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Which Recent Films Do You Think Will Age Well?

Today’s question deals with the future, or more specifically what we think about it.  I wanted to ask which recent movies do you think will age well?  By that, I mean what films will be praised in future years by audiences.  Many films well liked in their day have received much backlash and aren’t remembered as highly (Titanic), while some were misinterpreted and received acclaim years after their release (Blade Runner).

Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master will certainly become a hot subject for critics

Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master will certainly become a hot subject for critics

I can name a few off the top of the top of my head (I’m setting the time frame for the last three years).  My picks would be The MasterThe Tree of LifeAmourA Separation, and Drive.  The Master is a thought-provoking movie that proves director Paul Thomas Anderson’s skill as a master filmmaker.  The Tree of Life is a nonlinear movie that is a parallel to 2001, and Terrence Malick would have made Kubrick proud with this film.  Amour and A Separation are more conventional picks, but are no less well made.  And Drive‘s highly stylized visuals and smooth soundtrack will surely make it a cult classic.

But what are your picks?



  1. I agree with ‘Drive’ but I’ve not seen the others…I want to though! Really want to see Amour.
    I reckon Robot and Frank will age well, one of my favourite recent releases 🙂

    • I highly recommend them all. Amour is a great one, one of my favorites of last year.

      I missed Robot and Frank in its short run in theaters and I’m hoping to catch it soon. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I’ll go with my favorite film I’ve seen in the cinema in the last couple of years -The Artist. I also think all Tarantino films will age really well so will say my favorite cinema movie so far this year – Django Unchained.

    • Yeah, I think both will be talked about in years to come. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I agree with you on Driver,but as for the master I can only wish I never capture another single scene on TV in the future,the story was bland,the style was amazingly slow and dreary,most pretentious movie of that year will be its lasting memory.

    • Yeah, I’ve been taking a lot of heat for my love of The Master. Glad you agree on Drive though. What are your picks?

      • Would you rather,the liability,chained, all come to mind,I get that we all like different things but I honestly can’t see what anyone got out of that film,I really enjoy independent films that focus in on the strange and unusual,I found the master to be artistic for the sake of being artistic.

      • I see The Master as an experience, where the audience’s reaction is as vital as the film itself. It’s a complex movie, but I don’t see it as pretentious. I do understand others reaction though. Thanks for commenting.

      • Thanks for your view point,I respect it but I can’t agree with it,I look forward to seeing more of your reviews.

  4. As soon as I watched Drive, I thought to myself, they are going to be breaking this one down in film classes for a long time. That elevator scene may be the most beautiful/horrific thing I have seen in the last two years.

    • Drive is great and I think ten years from now people would look at it as a classic noir picture. That elevator scene was really well done. Thanks for commenting.

      • People were gasping and saying O My God and a few people got up and walked out when we saw that at the theater lol

  5. I agree about “The Tree of Life” and “Amour”, two brilliant films. I still don’t see “The Master” as a great movie. I see it as a lesser picture that’s more noted for its fantastic performances. But many disagree with me.

    • The Tree of Life and Amour will definitely be talked about in future years. Yeah, The Master is a very polarizing film, but it worked for me. Thanks for commenting.

      On a side note, I saw Mud yesterday and it lived up to my expectations. Loved it and I should get a review done later this week.

      • That’s awesome to hear. I hope more people get to see Mud. It’s my favorite film of the year so far.

  6. Drive yes definitely. I could also see Silver Linings aging well.

    • Yeah, I think both will age well. Thanks for commenting.

    • Silver Linings is really just an above average romantic comedy. Its not going down in the history books.

  7. I don’t think Drive will actually persist for a long time. I would agree with you on Tree of Life. The Master maybe… unless people finally stop drinking the PTA kool-aid.

    • The Tree of Life’s definitely going to go down in film history. I feel that people will still be debating about The Master in years to come as well. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Aside from those 5 films you mentioned…. “Somewhere”, “Holy Motors”, “The Social Network”, “Rust and Bone”, “Melancholia”, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, “We Need to Talk About Kevin”, and “Shame”.

