Posted by: ckckred | May 7, 2013

Announcement of a New Feature: Great TV Series

old-TVPartly inspired by Roger Ebert’s Great Movies essays, I’ve decided to create a new feature to my blog called “Great TV Series.”  I’ll be honoring some of my favorite TV shows, discuss their history, analyze their impact, and tell my thoughts about them.

This will not be a regular feature, but I have a few planned in the future.  I will have one written for The Office in a few weeks as well as some for Arrested DevelopmentTwin Peaks, and King of the Hill.  Hopefully this will be popular enough to continue, as I would love to discuss some of my favorite shows.




  1. It’s a good idea! I had myself been thinking about talking about TV shows. A lot of the best filmed material is on TV and has been for quite some time. I look forward to reading the pieces.

    • Thanks! Yeah, it really is the golden age for TV right now since there’s been plenty of great series airing now like Breaking Bad and Louie.

  2. Seinfeld!!!! 🙂

    • That’s definitely going to be an entry since Seinfeld’s one of my favorite TV series. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Looking forward to this.

  4. LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good idea here my man. Not many are discussing or focusing on tv shows and let’s face it. We have ones we adore. Look forward to this one.

    • Thanks! I have one for The Office coming out next week in time for the series finale, and I’ll have one in the future for Twin Peaks.

  6. Sounds good! Dexter & Sopranos better make an appearance 😉

    • Thanks! The Sopranos is my favorite drama and that will make an appearance soon hopefully. I will have one for Dexter before its series finale.

  7. Awesome, great idea. I would like to read more TV focused content.

  8. I am def looking forward to your thoughts on Arrested Development and its return…along with the rather disappointing The Office and its end (these last 2 seasons have just been bleah)

    a great idea. Are you going more for the recent and still airing shows, are will you be focusing more on the ones that have ceased but were good while they lasted? or, just whatever comes to mind?

    • Thanks! I’ve been quite lazy on my TV reviews. I haven’t written any recaps of Mad Men thus far this season. I’m going to try to recap every new episode of Arrested Development and write a few posts next week for The Office. I’ll be writing about a few classic shows as well as some still airing.

  9. I like it! Looking forward to your selections.

  10. I just started streaming the X-files and Dr. Who…. But what I really look forward to is your discussion of Magnum PI.

    • I actually haven’t seen Magnum PI, but I do love the X-Files and Dr. Who. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • First season was a little lame but it got better

  11. You could also have guest poster to write about some of their favorite great series.

    • I’m thinking of starting up a guest post page soon. Thanks for the recommendation!

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