitely more excited to see that one if I had to choose between home invasion flicks this summer!

    • Oh yeah, Ryan, and “The Conjuring”. You forgot that one! We’re both expecting that one to deliver based off those trailers. 🙂

  10. Man of Steel. I wanted to see The Great Gatsby, but reviews indicate this might be one of Leo’s rare missteps.


    • I just saw TGG yesterday and I felt it was pretty weak, though Leo was pretty good in it. Thanks for commenting.

  11. Only God Forgives and Man of Steel top my list. Can’t wait for those movies.

    • Nice picks. I’m eager to see both as well.

  12. Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Elysium. My most anticipated of what’s left 😀

    • Haha, I’m going to have to see plenty of films this summer.

      • I have already seen Oblivion, Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness 😀

  13. Foxcatcher. It’s made by the same guy who did Moneyball. I personally think he’s one of the most talented men in Hollywood right now.

    • I’m a fan of Bennett Miller as well and Moneyball was one of my favorite movies of 2011. I heard about it a while ago and I’m excited to see it.. Thanks for commenting.

  14. Man of Steel, and Only God Forgives are the two biggies for me. I like a bit of horror now and again, and think The Purge doesn’t look too bad. It’s standard home invasion horror, but I like the central idea of the future society having one night where all crime is legal.

    • Nice picks. Only God Forgives looks great.

  15. Tobias Lindholm’s “A Highjacking” looks like it has potential….

    • I’m excited for that one.

  16. 1. The Purge 2. Now You See Me 3. Only God Forgives 4. The Conjuring 5. You’re Next

  17. Elysium is the Summer movie I’m looking forward to most. But what will be the biggest hits? I made predictions with 4 other films fans as to what will make the Top 10 box office of the season. It’s all right here:

    [audio src="" /]

    • I’m looking forward to Elysium as well. I’ll check out that link soon. Thanks for commenting.

  18. Like a lot of people above I’m looking forward to Elysium. I thought I’d had my fill of superhero films until I heard Hans Zimmer’s score for Man of Steel…then the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, so hopeful that lives up to expectation! Looking forward to The World’s End too.

  19. Without a doubt ‘Only God Forgives’…..that’s about the only one so far that I think I’ll see opening night.

    • I’m really excited about that one and I will do anything to see it on opening night.

  20. All been mentioned so far but Only God Forgives, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim and Before Midnight. I’m also hoping Mud gets a proper release near me.

    • Nice picks. I hope Mud gets some attention, great film.

  21. Only God Forgives and Pacific Rim are at the top of my list and no I have not had a chance to see Mud yet ;-(

    • Both of those are at the top of my list as well. Mud’s great, almost as good as Take Shelter.

  22. Originally “Star Trek”, and “Kick-Ass 2”. I have since added “Man of Steel”.

    Smaller films I am looking forward to, or films that were not on my radar until recently are “Elysium”, “Before Midnight”, and “Now You See Me”.

    • Nice picks. I’m really eager to see Elysium.

  23. Before Midnight and Only God Forgives are my top two picks.

    • Both I’m really looking forward to seeing as well.

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