    • Nice picks. Glad to see The Social Network and Exit Through The Gift Shop get shout-outs. Both movies will be celebrated in the future. Thanks for commenting.

  9. I don’t think Amour will be remembered well. I think as a populous, cinema lovers are becoming more and more sentimental. Amour is a very grisly love story. I appreciate the craft of it greatly, though.

    I agree with The Master, and I’d also add Moonrise Kingdom.

    • You have a point there. Amour is pretty grisly and shows how a twisted love story would be, but I think it will be well remembered, maybe not so much by audiences than critics and historians.

      I’m glad you agree with me on The Master. I’ve taken a lot of heat for my defense of the film. Moonrise Kingdom’s another great choice as well. I’d say it’s Wes Anderson’s most accessible movie and also one of his best. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Definitely think the Tree of Life will become a classic. I could see The Master becoming even more highly praised than it was last year. Both are extremely ambitious films. Drive really does have great cult classic potential. Another I would pick is Zero Dark Thirty.

    By the way, I watched The Master again and thought it was great this time. 🙂

    • The Tree of Life, Drive, and ZDT are all destined to be classics. I’m glad you enjoyed The Master, it really deserves multiple viewings. I bought a blu-ray copy a while ago and have been waiting to find some time to see it again. Thanks for commenting.

  11. I’m with you 100% on The Master. Another one I think will hold up remarkably well is Shame.

    • Glad you agree on The Master. I still haven’t seen Shame, but I really like Michael Fassbender and plan on watching it before 12 Years a Slave comes out. Thanks for commenting.

  12. Children of Men

    • Yeah, that’s a great picture. I think it’s one of the best movies to come out in the past decade. Thanks for commenting.

  13. A great subject. I always like this type of question.

    I’ll say Inception, Black Swan, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, 300 and Gladiator.

  14. Very tough question. I looked-up the past Oscar nominated films for Best Picture and these are my calls for the films that will age well:

    2000 – “Gladiator”
    2001 – “TLOR” The Fellowship of the Ring”
    2002 – “TLOR: The Two Towers”
    2003 – “TLOR: The Return of the King”, “Lost in Translation”
    2004 –
    2005 – “Brokeback Mountain”
    2006 – “Little Miss Sunshine”
    2007 – “No Country for Old Men”, “Atonement”, “There Will Be Blood” (good year)
    2008 – “Milk”
    2009 – “District 9”, “Up”
    2010 – “True Grit”, “The Social Network”
    2011 – “Hugo”, “Moneyball”
    2012 – “Argo”, “Lincoln”

    • Nice picks. 2007 was a great year for film.

  15. For non-Oscar nominated films:

    2000 – “28 Days”, “American Psycho”, “Billy Elliot”, “Sexy Beast”, “Wonder Boys”
    2001 – “Donnie Darko”, “Harry Potter 1”, “Ocean’s Eleven”, “Training Day”, “Zoolander”
    2002 – “Hero”
    2003 – “Elf”, “Kill Bill Vol. 1”, “Pirates of the Carribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl”, “X2: X-Men United”
    2004 – “Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban”, “Collateral”, “Spider-Man 2”
    2005 – “Batman Begins”, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”
    2006 – “Casino Royale”, “The Devil Wears Prada”
    2007 –
    2008 – “The Dark Knight”, “Iron Man”, “Wall-E”
    2009 – “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, “Star Trek”, “(500) Days of Summer”
    2010 – “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”
    2011 – “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”, “Captain America”
    2012 – “The Dark Knight Rises”, “John Carter” (yes, I’m going there. Cult classic in the making.), “Moonrise Kingdom”, “Skyfall”

  16. Of the movies I didn’t see mentioned already I would say maybe Moonrise Kingdom & Place Beyond The Pines, but hands down Drive! One of my favorite movies of all time; it’s executed so well

    • Nice picks! Drive is an amazing movie indeed.

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