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What’s Your Favorite Oliver Stone Film?

Which Oliver Stone movie do you like best?

Which Oliver Stone movie do you like best?

Yesterday I saw one of my favorite movies, Platoon, for my long-running Oliver Stone marathon.  This gave me the idea for today’s question: what’s your favorite Oliver Stone movie?

While Stone’s recent movies have been lacking, back in the late 80s and early 90s he was a force to be reckoned with.  His movies were full of intensity and raw energy and many were very controversial due to subject matter (JFK) or content (Natural Born Killers).  He has plenty of great films and I think it would be a close race for me between Platoon or JFK, though I enjoy JFK a bit more.  But what’s your favorite?



  1. I would probably say Platoon, so many memorable moments and effective use of music.

    • It really is. I’m glad Stone put a limit on music which made the fight scenes more grueling. Thanks for commenting.

    • I second Platoon.

      • Platoon is a great one, one of the best war films ever made.

  2. It’s between The Doors and Wall Street. Probably The Doors.

    • The Doors is a great one, probably his most underrated.

  3. Natural Born Killers for me 🙂

    • NBK is pretty great. He has a pretty strong filmography.

    • Natural Born Killers for me too, Tyson!

      • That’s a great one. I don’t think Stone has made a movie more energetic and raw than that. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Though I have only seen Platoon and Wall Street, I would say I like Platoon better out of the two. I really liked that movie, I thought it was fantastic.

    • Platoon is pretty great. Stone has some other strong movies like JFK and Natural Born Killers, though the latter is very violent. Thanks for commenting.

  5. I have to say Platoon or The Doors. Berenger and Dafoe were strong characters (even if the good vs bad father influence was too obvious). But Platoon pales in comparison to Apocalypse Now or The Deer Hunter. And I have appreciated other war movies (e.g. The Thin Red Line despite its flaws) just as much as Platoon.

    I have to put Stone as a tier or two down from a lot of other great directors discussed on your blog. Any Given Sunday and beyond…maybe he should have retired.

    He has some good early work, but overall his fimography just doesn’t stack up against the likes of Scorsese and Kubrick. I think Nolan has already made more quality films than Stone.

    • While I do love Platoon, I do vastly prefer Apocalypse Now, which isn’t just my favorite movie on Vietnam but also my favorite movie. I wouldn’t put Stone in the ranks of a director like Kubrick or Scorsese, but he’s done some good work as well as some pretty awful films like Alexander. He probably should retire and I probably would agree Nolan has surpassed him. Thanks for commenting.

  6. For me it’s either Platoon or Wall Street. I’m lukewarm on Stone but these two films are fantastic.

    • Both are great. I definitely feel his recent movies have been weak but his early work was pretty strong. Thanks for commenting.

  7. It’s between Platoon and JFK for me too. Very hard to seperate those two. Born on the 4th of July is also brilliant but if I really had to choose, it give it to Platoon by a whisker.

    • It’s between Platoon and JFK for me as well, though I think I enjoy JFK slightly more. Born on the 4th of July is also great. Thanks for commenting.

  8. JFK. It’s an incredible movie that gets dismissed a lot because of its controversiality.

    • I think I might pick JFK as my favorite as well. It’s a movie I feel I could watch any day because it’s so entertaining. Thanks for commenting.

  9. I remember seeing Platoon in the theater and being absolutely blown away at the time. It blew my teenage mind. So if I have to pick, that is my favorite for sure. Talk Radio is a bit of an under appreciated gem though if you haven’t seen it.

    • Platoon is really great. I haven’t seen Talk Radio, which I’ll try to check out. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Natural Born Killers for me! Love that film!

    • It really is great. I’m surprised it’s a popular choice here. Thanks for commenting.

  11. I guess my favorite is Natural Born Killers. The movie has everything: great story, great actors, great soundtrack.

    • It is a great film. That movie gets too much unfair criticism. Thanks for commenting.

  12. “Talk Radio” would be mine. Very underrated film IMO.

    • Looks like I’ll have to see it. Thanks for commenting.

  13. His films are usually to ‘massive’ for my tastes, though I usually enjoy them, so it’s U Turn for me.

    • U-Turn is one I haven’t seen. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for commenting.

  14. I used to think JFK was brilliant, but if you follow up on it and read some actual facts you realize how odd and wrong it is. Still very well made, at least.

    • Yeah, I looked at some historians talking about how inaccurate the film was, but I still love the movie. Thanks for commenting.

  15. Platoon, easily. Wall Street would be second, though I still need to see JFK.

    • Platoon is great, definitely one of the top 5 best war films ever made. JFK is amazing, the director’s cut is over three hours long but the movie never is boring. Thanks for commenting.

  16. Natural Born Killers. I LOVE this one, from RDJ and Jones’s hilarious performances, through the great romance story to the amazing soundtrack.

    • It really is a superb film. One of my favorites as well. Thanks for commenting.

  17. I really want to see Platoon. Especially because it features “Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber. 🙂

    Bad jokes aside, I’d argue that JFK is Stone’s best film, though I saw the director’s cut when I was in seventh grade, and I need to bring it back to myself; I just remember loving it. I think as far as favorites, I’d have to go with Wall Street.

    • Platoon is awesome, second best movie on Vietnam (after Apocalypse Now of course).

      I think I’d say JFK is his best as well, though I’d probably also say it’s my favorite since I could watch it any time. Thanks for commenting.

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