Posted by: ckckred | April 30, 2013

Talking About The King of Comedy Screening

Scorsese, De Niro, and Lewis all showed up at the screening

Scorsese, De Niro, and Lewis all showed up at the screening

When I first heard that the Tribeca Film Festival was screening a restoration of Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy, I knew I had to get tickets.  I was lucky enough to receive seat and even managed to sit a few rows away from the stage.  My hope was that either actor Robert De Niro or Scorsese would be there to present the film, but not only did they both show up but comedian Jerry Lewis as well.

Scorsese is my second favorite director after Stanley Kubrick and De Niro is my favorite actor, so I was very excited to see them both.  After the screening ended, there was a twenty minute Q and A with the three.  Scorsese and De Niro described the process of making the movie and described it coming off the shoes of Raging Bull.  Scorsese also described the movie not as a comedy but as a character study, comparing it to some of his other work.  Lewis told a few jokes that had the entire audience laughing.

The digital restoration of the movie is simply stunning and one of the best I’ve seen, rivaling even the Criterion Collection ones.  Using the original camera negative, the restoration was meticulously done with all the colors being vibrant.  The blu-ray edition should come out in a few months and I’ll be sure to preorder it.

While I did not have enough time to get Scorsese or De Niro to sign my copy of Taxi Driver, going to the screening easily the coolest movie-related thing I’ve done ever.  Seeing my cinema idols on stage was a dream for me and was a great opportunity.



  1. That’s amazing man, very cool indeed!

  2. That’s unreal! I’m pretty freaking jealous!!!

    • Thanks! It was great to see them.

  3. You should of made time!! Nothing is more important than meeting them 😉

    • Haha, I would have waited but I was with a few friends go with me who were impatient after the first fifteen minutes.

  4. That is pretty cool! (Now, ahem, I just need to go watch the King of Comedy, eh?)

    • Thanks! I highly recommend it.

  5. That’s so cool.

    • It was great to see them both. Thanks for commenting.

  6. I think the word I’m looking for is “jealous” 😯 LOL

    • Haha, it was great to see them both on stage. I was really lucky to get tickets. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Gah this sounds so cool! I’m incredibly jealous of you right now…

    • It was great. I was really excited when both Scorsese and De Niro came on stage. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Lucky you!

    Scorsese is one of my favorite directors.

    As much as I like his earlier collaborations with De Niro, I enjoy his recent movies with DiCaprio even more – Shutter Island, The Departed and The Aviator.

    I look forward to his upcoming movie again with DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street.


    • Scorsese’s great. I’m really looking forward to The Wolf on Wall Street later this year. Thanks for commenting.

  9. VERY COOL!!!!

    • It was great to see them. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Sounds like an awesome time, man. Thanks for sharing!

    • It was great to see them on stage. Thanks for commenting.

  11. WOW, lucky you! Scorsese, De Niro, and Lewis were all at the screening? I guess great things do come in threes 😀

    • It was awesome to see all three of them up there. Thanks for commenting.

  12. That’s so awesome! King of Comedy is a great movie too.

    • It was great to see them on stage. Thanks!

  13. I’ve never really had a chance to see stars of any magnitude up close…that must have really been something! Now I need to watch The King of Comedy of course!!

    • I highly recommend The King of Comedy. One of Scorsese’s best. Thanks for commenting.

  14. Awesome, meeting your idols is always cool and I can understand it is one of your most memorable movie related things ever. I had that when I met and interviewed Paul Verhoeven earlier this year, nothing can top that feeling 🙂

    • It was great seeing them. Thanks for commenting.

  15. Awesome! I would have loved to have gone to an event like that.

    • It was great to see them.

  16. So awesome! Very jealous 😉

    • It was great to see them. Thanks for commenting.

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