Posted by: ckckred | April 19, 2013

Great Movie and TV Resources

I talk about some great places where I look up movie and TV news

I talk about some great places where I look up movie and TV news

For many filmgoers such as myself interested in learning about the latest in the movie industry, movie and television sites are extremely resourceful.  I often find myself reading articles from other sites.  So since I’m too lazy to write a review right now I would like to talk about a few great film and TV resources I regularly visit.


This site contains all of Ebert’s film reviews as well as his many essays, journal entries, and Great Movie sections.  Despite that the famed film critic passed away a few weeks ago, the site continues to publish reviews written by Richard Roeper and editor Jim Emmerson.

AV Club

Often times when I want to have a good laugh and read some movie info, I go to the AV Club.  The site offers satirical news-bites, in-depth reviews of movies, and TV recaps as well as a weekly list ranging from the best director’s cuts to the best movies of the 90s.

Tuned In

Written by Time Magazine TV critic James Poniewozik, Tuned In offers reviews of some of my favorite TV shows like Breaking Bad and Parks and Recreation as well as editorials on news and new trends.

Tim Goodman

One of my favorite TV sites, which is written by the Hollywood Reporter critic Tim Goodman.  Goodman writes angry and hilarious reviews rants about network television and great analysis on the Emmys.


Another great movie and TV site that always offers interesting news and reviews.



  1. You seem to have missed my site off………lol, I do like AV Club 🙂

    • Haha, I’m writing a post that currently names all the blogs I follow. The AV Club’s great, their articles never fail to make me laugh.

  2. Thanks for sharing these man, I’ll check them out.

    • I recommend them all.

  3. Oooh, I love good reference sites. Thanks, ckckred.

    • No problem! I love reading film and TV news.

  4. Good stuff, checking out a couple of those sites now!

  5. Hmm good list Ckckred I had not checked out half of those sites previously. Another good one to check out is allows you to locate where to find streaming sources all in one place.

    • Thanks! I’ll check out the site as I love to find out which movies are available.

  6. After I finish watching a movie, I immediately go to a trifecta of movie sites:, IMDB and Letterboxd.

    For TV, the AV Club is pretty awesome.

    • Oh, I forgot about Letterboxd and IMDB. I use both as well.

      The AV Club is pretty great. I always regularly check out their reviews. Thanks for commenting.

  7. This is awesome, thanks! I LOVE the AV Club – I would love to write for them one day.

    • The AV Club is great, they always make me laugh. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Very informative list. Thanks!

    • No problem! Thanks for commenting.

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